Do you want to know what LOVE is?

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I’m SO excited because tonight I am speaking in Hollywood with Gabrielle Bernstein! We are speaking together at Smashbox Studios! Join us or you can LIVESTEAM in! If you want to check it out, click here.

The title of the talk is “An Evening of Love & Miracles.”

Love is something that we talk around every day here at TDL. But we rarely talk about IT.

What is LOVE?

Well, here at TDL we define LOVE as “Unconditional acceptance of what is.”

This isn’t to say that we need to be lazy or apathetic or not care. No. On the contrary. But if we can’t accept something as it is, it’s VERY difficult to change or transform it.

Without acceptance transformation is VERY difficult.

So, the first step here is obviously asking, “Where can I accept myself today?”

Without self-acceptance, all the work and reading is nothing but spiritual entertainment.

So today we want to accept all the things about ourselves that we don’t like. And, if you want – head on over to the mirror and say the following sentence out loud.

“Even though I ______, I completely and totally love myself.”

The blank could be “eat too much,” or “feel negative feelings,” or “get angry,” or “give up on my dreams,” etc. The idea is to ACCEPT how you are with NO changes. This is the starting point of transformation!

And hopefully, I’ll see you TONIGHT in L.A. or on the web!

So, where in YOUR life can you accept where you are with no changes? What part of yourself are you denying and can you begin to embrace the parts of yourself that you don’t like? And in doing so, can you stop BSing yourself that they don’t exist? As always, the action always happens in the comments below, so feel free to open up and leave a comment! Let me know what you now want to accept about yourself and show up to support other Daily Lovers who need your help!



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Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

  • Bev

    This article highlights my EXACT struggle today! I have difficulty accepting that I am opinionated and I spend so much time worrying abou what others think about this, especially the men that I date. Every time I break up with someone I think I have to work on being less opinionated in order to receive love and it never works! I have so much work to do learning to accept who I am. Thanks for writing this!

  • RadDoc

    I accept that I’m out of shape. I accept that I have little willpower to resist the “good things” in life. I accept that I’m lazy when it comes to doing things I know I “should” be doing. I accept that I can’t always do it right ALL of the time. But, I am truly doing the absolute best that I can, at this moment. And I completely and totally love myself.

    Wow. Until i said it out loud, I had no idea how much I’ve been making myself wrong. It’s amazing how acknowledging these things out loud in front of a mirror can free up a space for a mew empowering context.

    • RadDoc

      I also see how my my working so hard to avoid failures: looking bad, being unlovable, not being good enuf, etc have gotten me to where I am in life. Some would say that I’m very successful and have it all, and I can just rest now and coast. Yes I could easily do this and it would be fine if I did. However, I now also see that operating from this type of context has so completely limited realizing my tru potential and attaining my dreams. I’ve gotten past the “survival” part. Now is the time to dive in to life and embrace, not seek to avoid, failures. That is where the real growth will begin.

  • Maja

    Today’s post perfectly completes yesterday’s post about self-esteem. I believe it is important to accept the mistakes you have made and accept your flaws. Like you say Mastin, acceptance is the first step to transformation. And that is exactly what I need. Even though I could totally relate to yesterday’s post and I feel like I nearly have no self esteem at this moment, it is time to accept everything the way it is. Mostly, I have to accept myself as a person, even though it looks like it’s easier to accept somebody else than yourself.  Some day I hope I will be able to love myself again and be serene with the person that I am. Thank you so much for your inspirational writing Mastin!

  • Brooke

    Hey Mastin, I think I understand what you’re saying but let’s say you know you’re doing something wrong, like hurting people in the process by not taking responsibility for your actions. When you say “Without acceptance transformation is VERY difficult,” how is it you can move forward by accepting what you’re doing? Does that make sense?

  • Lori

    Hey Mastin

    Perfect blog today after yesterday….because it shows you are a humble, teachable individual who also practices what he preaches. In that case who wouldn’t want to listen to you? You are growing and sharing with TDL and your humility makes you successful.

  • Right on schedule Mastin. Just Monday night I walked into Cinnamon Lofton’s, Living Love Class, a little bit late; and, as I sat down my mentor said, “Kathleen, we are talking about what “LOVE IS”; can you tell the class what it is.” Because I was in my mind and THINKING,  she repeated her sentence for me to come from my heart. My reply was simple, “Love is when you are completely coming from your core and KNOW what to do; there is no doubt.  Love is where Fear is not; they do not abide together. When we choose love, we create Heaven On Earth. ”  With gratitude, your “Daily Commentor,” Kathleen

    • LOVE IS: Joy Hopkin’s.  My FIRST guest writer on  She is  REAL, RAW, REVEALING, and a reminder to us all to not take one breath for granted. 

  • ” Without self-acceptance, all the work and reading is nothing but spiritual entertainment.”

    Wow, that just stopped me dead.  Excellent.

  • Laura

    I look at the question someone else also asked about how, if I am aware that the character flaws I have are adversely effecting other people, how do I accept that and how do i take that next step after accepting it to CHANGE IT???  HOW???  Please respond…

  • jen

    I had not only understand and internalize on a deep level..but then apply two very indispensable spiritual principles, willingness and humility. The willingness to change and the humility to accept myself just as I am. Then I was able to accept and love myself becoming my own best friend. I had to believe in a power greater than myself to give me the courage to honestly examine my defects and my assets and get to the exact nature of my wrongs. I belive the root of all character defects is grounded in fear. When I learned to accept myself, then I could accept others into my life unconditionally for the first time in my life. Self-Acceptance helped me to achieve balance. I am not the person I want to be, but God isn’t thru with me yet.
    ACCEPTANCE = Actually Changing Completely Embracing Principles Truly Activates New Choices Everyday.  Big love and respects, jen (xnavygal)

  • Patti

    I have not been allowing myself to really love myself and my life as it is. To believe that this wonderful man I am married to REALLY loves me and will be there for me because of my past experiences and broken relationships. No one has been there for me in the past. Not even my family. Even though they have DONE things for me to help me and have been there for me in THAT way, emotionally…. not so much.

    Its been a very hard internal struggle to stop the cycle of thoughts that doubt myself and the posibility of someone REALLY being there for me in a deep way I long for. Sometimes I worry so much I really screw things up for me. I needed this post.
    LOVE… accepting “what is” and the things about myself I dont like, that I am still an awesome creature of God.

    Thank You Mastin! Looking forward to tonights live stream!!

  • Claire

    I am perfect right now, even with every single beautiful flaw I have. No more beating myself up, that stops today. My flaws will only serve as ways of teaching me lessons and teaching me how to improve rather than being considered character flaws or failures. 🙂

  • Kelly

    you know some of the reasons you are so awesome and totally make my day sometimes…..
    Because you call all of your readers “lovers,” meaning,  I believe that you innocently and totally love each person who reads your daily. 
    You also sign off with Love, … which, as a girl/woman/female, it means a lot to hear from some person every day. we/I get so wrapped up in our own “ness” that the Love, part of your email reminds me to be a loving being to those around me, to my husband, to my friends, to my HS students…….and on. I really appreciate this communication. 
    And your woman, sweet Jenna who you speak lovingly about all the time, is so wonderful to see you refer to her and to know that this affection fuels you both and in the end fuels readers too.

    …anyway….i’ve been moved by it for a while. just wanted to chime in and say how much i appreciate what you send out daily.