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Dancing With My Future Self

samanthasuttonDid you ever watch one of those time-travel movies and wish that you could meet the “you” of the future?

I certainly have. Who will I have become in 20 years? What will I have done? What will become of all of the seeds I planted in my 30s?

But what if I CAN see her? Not because I am looking into a crystal ball, but because I am creating her. By mentally “spending time” with the future self that I want, I will actually become that future self.

Let me explain. At the Handel Group®, we teach a technique called manifesting, in which you set your intention for what you want, imagine it, feel it, and let the results come to you by methods that you can’t predict or control. I have recently started imagining hanging out with 50-year-old Samantha, and it’s been a powerful way of manifesting who I want to become. This Samantha has a calm yet fiery passion and certainty about her that is contagious. No matter what is happening in her life over there in 2028, she takes it in stride, calmly explaining to me that it is all part of the most perfect path. When she curiously asks me about myself, I see how beautiful I am because she sees it first. Samantha has built a wildly successful company, and she emanates a wisdom that can only come from being at the front lines, leading the charge, for years. Oh yes, and she makes me laugh like no one else can.

This Samantha is deeply in love with the love of her life, and it shows. When she talks about him, I can see that she knows this man for exactly who he is, and in her eyes, he is a hero. She has a family that she loves, and she tells me stories of the adventures they have together. Samantha is beautiful, healthy, and vibrant, standing straight and strong. Lordy, what a hot 50-year-old she is.

When I really get into my manifesting, I can start to see more clearly who I am right now: the ways in which I am her, the ways in which I am not… yet. In fact, the act of manifesting that 50-year-old Samantha helps me become her, because I now have an intention to aim at. By “hanging out” with her, I can see beyond my day-to-day life of feelings, struggles, and joys and glimpse the bigger picture. I can see the map of where I’ve been and where I’m going. And I can see, in little ways and some not-so-little ways, how I am becoming more like her. It may not even take until 2028.

So go ahead. Take a stab at time travel. Find your future self and take him or her out for coffee. What is he or she like? How does it feel to hang out with this person?



Dr. Samantha Sutton is a Senior Coach, Vice President and Director of Courses and Seminars for the Handel Group® where she designs and leads the Design Your Life Weekend.

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