Dive In! It’s Div(in)e!

“When in deep water,
become a diver.”

~Ralph H. Blum~

Have you ever started something, and you really didn’t exactly know what they heck you were doing or where you were going? But you knew it was the right thing to do anyway?

It’s not so easy to continue on a path when you’re not sure where you are headed.

It takes
and it takes
(which is the subject of this blog).

Sometimes we have no idea what we are doing, but in our hearts it’s the right thing and we can feel it! Has this ever happened to you?…It’s kind of like listening to your gut, which I didn’t do when I first named this blog.

We just need to tell our inner mean voice:
“stop bugging me!!!!”
about why I
can’t or shouldn’t

(fill in the blank)

or why it’s not the right TIME.
stop listening to kids and other stuff (like the media!) that could discourage us.

Yep!#%? I know that’s tough stuff when you’re a kid or a teenager, and guess what? It’s also tough for grown ups!
Living from the
takes courage and faith.

I was watching a video from the OWN network (yeah, that’s Oprah!) where she interviewed Ram Dass who is a very well-known spiritual leader. She asked him about the difference between faith and belief. He basically said that belief is up in your head; he also explained that

on the other hand,
comes from your heart.
What do you want to listen to: your head or your heart?
Maybe they can actually have a conversation! Imagine that!

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of my life up in my head thinking…and not always trusting my heart (aka feelings). My head sometimes talks me out of listening to my heart, and I am sick of it! I am learning how to tell my head to ZIP IT!

As Carl Jung once wrote:
“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart …
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.”

PICTURE THIS…it’s a super sweaty day… and you are dying of heat! Would you rather stand on the end of the dock for hours thinking about the whether you should jump in? Or, would you rather just jump in and get your butt into the cool water?

Just sayin’ 😉 Dive In!

Lots of Love,



Dana Lynne Curry, Ph.D., has been teaching middle school English (with no low bun) for over 23 years. She is a gReaT-fuL Writer, Storyteller, Teacher, Student, Irreverent GoofBall, Blogger, Servant, Philosopher, Spiritual Collagist (is that a word?), Mama, LoVer of LiFe!, Amazing Friend, and one cOOL pUsSy caT!! Find Dana at funfreeME and on Twitter @funfreeMe1.

  • Tracey

    That is so true Dana, thank you for putting such an important point in such a fun & easy to grasp way. We do spend way too much time listening to our heads & forget to listen to our hearts. I plan to make the coming months the time I dive right in & enjoy all that blissfully cool water.

    • Dana Lynne Curry, PhD

      Wonderful, Tracey! 
      Good luck and many blessings. I’m learning to trust my thoughts less and less–or at least question them, which is new behavior–one this Eckhart Tolle has taught me is that my mind and my thoughts are very limited in perspective–when I want to get large and in charge, my heart is where it’s at! (yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition!)Lots of Love,;) Dana

  • Sheryl Kurland

    Dana, you are so right! I think the “faith” perspective is especially difficult because there’s usually A LOT OF RISK…but the payoff can be so much more exhilarating and rewarding. I have 2 wall plaques that are placed to intentionally stare at me everyday: “Think with your heart instead of your head for awhile,” and the other “If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space.”

    • Dana Lynne Curry, PhD

      Hey Sheryl–
      I have definitely learned in the past couple of years that the risk of facing fear is far less cumbersome that trying to get around them with unhealthy coping behaviors or even denial. Shedding the light into the dark places isn’t so scary, after all, and we can live to tell our story to others.
      Lots of love!

  • Kerrymcd

    Dana, My daughter is 21 and an atheist so the words “faith” and “belief”  really put her on edge. I am hoping though, that she will open to the idea of listening to her heart to help with a small issue she is having with some friends. Thank you!

    • Dana Lynne Curry, PhD

      Hey Kerry–
      I am so happy that this lingo might help your daughter get in touch with hr inner voice. I, too, used to get stuck in religious semantics (although I never identified myself as an atheist). When I finally got big enough and open enough, my spirituality grew much bigger than any religion can hold–and it all begins in each of us–by listening to our hearts.Funny, I always thought God/the Universe was somewhere “out there”–and my religious upbringing never encouraged me to look within. I sure know better now!!!!So much love, Dana

  • most apropos to what i just wrote on my own space on Facebook [She Who Holds Space] where i muse about the next step in my recovery from a nervous breakdown … 
    i am having a hard time trusting my heart as i feel it let me down before the breakdown and this , in a sense, ’caused’ it. 
    but if therapy and this past year in recovery has taught me, it’s to take a step back and see the thinking and to then clarify … and for me that is writing it out and down … 

    i’ve always been the one to dive in in the past … lately i have been feeling too old and fragile [at 52? give me a #$%ing break! ] … yeah. i >>know<< ;]

    so this was very apropos right after i posted my own musing … and … perhaps a recognition of what i wrote and the path ahead. 

    and THAT is faith 🙂 

    • Dana Lynne Curry, PhD

      My dear, dear Gayle,
      Your heart has been through a lot . . . and I’m not a therapist, but I imagine your brain/head made up a lot of misery for you that caused your breakdown. I speak from experience, my dear sister.One thing that has helped me is to step back and look at my ego/head/brain/mind from a place of loving compassion, form a third party, and just NOTICE what is happening when I feel anxious and focus on breathing through it. As long as I pay attention to my breathing, I know and remember I am alive. No judgements. And take it as learning.No coincidence that we crossed paths. You are not old and fragile. You are young and powerful!p.s. I am only 5 years younger than you, silly pants! Let’s meet and get those sexy beach hair extensions we’ve always wanted and have a glass of ___! (kombucha? tea? wine?)

      SO much love,