Daily Share – Overcoming Feeling Less Than!

TDL_FB iconWell I’ve been holding back sharing about my unique struggles….not only am I financially lacking right now, but I have a few somewhat unique struggles to deal with but I know I am not the only one also living with this disease. A disease which makes any female who lives with it feel less than even if she puts on a good show so others don’t really know her pain. The disease is known as PCOS and the symptom is hirsuteness….no health insurance so I can’t even see a doctor. Name calling, especially while in the public school system, is likely to rip your self-confidence to shreds. Some girls are blessed to go home to a family that loves them…unfortunately for me family has been one of the biggest sources of my psychological torment, I love them but don’t always understand their motivations.

I’m living what must be at the lowest income level before you reach poverty status, actually faced homelessness a few times, but I won’t let that happen. My first job was going alright but the constant harassment from a fellow employee and no manger to correct her behavior when it was presented led to such severe anxiety before going in to work one day I was keeled over in such pain…obviously I was late to work…however I let the manager know I wouldn’t be treated like this and left. Was it the wrong choice? Should I have dealt with it? I don’t know. Over a year has passed and I’m struggling to pay rent this month…the job I have now is only part-time. I am worried that this disease and how it affects my self-confidence is playing a role in only working a part-time status. I’ve let the comments from a few employees go over my head….I know there are a lot of girls living with this symptom and they feel less than…but I want them to know it is only a symptom, and the fabulous person you are inside outshines it all.

I can sense my life is making a 180 degree turn from the dark depression state I was in for so long…I pray constantly…and I feel the inner work I have done is now about to manifest outwardly into a fabulous life.

I hope that this adds awareness so that the next time someone sees a hirsute girl/woman instead of making an ignorant comment they simply say nothing or maybe decide to befriend her.

A TDL Reader

  • melody

    I hope that life provides you with all you deserve. With love and kindness. YOur worth more and ARE more than any disease you have.

  • Dvanmali

    Wish you all the love that God has to offer! I dont evenknow you, but I love you already:)

  • Mrlc4040

    Thanks for sharing your story. I had to google hirstute. It’s not often a word totally stumps me. I did come across pcos support groups. Teens can be cruel and I guess not surprisingly they grow up and keeps those qualities. You have a right to be in a safe work environment. A coworker of mine told me she had pcos to explain her inability to lose weight Despite her best efforts. Endocrinologist was a must for her. Thanks for teaching me something today and I support your courage to educate those who ignorantly tease you. Your condition is a part of you for a reason. Self acceptance – i sometimes claim my truth to the world to help me claim it. Good luck and peace to you

  • Your illness is a consideration around which you get to make choices that lead to either the results you want or not. With or without disease…that’s the way it works for us all. I read your words with the knowledge that our words usually portray who we are being. I see a person who has assumed the role of “hirsute girl/woman”, to use your words. This is not a judgement or a statement that you are bad or broken. It’s feedback. My intention is for you to look at yourself and stand up for all that is perfect in you. Don’t be the disease…unless that’s what you want. Will it be easy? Much of that is up to you. Many people with and without disease have lived amazing lives with enormous difficulties. Start by being with how amazing you really are. Make that a daily practice in your life. Keep you front and center over the hirsute identity you are empowering. 
    You are worthy of so much but it’s up to you to embrace that. Others will believe it and support that once you do. Love and self empowerment to you!!!

  • Kerry

    Hiare s
    I read your story, and I feel for you. My daughter has pcos or pcod.  She is now 26, and when she first was told it was hard for her and myself to deal with.  We found this out when she was about 18, and it was not easy. She didnt want kids at the time, but having the doctor tell her she probably never get pregnant and if she did, would not carry to term.   But we have come to terms with this.  And you know, this is in Gods hands. I believe if shes meant to have a baby, she will.  And I told her that if the time comes that they want a baby, there is adoption, so many babies that are needing a good home.

  • Meredith Henry

    It seems like you have a lot of obstacles currently. Do you have anyone that you can talk to about things that are bogging you down on a regular basis? You said your family wasn’t much help. Are there any friends you can count on? You shouldn’t have to carry all your worries inside and bottled up. 

    I am a big fan of Louise Hay. In her book, “You can live a miraculous life” she talks about dis-ease and body ailments. I read her book during the time I had several ovarian cysts and an unknown back pain that would wake me up in the middle of the night, every night for several hours. Combine that with having a small son, and working full time I was exhausted. I really believe in her work and it helped change my life. 

    If you need someone to talk to, I would be more than willing to email back and forth if that is something that you think could help. I’d also be willing to mail you a copy of Louise’s book if that is something that you are interested in too. 

    My email is [email protected]. I hope you find the support and help you are looking for. No one should have to go through their struggles alone. You are not alone! 


  • Tiffany

    Very motivational! You are awesome! Thank you for giving me courage! Tiffany

  • Any day above ground, is a good one!