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Daily Share – Quarter Life Crisis With Child!

I’m 26, married for 5 years and a mother to a beautiful 4 year old and that’s all I define myself as. I feel stuck as I’ve been reading on the Internet today I’m must be going through a quarter life crisis 🙁 I feel lost, down, depressed I have more than a handful of traumatic life events from childhood to now.

I have so much going through this brain of mine as I feel as a lost soul simply trying to find my purpose in life, let me add not trying to be selfish and just making it me because I too I have a young human being that I helped create and that is now part of this world and I have to be there for her, teach and mold her prepare her for this world (my mother didn’t do much for me consumed by her problems) I really need to get it together because I’m not giving my all to my daughter and I’m half way stepping it with my husband and they don’t deserve it.

Let me also say I also carry the stress of worrying and burden as I am the only person responsible of helping my drug and alcohol addicted father that isn’t getting any younger, a depressed and unmotivated mother, and a 23 year old autistic little brother. I want to help everyone including myself but how can I if I’m not in the right place in my life.

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