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Daily Share – NOW Is What Matters!

TDL_FB-iconI started dating someone 2 months ago and my first thought was where is this “relationship” going, what will it look like in the future? I also have been thinking that I don’t want to “waste” my time if this is going nowhere. But after reading TDL this morning, I realized this is exactly where I need to be and it’s not about future outcome – it’s about what I need to learn right now from this situation. This is the miracle and I need to learn whatever it is here to teach me. No more projecting into the future about how then may be a better moment than NOW.

A TDL Reader

  • JustMe

    Smart woman! i thin sometimes we too often have to fight the primordial brain…..the one that says ‘I’m a nester. I’m a planner. I’m a caregiver.’ so the minute we get into a relationship that part tends to just slip into it and we get this “we need to SETTLE DOWN” kind of thing. No so. What we need to do is live in the present, as hard as that might be to do when our heads are in the clouds and the hormones are raging….but as you said “I need to learn whatever it is here to teach me.”

    Earth is just one big schoolhouse and we are here to learn our lessons before moving on.

    • The Daily Love

      So wonderfully said, JustMe! Thank you for reading and sharing with the community!
      -Team TDL

  • draagen

    I’ve sometimes projected this onto a prospective partner, most recently about a month ago—”Oh, she won’t want to date me now because if it got serious it’ll interfere with her future plans”—but my recent practice is to always remind myself (as the RENT song says) that there’s “no day but today.” Affection and love are never wasted, even if they are ephemeral, and I am slowly cutting the attachments I’ve made to love. No longer does love necessarily mean even the possibility of a life-long commitment or a specific kind of relationship; rather, increasingly, it stands on its own without the baggage of my old expectations.

    In the words of another musical theatre song (these are all from shows I’ve acted in over the last year; yeah, I’m THAT guy), “love while you can, all your life while you can.” I’m working to shape my life in such a way that I love in the moment just for the sake of love, and not for the sake of what it might mean tomorrow or for the sake of what it might gain me in return.


    • The Daily Love

      Thank you, Draagen, for sharing this! You are amazing!
      -Team TDL