Do Your Clients Drain Your Energy? This Could Be The Problem!

Marie_Forleo_Photo-071912-288x300Do your clients energize and inspire you or, are you secretly saying this to yourself…

“I looove what I do, but I feel freakin’ exhausted when I’m done working with clients.”

Sound familiar?  Yeah, I’ve been there, too.  It’s nothing to feel ashamed of and thankfully, there’s a fast and fun fix.

If your clients drain your energy, you may be missing an important “client identity” refinement that can make all the difference.   So much so that you’ll actually start feeling more energized after a full day of working with clients.

Watch this video and learn what I mean and how you can put this strategy into practice right now.

In the comments below, list YOUR top ten attributes and tell me what concrete actions you’ll take as a result of watching this video.

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Marie Forleo is bestselling author and creator of the award-winning show, which reaches women in 188 countries around the world. She has been featured on, Oprah Radio and The New York Times among others.  You can also hook up with Marie at  and

  • Marie Forleo I appreciate you ALL the time!  I am a subscriber to your feed also.  I  love the weekly videos. I am so grateful to my internet mentors.  I look forward to joining the force of GoodWorkers out there.  You all are showing the way – making a way for the light to spread.  (I specifically altered my goals list listening to this video today.)

  • Steph

    I was excited when I saw the Q, but the A wasn’t what I thought.  It doesn’t 100% when you’re an employee & don’t have control over choosing your clients.  I love my career & helping others, but I work for a corporation & have a base of assigned clients. It’s awesome when I click with a client & they refer friends & family who are like them.  I still have the base clients & if I have more that one a day, I am wiped out.

    • Jeremiah Shrack

      Steph, I can relate to your concern that we can not always choose our customers. Some of us have assigned customers. We either sink or swim. Try this: take 3-5 minutes before you meet with each of your clients and ask yourself these questions…. 1) am I going in to respond to or resist their humanity? (If you come off resistant, they will feel it. Like attracts like! 2) choose to see them as human versus vehicles to get what you want 3) ask that you can obtain a heart at peace with yourself and others. I have applied these principle in all of my affairs and was recently offered a job as a Vice President of one of the largest consulting companies in the world. Remember this, people can feel it when we do not like, respect, or care for them. Let me know if you have any questions. Peace, Jeremiah

  • Mclorenzo89

    Awsome! I’m glad I clicked on to blog…I have never gone to another site in the dailylove and now I’m loving the insights!

  • ClaudeLagang

    I agree! We are meant for specific people, we are meant for specific organisations, and so on… wherein, we can freely express ourselves. 🙂 Thanks for this.