Daily Share – The Power To Choose!

Today’s ‘Love’ message really hit home for me. Last night I woke up around 1:30am and could not go back to sleep because of the pain. Not physical pain, but the realization that something was not well within me. I have run into some disappointments in recent weeks and most especially yesterday… and I also noticed a pattern. Anytime I am hurt I refrain from saying anything and when I do say something it is usually is “Oh, it’s okay,” or “Don’t worry. I will be okay,” and the truth of the matter is that I am not ok! So instead of diving into my anger and self-blaming and super-analyzing everything, I chose to let go of the situation and to let the Uni-verse surround me with its power. I shed a few tears as acceptance that it is necessary to let go and I prayed. I am in constant prayer for all my loved ones and their loved ones, but at almost 2:30am the prayer was for myself. I prayed for patience and strength… to allow The Uni-verse’s hands to do its work in my life and for me to have enough time… to learn the lesson that I need to learn. So when the person that had hurt me yesterday asked me this morning if I was ok, I replied “yes,” and then he proceeded to ask me what was wrong. I said, “nothing. I am being a light unto myself.” I’m not sure if he will understand that last piece, but I’m hoping he will. And if anything I have learned in the last few moments of being on TDL is that we each have the power to CHOOSE what we do with our pain. It is never easy to grow anything in a barren place filled with pain. Allow the oasis in your soul to flourish and let it comfort you in times of pain. Fill that space with love, patience, faith and light for your own life.

A TDL Reader

  • Tina

    Love this!
    Rise above and choose love <3

  • Kendra Griffith

    Thanks for sharing. I am also in the process of learning to let go and choosing to not hang on to pain, hurt,disappointment and often anxiety. I must say that while it is not always easy for me to do, I have felt much freer when I am able to. It is amazing how much of a weight/burden we needlessly carry around!

  • Taylor Watts82

    “allow the oasis in your soul to flourish and let it comfort you  in times of pain” wow. that was profound!!!

  • Vzwmanager

    beautiful i needed to read these words. Thank you and 
    ❤¯_(ツ) … Love Tap❤

  • Awesome!  Very well-said.  We all choose how to respond to life and the actions of others. 


  • mvillle79

    Hello, and thank you for sharing your story.  I must continually remind myself to let go of the pain someone else has caused me, for if I don’t, my spirit will cease to exist.  It is my strongest desire to live a happy life, full of the fruits of the spirit.   As long as I continue  to pray, and I surround myself with loving family and friends, I am sure to succeed with my dream, however it is a day to day process never to be neglected.