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Do Your Daily Practices

rochelleschieckbiophotoWhile meditating this morning, I opened myself up to receive any wisdom for the day and what I heard was almost like a shout, “DO YOUR DAILY PRACTICES! DO YOUR DAILY PRACTICES! DO YOUR DAILY PRACTICES!”

I get this message often. Instead of thinking of what I should do and creating my to-do list first thing in the morning, the invitation is to do my daily practices that connect me to who I want to be and where I want to source from. When we are forcing things to happen by struggling through a to-do list, it can feel like beating our head against the proverbial wall. But when we are aligned with our truth, wisdom, creativity, higher consciousness and Love, then all our thoughts, feelings and actions have a tendency to flow.
The importance of having daily practices really clicked in for me when I heard author and speaker Dr. Christiane Northrup speak about Oxytocin, the love hormone. She shared that one of the most interesting things about Oxytocin and its stress relieving and bonding benefits is that you cannot store it. You can’t have one good experience and then live off of it, like living off of interest in the bank.

My theory in my own life experiment is that the more I do my daily practices, the more flow, ease and grace there is along my path. It’s a shift in perception to believe that our strength is less in our ability to endure and overcome pain and struggle and more in expanding our capacity to receive pleasure and enjoy our lives in the present moment.

I’ve also found that doing my daily practices and taking the time to get connected to my Self, others and the Uni-verse has a high ROI! In other words, the more I am tuned in, the more magic, synchronicity and miracles show up to help get things done.

My favorite daily practice is movement, so much so that I created a movement system called Qoya based on the idea that through movement, we remember. Through movement, we remember our essence as wise, wild and free. One of the components of a Qoya class is shaking. Shaking is the most effective and transformative daily practice I know and you can do it in 3-5 minutes.

It works like this; imagine a gazelle running through the grasslands being chased by a lion and she gets away. A gazelle doesn’t go to therapy for ten years about this one day when there was a lion chasing her. A gazelle shakes through each part of its body, releasing the fear, and then comes back into its essence of being a gazelle. This wisdom is also in our language when someone is upset over something and we intuitively say, “shake it off.”

See if shaking is an effective and transformative daily practice for you to shake off what doesn’t serve you in this moment and reconnect to a deeper truth that is accessible through your body. See if through movement, you can remember. Click here to shake with me. 

And in a way, isn’t that beautiful? That we are wired to figure out somewhere along the way that the goal is not to have two weeks a year where we get to do what we want to do or feel how we want to feel, but that we are biologically wired and encouraged to have daily practices that align us with our deepest truths, joy and connection to Self, others and the Uni-verse. The goal is that our daily life is filled with practices that set us up to receive our daily love.

What daily practices are most effective for you?

Do you notice a significant difference between the days that you do your daily practices and the days you don’t?

What is a daily practice you could do to tune in right now?

Imagine doing an experiment. Convince yourself that you do not have time to do any of the things that nourish you deeply and just go through your day accomplishing tasks, fulfilling obligations and doing what needs to be done. Notice how that feels and notice what happens in your day.

Now, convince yourself that you can expand time and do one or some of your daily practices. Meditate. Exercise. Dance! Eat nutritious and delicious food. Do an anonymous act of good. Spend time in nature. Connect with a friend or take that extra time to connect more deeply to whoever you can throughout the day. Orgasm. Write a thank you note. Take an epsom salt bath at the end of the day. Think of what you’re grateful for as you fall asleep. The experiment is not to see how much better you are going to feel. That’s a given. The experiment is to see how much more effective you are in your day while feeling good! Does your business do better? Do you hear some amazing news? Do you meet a great new contact for your next creative venture? Are you able to really be present and connect to another person sharing love? Doesn’t it feel good? I hope so.

Daily practices are a way for me to ground into the deeper truth of life, which is love. I am so grateful for all the tools I’ve learned, for a community to share with and for the access to nature to help me remember. I hope this post is an invitation for you to find some sacred time to do your daily practices too.




Rochelle Schieck loves to move- in her body and around the world. As the founder of Qoya, Rochelle leads classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions based on the idea that through movement, we remember.  Through movement, we remember our essence is wise, wild and free. To learn more and explore dancing together, visit