Dear Life…Here Is My Heart

Robin Lee burgandy102411Hello Daily Lovers!
The other day I sat and wrote a little note I wanted to share with all of you.

Dear Life,

Here it is. I hand you my Heart and vow to live fearlessly embracing what you decide to put before me. I choose not to sift through my life experiences, thoughts and feelings wondering what might hurt me – but instead live in a way that I choose to embrace knowing that nothing can dis-empower me . The only thing that will dis-empower me is forgetting that I have a choice at all times at how I will respond to things.

The only pain that I could ever experience is forgetting that every single moment in life is designed to support me.

I choose to believe that situations and people can only open my Heart at another level. I don’t believe in having my Heart broken. That would be an awful way for me to live. If I believed that my Heart could be broken I would be quite afraid of opening up and feeling vulnerable.

I choose to believe that feeling pain is an opportunity to understand myself and others in a different way.
I choose to believe that pain is what we feel when we are holding onto something that no longer serves us.
I choose to believe that as we find our way through pain we connect more than every to our Spirit.
I really believe this with all of my Heart.

To keep my Heart opening, I choose to be quiet if I can’t be kind and gentle when I am finding myself wanting to be unkind and harsh. I choose to feel love deeply when I spend time with people even if it feels scary and uncertain.

Often times friends remind me to take things slowly — but something inside of me whispers, “It is okay to be fearlessly open and expressive. Just remember to be gentle and honest with yourself. Your Heart will never steer you wrong.”

I choose to wear my Heart on my sleeve because I know that love is a very powerful magnet.

I often express what I love about people . When I do this, I notice that joy is created and observe confidence inside of them blossom. As I communicate positive things to others, I feel the feeling of love inside of me grow as well .

People come in and out of my life at the perfect time. I trust this completely.

I choose not to pretend to know what I think is best because doing so creates resistance with what is present and actually happening in my life.

I choose to trust that life has my back and knows what is in my best interest. (Tweet-worthy!)

If people want to leave or create distance in my life, I choose to take a deep breath and trust it is making room for someone else . I choose to not take people for granted and assume that they may not be in my life forever. I do not choose this belief out of fear. I choose it because it gives me the courage to love more deeply than ever. I never want to regret not having loved enough. I choose to feel and experience love as often as I possibly can.

My choices are what make me feel empowered in my life.

Dear Life,
It is me again.
I choose to give you my Heart.
I trust you to handle with care.

In love,
Robin Lee


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.

  • Wen


    • Robin Lee

      Good Morning Wen! Have a wonderful morning 😉

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading, Wen! -TDL Team

  • JustMe

    Here in the palm of your hand I place my heart
    Trusting you to never make a fist
    And when you no longer have want or need of it
    that you will gently put it down

    • Robin Lee

      that is beautiful @Justme

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words. Sending love. -TDL Team

  • KristiJoJ

    Robin, as always, your words touch my heart and resonate with me on every level, and the timing of you sharing this article is incredible. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and for reaching out to me to make me feel so supported. I wish you much love and am grateful for you beyond measure. Here’s to living life with an open heart and accepting the lessons and gifts it has to offer us!

    • Robin Lee

      hi @KristiJoJ:disqus It is an honor to be able to be here and to give my heart a voice that seems to inspire many others. So beautiful to see your smiley face here this morning! Have fun creating a wonderful day today!

    • The Daily Love

      So glad to hear Robin’s words resonated with you, Kristi! Much love to you. -TDL Team

  • Fancy Soberano

    Absolutely beautiful Robin. Just what I needed on this wonderful Friday morning! Thank you, always! Xo, Fancy

    • Robin Lee

      Happy Friday @fancysoberano:disqus love love love to you !Thank you for saying hi! 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Glad to hear, Fancy. Have a great weekend 🙂 -TDL Team

  • Jill Rowe

    Exactly what I needed confirmed for me today. I can wear my heart on my sleeve when I feel it and lately I have been putting the brakes on those feelings. Something inside keeps nudging me to share my love rather than temper it. Thank you for letting me see I’m not alone.

    • Robin Lee

      hi @jill_rowe:disqus It is a fascinating process isn’t it? What a beautiful , empowering ride it is to allow ourselves to feel the effects of being loving and allow ourselves to feel loved. Keep breathing and letting your heart become more open and free! Thank you so much for saying hi 🙂 xoxo

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading, Jill! You are never alone! -TDL Team

  • KT

    I really like this and it completely makes sense to me. Do you, however, believe that people leave our lives so we can make room for ourselves and then may return? Someone very special left my life and no one else has turned up but the overall feeling for a long time when they first left was that as sad as I was, it was time for myself to complete a particular part of my journey on my own. I always had a sense that we had to just go our seperate ways temporarily. I believe it to be true becasue I’m just not even thinking about anything other than my journey which has been about dealing with some emotional baggage and finding out what I really want to do with my life instead of just surviving as I had been. Nobody else has shown up or made me even think twice. It’s strange.

    • Robin Lee

      hi @kt ! Most definitely do I believe this! Be open to everything before you. Live your life with an open heart. You sound like you are doing this already! Sometimes there are lessons that only distance can create. Pray for clarity if you feel the need to become more clear. Sending so much love to you!

  • Lisa

    Thank you for the reminder and expressing it so beautifully!

    • Robin Lee

      hi @Lisa 🙂 thank you so much for taking the time to say hi 🙂

  • Stacy

    So sweet and uplifting–thanks so much! <3

    • Robin Lee

      Thank you for saying hi @disqus_7bjICNco3M:disqus 🙂 You are very welcome.

  • Tracy Ireland

    Robin, thank you for reminding me of such simple truths. Your words are beautiful and really touch my heart.

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