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Daily Share – Stuck In Limbo!

For the past 5 months, I was working at my first post-college, professional job. I moved to the big city and I was doing what I thought I wanted to be doing. Or what I thought I *should* be doing. This past Friday, I was terminated from my job, quite literally out of the blue – the shock, anger, sadness, rejection, and confusion I am feeling is hard to comprehend and put into words. I went into a meeting thinking we would be catching up, as I was told it would be an informal chat, not realizing I was stepping into a situation that I’ve never had to be in nor one that I expected. I feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath me. Not only that – I feel lied to by my coworkers who acted like nothing wrong, when they were part of the decision…

I am naturally a wanderluster and have traveled extensively across the globe. I think losing my job may be an opportunity to fulfill my heart’s desire to continue to see the world and give back in the way that is true to who I am deep down. I feel frozen right now and I don’t know where to go next. I’m not even worried about the fact that I lost my job – I’m concerned most about paying bills. All I know is that I don’t truly want to be here (in this city). I want to be in Spain. Or Mexico. Or Costa Rica. I want to fulfill my desire to explore new cultures and ways of life. But how? When?

Have you been in this position before, stuck in limbo between what you thought you wanted and what you truly want? What did you do? Have you been terminated from a job and how did you cope? All feedback is welcomed graciously.

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