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Did you ever think you were THIS important?

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One of my gifts—and also curses—is the ability to see what’s wrong with life. That is to say – perhaps more eloquently – how things can be improved and where people’s blind spots are.

I am really good at looking into the world and wanting to make things better. This can be awesome, and it can also be not awesome.

For a long time in my life I would look out into the world and see so many things that I thought “someone else” should do something about. And for a long time, I got sad, depressed and angry that “someone” wasn’t doing something about “that”. This was true in world issues as well as issues in my family and my relationships.

It wasn’t until I had had enough pain when I realized that I, yes ME – was indeed “someone” and that I could in fact “do” something about “that”.

Then I started to think – what if we are born to solve the problems we see in the world? What if that is part of the game of life? What if problems exist and we see them – not so that we can complain about them or gripe about how messed up the world is – what if WE are the answer. What if YOU are the answer?

To me, the largest problem I see in the world – beyond any other – is insecurity and disconnection from Source and ourselves. I feel like if I can help solve this problem – where people trust themselves, their hearts, their Source and fully embrace their purpose – that many other problems will begin to naturally be solved.

To me this is one of the only problems because every other “problem” seems to stem from this sense of disconnection and fragmentation that so many of us feel.

It is SO easy to get mad at the problem or to hate the other side – but that does no good. It really does no good. Anger is better than feeling powerless, but at the end of the day we want to feel powerFULL and that requires us being more than shouting at the problem – this means we must realize that WE are indeed the solution.

So, if YOU, my daily lover are the solution to not only your problems, but the problems of the world – what would that mean and what would you do? I’m curious!

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