Daily Share – Where Do I Go From Here?

I just got laid off today, and I feel horrible. The nonprofit I was working for has been having trouble with funding for quite a while, and I happened to be the last one hired. I know I will be missed–both of my supervisors were crying as they told me the news–but I am so freaked out about my financial situation.

With only six months of work under my belt, I have no savings. There were a lot of start-up costs with my job (I even had to get a fancy phone for it–which, of course, I no longer need), my sister just got married and my boyfriend (who was my roommate) had to move for a job–so I have no idea how this is going to work. I feel broken, lost and numb all at the same time. Where do I go from here?

A TDL Reader

  • New_DLReader

    Dear Reader,
    I can relate to your situation. I just had a near miss with my job as well.  It brought back all those worries and insecurities you feel when something happens for which you’re totally unprepared.  What I can tell you is that there is a plan for you.  Find the growth opportunity in what just happened.  Look at this as a door opening.  You are free to take your life in a new direction if that’s what you want.  If you want to stay on that same track, it sounds as if you’ll have plenty of support from your former supervisors.  Let them help you. Non-profits have organizations, associations and societies that offer job placement help.  Seek them out. Find people you have helped in the past.  It’s your turn now. Be well.

  • MG

    I have been laid offf twice and I can relate to the way you feel. I truly believe things happen for a reason. Do not let your feelings of fear and despair get you down. Take a deep breath and make a plan on how to move forward. This will give you strength. Be determined to move toward the direction of your goal. Schedule you mornings toward your job search and afternoons to yourself. Network, network, network. Plan, plan, plan. Be strong and move forward. God bless!

  • This is great advice from the other commenters. Networking is very important, if possible look up local networking groups and join them immediately, let others know discreetly that you are looking for a job and professional development. Also reach out to your current network for help too. Are you on LinkedIn? Look at your business cards and or connections to see who may be of help. That is how I got out of my unemployed situation (was through a connection). Also invest some time in yourself as MG said. I exercised w/ my dog for an hour each day and it was one of my favorite times of the day (getting up early in the hot summer to hike and see the world wake up). All the best to you in this phase of your life!

  • Kat

    Great job in coming here for spiritual support! that shows right there willingness to see the assignment. Have you seen Mastin Kipp’s interview with Marie Forleo about how he lost his home, girlfriend, and job? It’s inspiring. This is an opportunity for you to see this as a DIVINE moment! While it’s not easy, try to sit in meditations and feel the fear and then pray to whoever ..God. universe, buddha, higher power, to help you let the fear go. And ask for a miracle. 

    In the mean time, take guided right actions. Send out those resumes! Network! Talk to people. When i was unemployed I would do information interviews, even if they weren’t hiring they would see who was, and talk to me and give me advice. Let your fam and friends know you are looking. Go to your alumni work counsellor for help! I volunteered in my field with a startup company while unemployed and did research and got published while looking for a job so there was something on my resume and not just a big gap. Consider volunteering in related field. Also, if you are having difficulty in the financial arena, don’t be afraid to take a job in the mean time to pay the bills, waitressing, etc. while still looking and networking!

    But above all, have faith that the universe has your back and ask for strength from above to help you vibrate at that level so that you can attract abundance and work. 

    Good luck. May this be a divine experience for you. 

    Here is the SUPER INSPIRING INTERVIEW FROM MASTIN!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ7AzXUVeyU

    Kat twitter.com/_kathc_

    • Karen

       Great reply, Kat – I totally agree.  If you can get any kind of money coming in, that will free up your mind and soul to create more.
      Start applying for anything that seems like a possibility and try try try to stay as positive as you can…

  • Karima

    Let go and let God. Trust with every fiber in your being that God will bring you through and He will meet all of your needs! Peace & blessings

  • Lori1273

    I am in much the same position as you and I understand your fears, I have the same ones to. This experience is teaching my many, many things and I am going to hold on to the belief that I will be alright and I have no choice but to accept where I am right now, whatever that may mean and however scary that might be.  Just keep doing the next right thing.  

  • Loretta Shaw

    Where do I go from here? Forward! Looking back only as a reminder of all the positive lessons learned, keep smiling and continue your journey.

  • lasvegascalling

    It’s perfectly okay and normal to feel lost, numb and broken. That’s a normal reaction after you get laid off and it’s certainly how I felt when it happened to me. The key is, not to stay there. Feel it, acknowledge it and then reach for the next best feeling thought. e.g. I found this job, I can find another one. eg. I’ll have great references, eg. this is not the end of a world, just a change in direction. You’re going to come through this experience better, calmer and stronger. And when you get that next job, start putting a little money aside for an emergency fund. That way you’ll never have to feel this way again. Best of luck to you, I see a bright and wonderful career unfolding before you!!

  • Michael

    i can very much relate to what your feeling. i changed to a different field in my line of work, however it did not go as well as i had planned and now find myself not working. i have to believe that all will work out, take responsibility for my choices and and stay in faith that it will all work out. easier said than done i know, but try to stay on the positive side of the track and keep pushing forward. some things that may look/feel bad at the moment may not be so bad in the long run. a better job is in your future, and if not for this lay off you would have never gotten it. your thoughts are important, keep them positive and focused on what you want now, and continue to believe and it will come to pass. all the best to you. and an early Congrats on that New Job 🙂

  • Suzquz8

    You must be really scared. Sometimes a gift comes in an ugly package. There may be something better waiting for you. For now, check out your local career link. They may have funds for you to be retrained. Think about going back to school. Live the life you’ve only dreamed about…

  • I second Kat’s comment about the wisdom of coming here for support! Deliberately seeking out comfort, and things that make you smile (youtube videos of baby goats! Eddie Izzard standup!) will make a world of difference in your perspective, and your perspective right now is really extra important.

    Here’s the thing: this big scary moment in time is, without question, a gift. Every single time in my life that it seemed like everything was falling apart, it was actually making room for something even more in alignment with my dreams. Opportunities I’d never have dreamed of landed in my lap immediately after major life “catastrophes” and had I not been looking around with heightened attention, I’d have missed them.

    So. The important thing to ask yourself right now is where do you WANT to go from here? What is your heart asking for in your life, and what are some ways you might pursue those things or situations.

    We are amazingly adaptable and resilient creatures, and this is an incredible time of the world. Comfort yourself, and do some serious thinking about what it is that you really, really, really want. What are you on this planet to do? What would you do if money weren’t a factor? What makes you come alive and feel electric and joyous?

    Oh! And — this is huge — if you don’t already do this, start a gratitudes and intentions journal *right now!* Sit down every morning and fill at *least* two pages with things your grateful about, large and small, and at least one page of things you intend. The gratitude part nourishes your heart and puts you in a good emotional and energetic place, and the intention work helps keep you focused, and in my opinion, draws those things to you.

    I wish you all the best on this new part of your journey, and may your path be crowded with unexpected joys!

  • MaryEllen

    I’m so sorry to hear about the changes in your life.  Please know that things do get better. Go back in your mind and find an uplifting memory of love, support and/or friendship. Know that there are people at the end of your finger tips who are more than willing to wrap you in their arms and help you through. Be kind to yourself and believe.

  • Chepados

    Hang in there. Have faith! This is just a closed door. Keep your eyes open…a window or door will be opening soon. Perhaps you can go be with your boyfriend, maybe the job market is better there.

  • Jan

    Have you considered having an Arbonne business of your own?

  • Bella

    I was just listening to a recording of radio segment with Robert Holden and he was giving advice to a caller who lost her job. I think that this might help to lift your spirits: http://www.hayhouseradio.com/show_details.php?show_id=180&episode_type=0   Click on “November 1, 2012: The Spirit of Halloween.” The segment starts about 9min into the show. It’s all about letting go and trusting! Note that the recording will expire tomorrow night (Nov 22).

    On a more practical note, I will also emphasize networking. Also, don’t discount your experience! I’m sure you learned a lot. Start building your brand and put it out there. Get on LinkedIn and use other social media tools.

    Hang in there! Allow yourself the space to feel your emotions. This is a very valuable time for you. You will grow a lot from this experience and it may even shape your career choices going forward. Just trust. Stay strong!

  • OzayOktay

    I feel for you. I know the sinking feeling for I have been there a couple if times before, myself. However the subsequent jobs I got were much better; both more satisfying and financially more lucrative.

    Although on the surface this has the looks of an unfortunate event, it is a major opportunity for you. The opportunity to make the most important choice of your life. The only true choice there is.

    Are you a separated human entity with a limited mind or are you the all powerful Self that is present behind the vale of the fearful storm of thoughts that you are currently experiencing? 

    If you choose to be the former, you are choosing more suffering. You may be able to force yourself into another job but you will not get to the happy place you are seeking.

    If you choose to be the latter and trust the true Self that you are,                                                completely, you will never suffer again. Start with a quiet time, get into your body and feel your presence within. Focus your attention to your breathing. The limited mind will compete for your attention and up the anxiety. Just be aware of the anxious thoughts but don’t act on them. They will eventually fade away. That awareness is the Awareness of the Self within. Trust that Self completely and the right things in your life will follow. A new idea will emerge or you will meet someone new who can help or whatever.

    You may ask “how do I know it is coming from The Self?” Good question. The only way to know the answer is to monitor your heart. If when looking at the new idea or the new situation  Joy arises then it is Your Will.

    Ozay Oktay

  • S’Tracy

    Remember that God has a better plan that is to come your way. Believe.Be open in asking and you will receive, whether it is advice, comments, and so on. It is written that only God knows your plan and assignments; just let HIM know: OK LORD, I’M READY-LEAD ME.