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Daily Share – The “Ah Ha” Moment Of Responding Or Reacting!

Hi Mastin, your message today is very pertinent for me because I was in Christchurch, New Zealand, at the time of the big earthquakes. Reading about the difference between responding and reacting was quite an “ah ha” moment in that every single person down there had to do one or other of those 2 responses to the very horrific situation we were all facing.

When our number one requirement in life…safety and security… is being undermined, it changes you in very profound ways… for ever.

3 months after the February quake which killed 183 people on the day ( not forgetting all the people seriously injured, maimed and squashed) I had to move away to Wellington where my 20 year old daughter lives and so therefore I had to re-start my life all over again… without friends here, work contacts or money. So, needless to say last year was a pretty difficult year for me and I even had to resort to taking medication for 5 months to overcome the depression… something I thought I would NEVER have to do in my life because I have always been able to bounce back from any situation.

This one was different.

Since then I have now a steady source of work, have made friends and things have most definitely improved.

One of the major contributing factors in my better sense of self and happiness has been finding your daily messages … TDL. I would have to say that starting my day with your wonderful pearls of wisdom has lifted my psyche to new and wonderful heights and I wanted to say how very much I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Since the February earthquake I have questioned how it all fitted in the scheme of things in relation to the Law of Attraction.. I’m still working on that one! I guess, in USA, you have lots of natural disasters that will question and test peoples reaction/response… a very interesting topic.

Again… many, many thanks

Lots of love…

A TDL Reader

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