Dare to say NO to others so you can say YES to yourself! - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

Dare to say NO to others so you can say YES to yourself!

Sometimes saying “No” to others is the greatest gift that you can give yourself.

Saying “Yes” to yourself is the foundation of self-love.

Every time you say “Yes” to another whilst going against your heart, a part of you dies.

When you betray your truth you set yourself up for suffering.

Trying to make other people happy at the expense of yourself is a very high price to pay.

It’s not worth it.

When you compromise your essence you have nothing left. When you don’t honor yourself then you don’t actually honor those around you that you are saying “Yes” to.

As you honor yourself then you can in turn give more to those around you.

You might feel a fear in saying “No” but the love and acceptance you get from your false “Yes” isn’t authentic. There is a part of us deep down that knows the love we get by being someone that we aren’t isn’t real. You are being loved not for who you ARE but who others want you to be.

When you start saying “No” it’s true that you will lose some friends. But in reality they weren’t your real friends to begin with. They were loving you for who you were pretending to be, not for who you really are.

Real friends will support you in honoring yourself. Real friends will welcome and honor your authenticity.

To say “Yes” to YOU is to be a friend to yourself. It is a commitment of loving yourself first, this is the start.

People treat you how you teach them to treat you. (Tweet-worthy!) In saying “No” to YOU, you are communicating to those around you that you aren’t important, that you don’t really matter. This only leads to unhappiness, depression, resentment and frustration.

If you have everyone else but not yourself, you have nothing.

So sometimes you must say “No” to others, in order to truly be true to yourself.

At the end of the day, when no one is around and you are alone, are you at peace with yourself and your decisions?

Before you say “Yes” to others, ask yourself honestly:

Am I being true to myself?

Do I have any regret in making this choice?

Is this choice truly honoring me?

It’s only when you say “Yes” to yourself that you can truly say “Yes” to another.


Dare to say “No”.

Show up for yourself.

You deserve it.




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