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Does your life need a pattern interrupt?

Jenna and I have been in Ojai for a few days now and it’s been awesome. It’s been so great to get out of L.A. and focus on creating.

In the last three days I’ve written about 15,000 words of my new book – which is about three chapters. I’ve never been so focused on one task at a time in my life. It’s been amazing. I’m feeling SO productive and feel like I will be able to wrap up the first pass of my new book by the time we leave Ojai.

I’m present that to get new results, you gotta change your rituals. I’ve written about rituals already this year, but I wanted to dive deeper.

There have been two major ritual changes that have helped me super focus on my book – and they are game changers.

The first one is getting rid of sugar. I was looking back at the first stuff I wrote when I had sugar in my life, and it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the stuff I’m writing now. It would take me forever to focus, I couldn’t hold a thought in my mind for very long – and as good as I am at writing blogs, writing chapters in a book is a much different thing. It requires focus and a different type of discipline.

Eliminating sugar from my diet has been a game changer.

The second game changer is being out of L.A. – out of routine and away from my email. In L.A. there is so much going on, so many distractions and with my iPhone and Blackberry going off every few seconds, the distractions are amazing.

I feel really bad not writing people back, but I just have to have tunnel vision right now because I’m on a serious deadline.

Last night Jenna and I wrote all day and all night. We were up at 8am and didn’t stop writing til midnight!

The change in environment has been a major contribution to the creative explosion, not having the distractions of the city and not being able to leave and attend so many other events has been awesome.

The combination of removing sugar from my diet and being in an environment that allows me to unplug and actually focus are both game changers. I think from now on, when I want to focus on a project, getting away and immersing myself in that project in a different environment is going to be part of my new strategy.

I already have an outline for my second book and am setting aside time to write it later in the year outside of L.A.

Stopping the sugar and being in an environment that supports focus have been two amazing gifts that have allowed me to finally finish this book. I had no idea how much I was holding myself back by being in an environment that didn’t support focus. I had no idea how much I was stifling my creativity by consuming sugar, thus limiting my focusing ability.

These two new rituals have been major pattern interrupts in my life, and I’m doing it so that I can fully express all that I know that I am supposed to express.

What pattern interrupts can you design into your life so that you can fully express yourself?

I’m curious.

Or – are you able to express yourself – even with all the distractions?

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