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Daily Share – What Kind Of Relationship Is This?

Where do I begin? It all started as a very strong physical attraction, for two very wounded people attempting to heal from divorces. We spent a tremendous amount of time together, became each others confident, and soon moved into having a public (previously behind closed doors) relationship. We come from two different worlds, but it seemed to be just the thing we both needed at the time.

Now as time has progressed, the thing matured into a viable relationship, one of us wants to move towards marriage, while the other is having doubts. Is it just the fear of commitment, or is that still small voice saying something else? Was it ever really meant to be permanent? We have discussed the notion that we may have been put into each others lives just to help each other heal, and to teach each other a few things, which we both admit has occurred. Deciding on taking some time to be apart, hurts and saddens us both, but I’m not willing to make another blunder without listening to my own soul….So I pray…..and I listen…..I pray and I listen…….

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