Do YOU Give Back To YOU?

Do you find yourself saying, “I wish, if only I could, I would really like to…”

If this is the case, then no, you are probably not giving energy back to yourself and subsequently not honoring your mind, body and spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, it is always important to be of service to others. However, it is just as important to be of service to yourself. This means meditation, taking walks and/or just good old “you” time, doing whatever makes you feel calm and in the moment, with no distractions, so that you can refuel your spirit and get that balanced feeling again.

So I ask all of you this week to take some “You” time. No excuses, your ego will give you reasons “why” you do not have time to do this. The reality is that you are in control of your time and that only you can take this much needed time.

Simply ask the Uni-verse to give you some well-deserved time for the soul.

Below is a simple, yet effective technique I have been doing for years when I start to feel unbalanced:

Tonight before you go to bed,

1) Sit comfortably in bed and take three deep breaths. Your breath is your soul – you come into this life with your first breath and you transition with your last breath. Breathing before and after is essential when creating a clear connection with the divine and balances your ego voice with your intuitive voice.

2) Ask the Uni-verse (or whomever you speak with, Divine Team, Guides, God, etc.) out loud or from your inner voice, “Please guide me to create some me time this week, so that I may feel more connected to the natural flow of life.”

3) Take three deep breaths and seal it by saying, “With thanks and gratitude for assisting me in co-creating this outcome”.

Believe me, something will free up and you will end up having some much needed “You” time this week. The Uni-verse knows what you truly need and desire, it will mirror back the real wants you send out to it.

Remember, ask and you shall receive!

Blessings, love and light,


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Tara Taylor is an international intuitive counselor & published author of Through Indigo’s Eyes.!/TaraTaylorIntuitive

  • Michelle A

    Thank you Tara. I am willing to ask God to help me make more time for myself. I am learning how to listen to my intuition. I ask God to help me remove all people, places and things that don’t serve me or God’s highest good.

    • Tara Taylor

      I am holding that same intention for you Michelle:) Shine your light bright!!

  • J Btc

    Great advice Tara.  I find that when I’m not looking after myself things in my outer world begin to fall apart.  I am looking forward to trying your exercise tonight!  Thanks for the great tips.

    • Tara Taylor

      Many blessings to you J Btc:)

  • Penny

    Thank you for this Tara!  I am going to start this technique tonight~Keep the advice coming, since I started following your advice on ego I have begun to understand myself so much better:)

    • Tara Taylor

      Thank you Penny for your comment! You are a powerful light in this world:)

  • Lindsay H

    I read The daily love everyday and am amazed to see a blog from you on here!! So happy for you sweetheart. Congratulations!!

    • Tara Taylor

      Thank you Lindsay:) so great to see you stopped by the blog! Much love and hugs to you!!!

    • Tara Taylor

      Ps: if you click on my name at the top of the blog post, you will see my other blog posts on TDL:)