Do you need spiritual bypass surgery?

mk_treesWe get heart bypass surgery when fatty tissue blocks blood flow to the heart.

We need a spiritual bypass surgery when our fear blocks us from feeling our feelings.

You see – your Soul doesn’t need any personal growth work. Your Soul doesn’t need therapy. Your Soul doesn’t need yoga, green juice or an alkaline, gluten free diet – your body does.

Fear is not the opposite of Love.

Fear is a biological response to uncertainty that comes from the amygdala that causes your body to be filled with cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline.

We can spend so much time trying to hang out in the “spiritual realm” that we don’t allow ourselves to feel the fullness of human emotion.

We tend to carry so much shame with us when it comes to feeling our feelings because we believe that feeling our fear or negativity are “unspiritual.”

The only thing unspiritual is the judgment of our feelings, which is actually keeping us blocked from happiness.

I’m in Sydney right now for three sold out “Enter the Heart” tour stops.

What’s been so amazing to witness in my one-on-one clients, the thousands of internet clients and clients all over the US and Canada on our tour stops is that once we feel our feelings, things lighten.

My therapist Trinka has told me so many times that generally de-pression comes from re-pression.

If we don’t allow ourselves to feel and be honest about what’s inside without judgment – we can never really change.

We can change our clothes, we can change our diet and we can start to move our body, but none of that will do any good without going into the depths of the feelings we have suppressed for so long.

What feelings are you afraid to feel?

What feelings do you try to escape?

What feelings are you holding back because you think you are a bad person if you feel them?

You see – these places are the places we need to go if we are to liberate ourselves.

This is what Carl Jung meant when he said, “Enlightenment is not imaging figures of light, but making the dark conscious.”

We can’t make our dark side conscious if we are too self-judgmental to allow it to come forward – this is a spiritual bypass and it’s as deadly as a blocked artery.

What feelings can you feel today?

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Love from Sydney,


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  • Abbi Moss

    Good Morning! I guess i’ll be the first to comment.

    I am a 27 year old single mother who has struggled with relationships. I am currently living with my parents who I have a deep love and appreciation for, but also clash with in many ways. I recently moved to a new city and have not made many new friends. I am a classic introvert, so a large social circle is not my goal, but a few close friendships, or a great partner I feel would help. I have recently had feelings of loneliness, somedays are easier than others. I think my biggest fear with these emotions is not being alone, but why I am alone, and fear that in itself. I am proud of who I am, my accomplishments, my resilience, the kindness and compassion that I have for others, and my newly found love for being a mother. I have come to find that the only time I feel 100% comfortable with just being is while I am practicing yoga. Learning to allow myself to feel this way has made it easier, like when you really want to cry, the more you fight it the more powerful the tears become, but if you let them out, they flow freely and the relief is amazing.

    To anyone else feeling this way, don’t worry, you’re not alone 😉

    • Andy Morel

      Great example of the release of crying in feeling and letting oneself feel the release of other emotions. I have struggled so much by trying to mask the dark with the light rather than shine the light on the darkness. Thanks to Matsin and all of you for helping me to see this important difference.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for writing, Abbi! You are not alone! -TDL Team

  • Hallie Walker Winters

    Wow! Once again, spot on, Mastin. I’ve really been struggling with this as of late. The change comes inside me, and that’s a scary place to be. And, you said it, feelings that I have suppressed for soooooo long. It’s ok to be me, and the only one that I need to be better for is my Higher Power. xo

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing, Hallie! -TDL Team

  • Kathleen Chelquist

    “Making the dark conscious,” has been no easy trip. Why? Because we often think it is…REAL. And…it’s not. I follow Ken Keyes Jr., “Pathways To A Higher Consciousness” and the 2nd one states: “I am discovering how my conscious dominating addictions create my illusory version of the changing world of people and situations around me.”

    What, huh? Was my first thoughts when I read this years ago, but in the most simplest terms…anything that is NOT from LOVE; such as, anxiety, worry, stress, irritation, intolerance, impatience, etc…is not the truth. And when you surrender to Love, you will know freedom. There are times we all have surrendered in the moment to LOVE. The practice is to…CONTINUE choosing it…moment to moment. If we fall off the horse-get back up. Don’t stay on the ground screaming, “WHY ME?” It will get you nowhere.

    So, when I woke up to the fact that I was the one creating the darkness of fear (not some outside source with horns), and THE ONLY TRUTH IS LOVE, I found it easier to feel my feelings no matter how “WRONG and TRASHY” they seemed to be. For I knew…I was NOT my thoughts. Now, I say, “Yeah, yeah” and let them flow on by with no resistance. And when I do stop myself from feeling- I observe that too, from a more loving and comedic place. It works if you work it! Blessings.

    The Daily Commenter,
    Kathleen Chelquist

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks, Kathleen, for your thoughts as always! -TDL Team

  • Yes! I know when I fight my dark feelings I suffer. I used to suffer a lot and wonder what was ‘wrong’ with me. I had worked so hard at being spiritual, so why was I still having these dark thoughts and feelings? Why wasn’t I ‘better’ than that? Then more self loathing would pile up.

    Until I surrendered. When I surrender to love and self compassion I can drop the judgement and just allow myself to be with the emotion. I can actually turn and look it in the eye and see what information it has for me. I would hear about this in the teachings of spiritual masters and from my own coaches but with practice and time I was able to drop my resistance. It becomes easier and easier these days to accept and be with my self and all the emotions we are capable of. I am grateful for the support that I got along the way to help me be with the dark emotions.

    I have found that the most enlightening moments come for me when I look, observe and allow these dark feelings to be fully seen and felt. The blame, the shame, the resentments all drop away as I bring them into the light. It’s beautiful to witness how quickly things shift from dark to light and to self love and acceptance. What a relief. Thanks Mastin.

    • The Daily Love

      Great to hear this, Tracy! -TDL Team

  • Jennifer Haslinger

    Thank you for writing this Mastin!! When you start the “spiritual” path, you can get down on yourself because you feel you can’t have these “bad” feelings. It’s what has tripped me up for years. You rock, brotha 🙂