Daily Share – What Is The Uni-verse Trying To Tell Me?

TDL_FB-iconI’ve been struggling with manifesting my dreams and it seems as though there is an invisible wall blocking me from what I want.

I’ve even watched specific things I want manifest in other people’s lives but not in my own. I’ve had incidences where I’ve felt like I’ve been tricked by The Uni-verse. For example, I was browsing through my old photos and in the background of one photo there were four numbers and something told me to play those numbers. The numbers were 6935. I played those numbers and the winning numbers ended up being 6945. I couldn’t believe it and things just like this have been happening to me constantly lately.

On another occasion, I sketched a photo of myself and my boyfriend looking out of a window of a new apartment building we were hoping to be approved for as a way to tell The Uni-verse we were ready to receive a yes for this apartment. We got a call saying they had an apartment they wanted us to view on the 9th floor of the building and we went, liked it, and they said we got it. About a week later they told us they made a mistake and when I looked back at the photo I sketched, I counted up to the window where I drew my boyfriend and I and it was the 9th floor! I hadn’t even known what floor I drew us on since I just randomly drew windows and didn’t even know how many floors the building had. However, we were so close, but still got a no.

I wonder if anyone else actually goes through this and I wonder what exactly The Uni-verse is trying to tell me by bringing me so close to my dreams without actually making them come true. I’m completely lost/stuck and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I need some sort of guidance telling me what’ s the next step I should take.

A TDL Reader

  • Divinity123

    I guess it depends on whether you believe 100% in manifestation/creating your own destiny or whether you’re open to the idea of predetermined destiny too. It’s clear that you DID successfully manage to (more or less) manifest what you desired, but if pre-destiny has other plans, then i personally believe it doesn’t matter how much we try and ‘control’ our future, we can’t always achieve what we want by manifestation.

    I guess that would be the reason we aren’t all manifesting ourselves perfect, challenge free lives 🙂

    There’s a time and a place for everything so perhaps the universe is just showing your that YES your powers of manifestation are at force but it cannot deliver exactly what you’d like because that’s not the thing for your greater and higher good at this time.

    Hang in there, I’m sure the invisible block will be removed soon and then you’ll see your dreams unfolding – perhaps keep an open mind that they don’t always unfold in the way we expect! Keep manifesting but don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work out how you want. It’s only because something more suitable is on its way!