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Daily Share – What Is Normal Anymore?

i just got told not too long ago that my bf didnt have the same feelings that he had for me a month ago! 🙁 and on top of that my older sister is being extremely rude! she was at a party and my grandmother and i brought over the cake. she didnt say thank you. i was invited to stay and she answered for me no. and then i was talking to her boyfriends mom and the whole time she just kept interrupting me with repeatedly saying  goodbye in the middle of our conversation. she goes out all the time and does all these fun things and i feel like im on house arrest. i dont go out as much as she does. we go to the same high school. every student has to stay in this little hallway and she keeps telling me to stay away from her friends and not to talk to her friends like she owns them… like they’re her own property! her and her friend got into a fight and now her friend seems like more of a friend to me than to my sister. about seven months ago she started going out with this kid. since then shes pulled away from all her friends and family… wrapping her whole life around that one kid!

in 8th grade i was hit at school and then my friends started to get bullied and then they didnt really want to talk or hang with me anymore. and now my mom has a new boyfriend… i like him but i feel as if they are rushing marriage. she promised that she would never get married again. that makes me feel that she cares more about this guy than her own children.

i just miss my life before all this drama. i hope everything gets back to normal… but what is really normal any more? it fells like my life is gonna stay this way forever and everyday im holding back tears and i plaster on a smile so no one asks me whats wrong… thats my life and i dont think it will change any time soon.. the only good things that happen revolves around singing!

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