Did you ever think you were THIS important?

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One of my gifts—and also curses—is the ability to see what’s wrong with life. That is to say – perhaps more eloquently – how things can be improved and where people’s blind spots are.

I am really good at looking into the world and wanting to make things better. This can be awesome, and it can also be not awesome.

For a long time in my life I would look out into the world and see so many things that I thought “someone else” should do something about. And for a long time, I got sad, depressed and angry that “someone” wasn’t doing something about “that”. This was true in world issues as well as issues in my family and my relationships.

It wasn’t until I had had enough pain when I realized that I, yes ME – was indeed “someone” and that I could in fact “do” something about “that”.

Then I started to think – what if we are born to solve the problems we see in the world? What if that is part of the game of life? What if problems exist and we see them – not so that we can complain about them or gripe about how messed up the world is – what if WE are the answer. What if YOU are the answer?

To me, the largest problem I see in the world – beyond any other – is insecurity and disconnection from Source and ourselves. I feel like if I can help solve this problem – where people trust themselves, their hearts, their Source and fully embrace their purpose – that many other problems will begin to naturally be solved.

To me this is one of the only problems because every other “problem” seems to stem from this sense of disconnection and fragmentation that so many of us feel.

It is SO easy to get mad at the problem or to hate the other side – but that does no good. It really does no good. Anger is better than feeling powerless, but at the end of the day we want to feel powerFULL and that requires us being more than shouting at the problem – this means we must realize that WE are indeed the solution.

So, if YOU, my daily lover are the solution to not only your problems, but the problems of the world – what would that mean and what would you do? I’m curious!

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  • tc

    I believe that small changes that begin with you proliferate out to others. I believe that when we feel powerless to focus on you CAN do, however small this may seem. In time see where this leads, nothing bad can come if your intentions were truly good & for the wellbeing of others. Leading by example & being both vulnerable & strong. Making positive changes even if you think someone is not watching – do it for the world, do it for yourself, for someone you love. When it seems like you have not much hope it is still always better to chose the better thought, the choice that brings more love to the situations. When I feel deflated, this is the way I feel positive change & solutions come about. That & read TDL and other sources to shore up your faith & keep you on track 🙂

  • This is a great post. I was also always looking outside myself for someone to fix it. I am very good at connecting the dots and seeing how we contribute to the problem. I used to find it frustrating because I could see it, but I felt powerless to do anything about it. It also let to depression, sadness and anger in me. Now, I understand that everyone that I encounter is a reflection of what I need to fix within myself. I continue to do the work within me and I find myself to be a more effective person to assist others. When I am no longer wrestling with my own demons, I can feel compassion instead of disgust when I witness others wrestling with theirs. The anger I felt towards them was really the anger I felt towards myself for rendering myself helpless. I understand that if I want to change the world that it starts with me. My job is remove everything within me that prevents me from loving others the way they need, because they are my reflections. If I love myself, I have no choice but to love and understand others. 

    • “The anger I felt towards them was really the anger I felt towards myself for rendering myself helpless.”

      I love how you said that and I completely agree!  I’ve noticed in my life the times I’m MOST frustrated with others is actually a frustration and disappointment in MYSELF for not speaking up or taking action.  I’m learning again and again that I need to not only listen to myself, but respect myself enough to take action on what my spirit is telling me!  I haven’t done this in the past, and still struggle.  I even got an aura picture taken once (a couple years ag0) and the psychic/medium who talked with me about it later said that he could tell that I don’t speak out nearly often enough because my body was very clear in the picture, whereas people who live more in their true self, and not in fear, their colorful aura practically covers their physical body in the picture.  He encouraged me to speak my truth more.  

      It’s an on-going learning process, for which I’m grateful. 


  • Eilish Bouchier

    Excellent post and couldn’t agree more. It’s so easy to see what is wrong with other. It takes the focus from your own stuff. I was so guilty of that. Now I believe if you shine your light, you spread the light and that’s better for everyone. I believe we are all looking with connection with ourselves, with others and with our greater world. Everything starts and ends there. When we feel this we are just being, we are present, we are one with the world and the world is vibrating us (yes i do KY too 🙂 The issue of course is we forget this is all we have to do and we know at a very primal level how this feels and so we are constantly trying to find it again. Happy holidays and spot on post. x eilish

  • Thanks (as always) Mastin! 

    My wife has always encouraged me to step up and take the lead. I am a natural born collaborator – which I why I love improvisation. I have good ideas – but I love working with others and making something even bigger.

    But, my own insecurities were holding me back from PLAYING BIG…and saying YES!!! That is part of the reason I created 30 Days of YES…is to play a big game!

    There is a part of me who still wants someone else to show me or tell me what and how to do it – but I think a big lesson for me is to DO IT and figure it out for myself. 

    As I thought about the Mayan calendar…and playing a bigger game…here is what came to me this morning…


    Love as always!!!!!

  • Judy

    “There are people who make things happen”
    “There are people who watch things happen”
    “There are people who say “what the hell just happen”

  • Mari6160

    As a teacher, my purpose is to inspire. I’m so lucky to spend my days with my amazing fifth graders. My students each made a bracelet with the name of one if the people killed at the school in Connecticut, Sandy Hook, woven into the bracelet. We took individual pictures with our bracelets and a group pic of our wrists. We stood in a circle with wrists in the middle and a photographer friend if mine took the shot from above. We are making a banner to send to Sandy Hook Elementary to let them know we won’t forget.
    I hope these lessons in caring for others inspire my students to be the change our world needs.

  • I love this post! I so agree that the biggest problem in the world is insecurity and disconnection from source.  I think the greatest pain in the world is truly the pain of not wanting to be with yourself and not being connected to yourself.  If you don’t love yourself, you’re not loving God.  

    Thanks for this post! 

  • 2204Musik

    Hi Mastin:) Wow amazing, and what a great point of view.! I have always responded hugely towards the behavior of indifference and passiveness. Where I come from (Denmark) and in my family union as well, we have sort of giving up on our own responsibility for our path in life. “Almost” everything and every problem has been taken cared of and planned by the system for decades now, so we as danes have lost our inner voice and ability to fight for ourselves and things that aren’t right. We just don’t seem to care anymore about anything. Danes have become so extremely passive and numb, and I’m screaming from the inside! So many things are wrong in this country, finances, lack of social responsibility, people not education themselves even though it is free, and we are globally in the bottom on every single level. We are in a huge financial and moral crisis here but no-one want’s to face the truth or discuss it. -not even our politicians, and no one takes action. We accept stupidity and ignorance with the excuse of our democracy and the freedom of speech. We enable stupidity here from the bottom to top of society because we have the right to say what we want, and it doesn’t matter what it is. I am so angry, and I feel a huge responsibility and urge to evoke my nation. Therefore I have to be a good example and to practice what I preach, and not just to preach. Cecilie/ Dk (25)

  • Jennifer

    Sometimes I think you and I are the same person!!!!  Your “issues or shall I say struggles” with yourself are ALWAYS mine! Maybe it’s a Capricorn thing HA! But THIS partiular Daily Love has been a life long struggle for me! Probably the biggest stuggle I’ve had. It wasn’t until this year that I had my “a ha ” moment realizing maybe I was put here to HELP and solve problems. It was a HUGE breakthrough for me and reading this confirms I am not alone with this “curse”
    Instead now I am thankul to god for giving me this ability to “problem solve” in just about everyt aspect of life haha It’s up to me to stop hating the other side and learn to help without that anger. It’s is a daily struggle for me but it is a gift!
    THANK YOU for writing this and many other Daily Loves, I seriosuly wouldn’t know how to start my day without them! MUAH! Much Love and Happiness!

    • Jennifer,

      I feel the same way!  When you said, “Maybe it’s a Capricorn thing,” I was like, Whoa!  I’m a Capricorn too!  Maybe it IS a Capricorn thing!  Lol.  I didn’t know Mastin was…and I also connect with a lot of his posts!  Huh…. Interesting! 


  • Tal

    I’ve also been blessed (?) with the ability to look out into the world, see the problems, and think of ways to solve them – if only people cooperated, am I right?!

    What you said, about how maybe the problems we see are what we are the answer for, hit me hard. I never looked at it this way before, and when I read that I really felt something click. Most of the time I do find myself complaining about how people aren’t doing anything about the problems I see, but when I stop and think about it I see that I have the tools to get started on the solution myself.

    Thank you for posting this today 🙂

  • Dayna

    I have been a “Daily Lover” for just a few short months, but I must say this is my favorite blog Mastin (so far).  It takes it ALL, which can sometimes feel like a lot, and brings it into this one beautiful, simple but masterful solution.  Whatever the problem, look to Source, then speak and act.  Lovely.  Thank you.

  • wholeplantfoodsheal

    I would start my website http://www.healedlives.com which will connect the sick with the healed in their own communities …. this will show the connection between our dis-ease and the torture of our beloved animals we share the planet with – cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, fish.  It’s a full circle .. we harm them grievously and they harm us from the inside out.  As George Bernard Shaw said:  While our bodies are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?  Please go vegan, whole plant vegan … heal yourself and all life. 

  • Good Beautiful Friday Morning!! I love your blog and waking up to The Daily Love!! 
     It’s cold here in Florida and windy and vibrant, like the weather itself is actually alive! Compassion, Understanding and Tolerance. These are the things that I strive to work on for myself in my life and what I feel would make a tremendous difference in the world as a whole, (which is what we really are, one whole world!), if more of us practiced on a regular basis. It seems to me that fear of differences is at the root of so much conflict. For my part, my contribution, I will be a bridge of compassion, and an example of respect for diversity by demonstrating peace, understanding and tolerance. From an anthropological standpoint, in the past there was a need for clans and tribes and boundaries and separations for safety and survival, but this is a new world we are entering and the old ways just simply need to change. I have so much faith in the strength of the human heart and in our amazing capacity to reach out and help and heal another through the power of love! You are so right in saying that each and every one of us is important! It all starts as a spark in the heart of each individual and grows from there! Have a glorious day!!

  • Jules

    A new dawn is how I see this glorious Sunny winter day.  The beginning of a brighter light to give this wonderful World we all live on a better place for our children and their children.  I was reading an article this morning that was published in a Readers Digest book called Getting the Most out of Life.  I have held unto these two books of short articles written by influential people changers at the beginning of the last century. Finding them at a yard sale about 20 years ago, they are still two of my favourite books.    The stuff is so interesting because a lot of it speaks to me of what we seem to stuggling with in our society today in North America and around the world as I have read some of your readers comments.  This mornings article is entitled How Your Mind May Make You Ill.  This interesting story was written in 1942.  It speaks of the strong evidence that the medical profession suspects that mental conditions can upset normal physical functions, can weaken our resistance to infection, and can actually cause physical change in vital organs. AMAGINE  1942. WE know this to be true today but for some reason I feel that the medical doctors are still not educated enough on this as a quick fix still seems to be drugs to cure instead of understanding what may lay beneath the surface.  This article has an example of a young child who was having persistent vomiting and doctors couldn’t find any intestinal difficulty but a enlighted young doctor had a friendly talk with the child and revealed that she was suffering from a painful emotional upset.  Once she disclosed her harbored feelings and was given some good support she recovered.  With an alarming number of children today with mental health issues I wonder how many of them are holding something inside that they could get out if only they could have someone with an empathic ear.   I thought this was an interesting line in the article.  “”Most of us bury distressing problems in a secret crypt of our mind”.  I for one can relate to this because I held unto some childhood stuff that only got released four years ago.    Unless  we give our emotions some conscious expression our bodies will express them in terms of flesh and blood.  Bringing unresolved  negative feelings  into the light of day gives us a chance to work them out before they injure our vital organs.  I remind myself on a daily basis that I am healthy in BODY< MIND<SPIRIT…I forgave anyone in my past who I felt may not have had my best interest at heart and most of all I forgave myself for thinking that I should be someone I wasn't.  Today,  Dec 21, 2012 is a great day to embrace this beautiful person ME and let Mother Earth know I am thankful to be here typing out into a great place…Merry Christmas Mastin and thank you.  Jules

    • Jules

      not sure what happened at the end of my comment…I didn’t type anything behind Merry christmas Mastin…Jules

  • Brandi

    I think you’re right, Mastin, the disconnection is one of our biggest problems. I see the “world’s” problems as my problems…not by taking it all personally, but through recognizing that we are all here to wake up. That’s why I keep showing up, that’s why I am making such an effort to create a sustainable business that can facilitate the reconnecting of people all over to their hearts and souls and reawakening a sense of wholeness and adventure in their daily lives.
    The Daily Love is a regular source of inspiration 🙂

  • Rose

    I love reading your insights, Mastin! The Daily Love always inspires me— in so many ways.  I don’t know if you saw this but one of my favorite wellness sites predicted the (continued) rise of spiritual gurus like you in 2013! Check it out:


  • kdo

    I have said almost every word here verbatim and more so lately.  On my very own journey to my purpose, it hit me that I too have a gift of change and unity within me. Love it!! Glad to know that I am not alone….keep up the good work!

  • Again, another awesome post, Mastin! 

    “What if we are born to solve the problems we see in the world?”  — I love this!  Each of us has our own gifts and our own inSIGHTS.  We should USE them!  BE our true selves! 

    The thing I’m constantly doing is picking up recyclables.  I’ll be out walking my dogs and see plastic bottles or aluminum cans littered on the street or trails we run on.  A few years ago I started picking them up.  As much as I can anyway.  Then I carry them home and put them in my recycle bin.  I do the same thing pretty much everywhere I go.  Anytime I can take something that would have been thrown in the trash (or was already there) and recycle it, I’ll do it.  I used to fear that this would make me look weird to other people.  Who’s that girl picking up trash?  (I’d fear they’d say or think.)  Then I stopped caring what they’d think.  MAYBE it would spark something in THEM to pay more attention to the environment and do what they can too! 

    I still feel like I don’t do enough sometimes.  But then I remind myself that we don’t have to do it ALL.  We just need to do what we can do at that moment.  Every little bit really DOES make a difference! 


  • Guest

    Amen, Ole, Bravo… I don’t know more languages. I am going to dance.

  • Nikki

    I’d follow Ghandi’s words and be the change I want to see.  I want more love, so I’ll be more loving, I want less judgement so I’ll be more compassionate,  I want more joy so I’ll laugh at myself, I want more positivity so I’ll smile more.  And how will I do this?  Observe my thoughts and simply change the negative, judgemental, harsh and hurtful thoughts that appear in my head.  They aren’t mine anyway, might as well let them continue on their way and generate helpful thoughts instead!!!

  • I would do…what I am doing. To continue being the change I want to see. It is so easy for me to blame the world and not see that EVERYTHING that occurs in my life is an opportunity for my own spiritual growth. Since I have been asked to be a Contributor, ALL I have wanted to do is to get my bios, pic, and blog sent off to THE DAILY LOVE. I had an ADDICTIVE DEMAND to do so. Because I was coming from addiction-I suffered greatly this week. Life showed up and my work needed me 3 more days than usual. My whisper told me to say, “YES.” Even though, I wanted to say, “NO.”  The only day I had off to write was on Wed. This was when I flooded the house. Yep, that’s right. I forgot to turn the water off upstairs while watering a plant, and it began to rain. Downstairs. In our house. We are now under construction. For Christmas. This is just a few of my delays this week. And, this was when I actually laughed and said, “I SURRENDER!” If I had not been in an addictive state…I know I would have turned off that water. You see, I was not present. I am going to write a whole blog about the experience because it was so…cosmic. My life literally crumbles when I not serving LOVE. I know it keeps me humbled and on track. I know it is a reminder…that I am NOT in control. I created peace right there…in the moment…while my husband watched the drips of water fall from the ceiling into the buckets scattered throughout our dining room and kitchen. Pure comedy. So, The only way to help the world, is by helping ourselves become….PRESENT. We need to live in the HERE, NOW. Not in our dead past. Not in our imagined future. This is when you can hear the whispers of your own soul. Our soul… which is connected to the Uni-Verse. It is then, and only then, we will create peace. PERIOD!

    The Daily Commenter,
    Kathleen Chelquist

  • Kf_ashby

    As of next year I will be a primary teacher. I’ve always known a classroom teacher would never fully satisfy me- but going into the degree I knew I was on the right path. I’m not entirely sure how I am going to do what I want to do so for now I am nurturing my belief and I will let it take it’s own shape over the next few years. But, I would like to help children realise a common misconception education promotes- that being that everything we need in life is external- knowledge is perceived as existing in teachers heads, in books and on the internet. Children are viewed as empty vessels to fill, so many believe they couldn’t possibly have any wisdom. Children are taught acceptance is found in social groups and love is found in a partner- how then are children going to respond from rejection in high school? If children are valued for the beauty and unique essence that already exists within them and children are helped to connect with their inner self they wouldn’t be so easily lead astray by the skewed morals that exist in today’s society. I’m not sure how- but I want to make a change.

  • anon

    My problem is that I over think things a lot of the time so my solution at the moment is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) which is helping me a lot right now. I think that a balanced life is a good idea, everything in moderation, stuff like that. I think we can’t do this by ourselves, it’s important to link up a little with others to meet this need for balance in our lives. So this is my new mission. To spend time with a variety of people who bring out different aspects of my personality and who I can share healthy experiences with. Wish me luck. Thanks again for another inspiring post.

  • Kathryn

    I am a helper and often find myself giving to others and solving problems for others like my elderly mother who is now in skilled nursing facility.  While I’m helping and afterwards I have sense of joy and fulfillment for being able to serve others and help.  Then there are times when I feel my own needs are not met and I’m alone???