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Divine Guidance And Commitment

Liz Dialto01-02-14“Do not grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ~ Rumi

This is a story about divine guidance and the ripple effect of one BIG commitment.

It was the last week of August 2013.

I was supposed to go on a trip with my ex to visit our friends and go to a concert. I decided not to go and we decided it was a good week to take some space and evaluate whether or not we were going to stay in the relationship.

There are times in life when even the most fiercely independent of us find ourselves facing the feeling of, “There’s no way I can possibly do this on my own.” Though usually painful, these are great times because we are not meant to navigate this crazy earth experience solo. (Click to tweet)

I was feeling lonely and sad and all “How did I get to this place?” so I decided to take a road trip up to Santa Barbara to visit friends. This was how I thought I would solve my “being alone” problem. I would soon find out that wasn’t what Life had in mind.

Whether or not you believe in God, spirit guides or guardian angels is none of my business and you’re welcome here no matter what. I believe in all of those things and was desiring to learn how to better communicate with them so, I downloaded Sonia Choquette’s “Ask Your Guides” on Audible for my road trip.

With traffic my two and a half hour trip turned into four and I knew the whole time it was because I needed this time with the book, so I sat calmly in my Mini Cooper on the 101 and listened.

My heart was heavy, I cried many times, and as I did I kept opening my heart to this new source of love and guidance.

I learned how to ask for guidance and be specific about it and what energies to call on for various things. For the very first time I truly, deeply felt surrounded by this divine love and guidance I’d always questioned. I realized that weekend that I’d never be alone again.

On my way back from Santa Barbara the next day, I stopped off in Malibu. Years ago a friend had driven me through Malibu and I fell in love with it, even dreamed about living there some day. It felt totally serendipitous to be there, that weekend, with my life in flux, having no idea what things were going to look like in the next few weeks.

I laid on the beach for a bit, continued listening to “Ask Your Guides”, put my toes in the ocean, and went for a walk. I breathed in the air, took in the sounds, and looked around at the beautiful homes wondering what the people who lived in them do.

At this time it wasn’t just my relationship that was up in the air, it was also my business. I’d been feeling restless, like I wanted to do something more meaningful, like I was over “health and fitness” but not really clear on what or how to transition into something else.

I started thinking about how I’d been working so hard for so many years and didn’t have much to show for it in the physical world and intuitively knew that was connected to my lack of passion for my work.

Again, my heart felt heavy, again I cried.

Then I remembered a story from my friend Kate Northrup’s book about a conversation she had with Marie Forleo once. About how Marie had wanted a brownstone in the West Village and at the time just wasn’t willing to do whatever it would take to get it. And I realized how long it’d been operating like that too, unwilling to do whatever it would take to get what I want.

I knew this was largely due to not knowing exactly what I wanted. So as I walked on the beach, staring up at those beautiful beach homes, I decided it was OK to not know what I wanted to do with my life and I got clear on one thing I did want – a beach house. I let that be the symbol for something I can hold a deep desire for in my life that would represent having figured out the rest of the details.

So, using my brand new cosmic communication skills, I let God, my angels and my highest vibration spirit guides know that I was finally willing to do whatever it takes to get it. I told them I’d be looking, listening and feeling for their guidance and thanked them profusely for their love and assistance.

Three weeks later the idea for Wild Soul Movement was born.

Two months later I met a man whose presence in my life has been one giant invitation into love and expansion (most days I can’t believe he really exists).

Four months later I moved to LA (which feels like magic everyday).

And this week, approximately nine months later, the result of that commitment was born. My website and mission finally feel my life’s work because it all unfolded with divine synchronicity, joy and ease.

Now it’s your turn, what area of your life is begging for some kind of divine intervention, clarity or even more simply – some loving and compassionate attention?

Lots of love,


Liz DiAlto is a speaker, writer and creator of Wild Soul Movement, a sensual practice in self-discovery that combines movement, mantra and meditation.

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