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Do you want to know what LOVE is?

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I’m SO excited because tonight I am speaking in Hollywood with Gabrielle Bernstein! We are speaking together at Smashbox Studios! Join us or you can LIVESTEAM in! If you want to check it out, click here.

The title of the talk is “An Evening of Love & Miracles.”

Love is something that we talk around every day here at TDL. But we rarely talk about IT.

What is LOVE?

Well, here at TDL we define LOVE as “Unconditional acceptance of what is.”

This isn’t to say that we need to be lazy or apathetic or not care. No. On the contrary. But if we can’t accept something as it is, it’s VERY difficult to change or transform it.

Without acceptance transformation is VERY difficult.

So, the first step here is obviously asking, “Where can I accept myself today?”

Without self-acceptance, all the work and reading is nothing but spiritual entertainment.

So today we want to accept all the things about ourselves that we don’t like. And, if you want – head on over to the mirror and say the following sentence out loud.

“Even though I ______, I completely and totally love myself.”

The blank could be “eat too much,” or “feel negative feelings,” or “get angry,” or “give up on my dreams,” etc. The idea is to ACCEPT how you are with NO changes. This is the starting point of transformation!

And hopefully, I’ll see you TONIGHT in L.A. or on the web!

So, where in YOUR life can you accept where you are with no changes? What part of yourself are you denying and can you begin to embrace the parts of yourself that you don’t like? And in doing so, can you stop BSing yourself that they don’t exist? As always, the action always happens in the comments below, so feel free to open up and leave a comment! Let me know what you now want to accept about yourself and show up to support other Daily Lovers who need your help!



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