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Do you need spiritual bypass surgery?

mk_treesWe get heart bypass surgery when fatty tissue blocks blood flow to the heart.

We need a spiritual bypass surgery when our fear blocks us from feeling our feelings.

You see – your Soul doesn’t need any personal growth work. Your Soul doesn’t need therapy. Your Soul doesn’t need yoga, green juice or an alkaline, gluten free diet – your body does.

Fear is not the opposite of Love.

Fear is a biological response to uncertainty that comes from the amygdala that causes your body to be filled with cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline.

We can spend so much time trying to hang out in the “spiritual realm” that we don’t allow ourselves to feel the fullness of human emotion.

We tend to carry so much shame with us when it comes to feeling our feelings because we believe that feeling our fear or negativity are “unspiritual.”

The only thing unspiritual is the judgment of our feelings, which is actually keeping us blocked from happiness.

I’m in Sydney right now for three sold out “Enter the Heart” tour stops.

What’s been so amazing to witness in my one-on-one clients, the thousands of internet clients and clients all over the US and Canada on our tour stops is that once we feel our feelings, things lighten.

My therapist Trinka has told me so many times that generally de-pression comes from re-pression.

If we don’t allow ourselves to feel and be honest about what’s inside without judgment – we can never really change.

We can change our clothes, we can change our diet and we can start to move our body, but none of that will do any good without going into the depths of the feelings we have suppressed for so long.

What feelings are you afraid to feel?

What feelings do you try to escape?

What feelings are you holding back because you think you are a bad person if you feel them?

You see – these places are the places we need to go if we are to liberate ourselves.

This is what Carl Jung meant when he said, “Enlightenment is not imaging figures of light, but making the dark conscious.”

We can’t make our dark side conscious if we are too self-judgmental to allow it to come forward – this is a spiritual bypass and it’s as deadly as a blocked artery.

What feelings can you feel today?

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