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Don’t give up on love, read this instead!

Many times we wish and wish for the right person to come into our lives. We don’t seem to understand why it’s not working out with others. We end up in toxic, unloving relationships, and deep down know something better is out there. 

The challenge is, when something better does come along, to not run away.

After years of disappointment, heart break and unhappy endings, it can be very easy to close down on real love. No matter what, don’t’ let that happen!

Remember, strength in the muscles of your body is created by your muscles being ripped apart, and then rebuilt. Your heart and your emotional intelligence and fitness operate the same way. It is easy to close down after you’ve been hurt. It’s easy to throw a wrench into real love when it comes. I understand it’s scary, but WHO CARES

Move forward in spite of your fear. Move forward INTO the scariness of it all. Be courageous. Don’t let fear win. OPEN UP anyway. The risk of not opening, in the end, is far worse than the risk of opening.

Don’t let love pass you by. Don’t let fear win.

NO! Instead, let love win. Open up, even when, you are afraid. Open up, even when you are scared of getting hurt. Open up, even when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Listen to me: LOVE WILL PASS YOU BY if you always choose the safe path.

I am not suggesting that you open up to the first person who comes along. No. I am not suggesting that at all. I am suggesting that when you have a connection with someone, when you feel it, when you are so scared of how much you feel it, go in the opposite direction of your fear. Do not be afraid of the love you feel.

KNOW THIS: The right person will meet you. The right person will show up. But they can’t if you don’t open.

Learn to value openness and rebuilding your heart more than safety. Don’t let the wounds of the past create a wounded future. No. It can be different. Love can be yours. But first you must be open to it. Learn how to be more loving from your past pain, not how to be more closed.

Don’t give up on love, no, give IN TO love!



  • Brooke

    I needed to read this so bad – the really bad guys treat u just as good as the really good guys you want to run cause u think everyone is trying to hurt u but don’t be like them believe in others dive rt in if there one of the bad guys it’s better to live in love then not life at all :) good luck <3 he is out there

  • nancy

    Wow this blog is really inspiring .. My bf is coming 2 meet my mum 4 the first time in June .. I always feel lyk giving up on my love whenever I feel down n see there’s no chance 4 my love .. I’m worried my mum won’t lyk my bf … However I’m so blessed my bf always keeps me strong when I almost give up my love .. N I found the key on the blog: don’t let fear win .. I wil fight my fear n give in2 my love xx

  • Dee Cairo

    Mastin, what a blessing and a gift it has been to “read” your growth over these last couple of years since you began The Daily Love. It will continue to be a journey we are all on together…all at different places along the path…yet still all walking in LOVE. Thank you for “opening” your heart so that many could walk towards the healing that only LOVE can provide. I also, Thank You for what The Daily Love has meant to me personally and as a gift to share with others. It’s hard to wrap my head around the possible number of souls this is touching …but it’s oh so much fun & encouraging to imagine the ripple effect that The Daily Love is having globally. Wishing you all that LOVE has to offer ~ Dee Cairo, Newark, Delaware ~ USA

  • Katie

    I really needed this… It is amazing, I have been struggling with my boyfriend of 2 years if hes really interested or just draggin’ me along.. Its hard to tell. This blog really gave me hope, especially for me when I struggle with self confidence and hard to let things go.. I give it my all and sometimes I think its not enough. Like its a ONE way street.

  • Jeff

    I tried this very thing. After she said goodbye, I tried to move on. It was one trouncing after another. I kept bouncing back, but eventually it became too much. I finally gave myself permission to not keep going in that direction, and immediately felt a great spiritual weight lift from me. Maybe I just need to catch my breath and get my feet under me again. Until then, I am at peace with the knowledge that I tried, and tried hard.

    • David

      Breakups are really hard man I feel you on that.

  • Jessica

    Thank you.

  • Sam

    This is really amazing. I love this blogpost :) Quote: “Right now, someone you haven’t met is out there wondering what it’d be like to meet someone like you.”

  • Candy
  • Jan


    Thanks for this inspiring message. I am traveling to meet this guy that I met, and we have been talking on the phone and email, etc. since May. Now we will be spending a week together, we do not live in the same city. I am scared to death, and yet I totally trust him. Part of me wants to run away and part of me wants to run to him. My friends are telling me to go for it, and now I googled giving up on love, and here was your message. I will not give up, but instead run towards it. Thank you.

  • KC Girl

    I found my way to your site through The Garter Brides Facebook page.  You have summed up in your post today how I have been feeling for quite some time.  I feel as if I always find a reason to shun those with whom I might find true love and, instead, embrace those with whom having a real, emotionally healthy relationship may be impossible.  I have signed up to receive your daily e-mails.  Thank you. 

  • Da_clinic1977

    This is the stupidest drivel I have ever read.

  • Guest

    Some people find it, some don’t. Just the way it is.

  • truthhurts!

    Love is just nature’s way of ensuring that we will procreate. Marriage is just to ensure that the woman has a man to help her with raising children. And love is the exception not the rule. So don’t waste your time waiting for love, cause most people die alone. That’s the reality. So stop it with the romantic bullshit. Your probably one of those people who is in love with someone who actually loves you. Good for you. But can you stop rubbing it in a bit? Cause it’s getting old. 

    • Whyteler

      I agree with you. It always seem to be the people who have had wonderful experiences
      with “love” that tell others to not give up. How interesting. People talk about they know based on their on experience.

      Love IS nature’s way of ensuring that we will procreate. After all, who the heck wants to procreate with someone they have no romantic feelings for? It just amazes me, how few people realized this. love is an illusion. Always has been, and it always will be.

      • Anna

        Yes, realizing this (which I have done, long before ever reading this article or comments) helps to take the “sting” out of the fact that so many of us (most of us?) don’t ever find true love, whatever the heck that is. I think in most people’s case, it’s an illusion. Those who stay married for 50 plus years probably live many miserable years along with the happy ones. I could still be married…if I were willing to be called bad names all day long, work while he sits home drinking/drugging, etc. We could be one of those long-married success stories! But, I’d have wasted my life being miserable. I’d rather take the focus off the romantic happy horse-shit and just go on with life and do the best I can!

  • John

    It’s not only the heart that gets broken apart, it’s the mind. And when you’re so used to being hurt over and over, its hard to not just to want to shut down and pray and wish you could be one of those people that don’t care about finding a relationship. But it doesn’t happen and its not helped if you’re gay and religious looking for something meaningful, because it’s not there.

    • hootiemomma

      That’s what’s wrong with gay “culture”.  I have a gay friend and he is very promiscuous as is everyone he associates with.  Frankly, it’s disgusting.  However, I know that not all gay people are like that.  You just have to look for them in a moral atmosphere.  It’s not immoral to be gay, in my humble opinion.  But it is immoral to be promiscuous and consider sex a recreational activity to be had wtih anyone you meet who is willing to do it with you.

    • non-believer

      It is easy when your mind heart and spirt is broken!

  • Vivianally

    I am crying….

    I have not given up love but my boyfriend gave up love and left to work overseas, knowing we will never marry each other. Because his mom has been objecting against our r/s alth she never know who i am. A painful breakup just because of his mom’s objection. He ignored all the arguements and continued seeing me till earlier July, it had been changed… he really gave in to all pressure and told me to look for a better man. He knows i do a lot for him and stood by him. Suddenly he quietly left country and informed me he was on plane and asked me to forget him. he knew he chose to give up love than my wanting to work together with him… My reply was “pls come home. I will be waiting for u. I believe we truly love each other. Pls come home. “

  • Sondra_lynne

    Try being a male to female transgender who’s waited their entire life to find that one in a zillion chance to have that one person who will love them unconditionally, much less give a rip about you. When you’re in the situation I’m in, being a pre-op transgender, even family turns their backs and changes their feelings from “love” to loathing…that’s if love even existed to begin with. I’ve tried, I’ve waited, I gave up.

    • hootiemomma

      I know this may sound crazy, but Jesus loves you.  He understands what you are going through and even if he can’t physically be there for you, he knows your heart and He does love you!

      • Brendan

        How about the Native American god Coyote, does he love me too? Because he’s just as imaginary, as your Jew god is.

        • leftoverbot

          Jews don’t worship Christ…. lol

      • Guest

        Jesus doesn’t exist. Get over it.

        • Mrfluent4fun

           He exist in those who beleive in him just like love exists in those who beleive in love. Personal experiences asside, they both exist regardless if we choose to accept that or not.

  • Petewb71

    you’re so full of crap your eyes are brown! Love is a curse, not a blessing.  All love leads to is pain! heartbreak rejection loneliness…some of us are better off not knowing what it is. To long for love is a waste of time and energy! Been on this earth for a while now, and I’ve tried to be positive but, alas at my age if love has not found me it never will, I’ve tried to love, don’t get me wrong, but it is never returned. So here I am telling the world ….If you have found love…bully for you. However if you are like me and Are ready to give up and just be alone.

    • nikki

      damn i feel sorry for you…

      • Mercy343

        I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About a
        year ago I my partner split up, we had both made BIG mistakes in our
        relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I
        knew in my heart that he would be the only one to make me happy. I was
        relieved when I found your email on a site about what you have done. I
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    • Loganatx83

      You need a hug.

      • Zedbromfield

        Think non-believer down below needs one too

      • Filip Hecko

         i need a hug too..but no thanks :D  i dont even know you ^^



      • Filip Hecko

         i always give..but never youre..wrong

        • Tanya0510

          I agree. I notice the more love I give the less I get. The less I give, the more I get. Fucked up. But I don’t want to become a jaded, bitter person & change who I am. I enjoy giving love. It makes me feel alive. So hopefully I find someone who can appreciate me & give back as much as they get.

          • Katie333

            That person is right around the corner. You deserve love.

        • Katie333

          If you’re loving with the expectation of getting something out of it then it’s not love. It’s manipulation. The sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” And look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.

          • HarleyRose

            true love should make you feel loved, respected, wanted, cared for and even cherished…in other words reciprocated or it is not love…at 64 yrs old I’m about done trying. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time…. that definition fits a lot of people including me. The thing is to try to learn to love yourself…and that ain’t easy…I still haven’t mastered that one

      • Rumoer

        Nope, doesnt work. Tried it. So often. Not giving a damn actually works better. It doesnt _really_ work either, of course, but what you say is worse: it just gives you a whole lot of friends but absolutely no lover. It starts with attraction, love is a later phase. It only gets you into the friend zone. I know. I have tons of very dear female friends.

    • Jayman117

      My thoughts exactly man … This guy is a windbag hiding from the truth … Love is nothing but a humane pigment of imagination .. A sense of hope when all is lost …. Fuck love … To love in a cruel world is ridiculously irrational

    • Teresa Angeles1979

      Ha. We almost sound like soulmates. I’ve been giving up on the idea. It’s been 8 years since I’ve been with someone. I got burned pretty good.

    • Xsoulx


      • fckyouscm

        We dont care about your sexual orientation asshole XD

        • Filip Hecko

           you mean.. butthole? XD too funny :D hahaha lmao

    • ifeltthesamestilldobutcanhelp

      love is what you want to become of it. you have the power to feel how you want, so make love into what you want. whats the point of giving up, the way i see it, love is like a marathon where evry particpant gets a medal. dont stop, your gonna get it.

    • Bjc133brn

      finely someone who gets it love is a pice of shit and deserves to rot in hell i may be 16 but i have to honestly say for the very first time in my life true love aint shit i have givein up on it years ago and beleave i aint werth the time of day of any girl but you know what niether is findeing love its a waste of time and it leaves alot of good ppl hurt all i have to say is..FUCK LOVE

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        Agree with you pal, as i replied to the other smart guy above you, its because damn love my life went to hell and i realized the kind of shithole is the wold and most people and i can hardly enjoy the stuff i used to love; damn love, i want my life back before meeting that bitch.

        • Varun Mahankal

          Do understand you.. :( It really feels like hell, but not everytime, this happens..!! Why didn’t you try for another time? O.o

      • jioioioi

        your two young to know

        • xoxo


        • David Jeffrey Barnum


      • Flyingmonkeyman

        Dude. You’re 16. And you’ve obviously haven’t heard of spelling or grammar. I don’t think love’s the problem- I think you’re a sixteen-year-old angst machine.

        • Flyinghi

          The teenage age years are so very sensitive. I understand where Flying….is coming from. Another year or so he’ll be back to normal and looking in all the best places for another love. Or, he could just wait until he is fully mature, educated, a good job and totally ready for a life long mate.

      • SilenceandRuin

         English, emo motherfucker. Do you speak it?

      • sodoffkidxw3

        lmao nigga you’re just a sixteen year old sociopath. 16. SIX-TEEN. 6TEEN. bitch you don’t know jack shit about love. now stfu, go to school and start listening to your English teacher

      • Little_langy

        You are waaaay to young to even know what true love is. And who are you to hate on someone for trying to be positive and help the lives of others!! You will one day let love into your heart and be at piece with life.

        • Tanya0510

          A 16yr old is capable of knowing true love. When I was 16 I was in love & had my heart broken that took 5yrs to get over. Some people are deeper than others. But yes, he is still very young & has a future ahead of him full of positive opportunities.

        • Rumoer

          He/she is NOT too young to know what true love is. That is bullshit.

          He/she is, on the other hand, too young to realize that what he/she feels now is not going to last forever and that his/her life and personality is going too change soooooo much and probably for the good. At that age, all emotions feel so absolute and like it will last for ever, where, of course, it just isn’t.

      • Restoring Humanity

        True love is not something we fall into,, it is something we are!!!

      • Katie333

        I don’t think that pain feels any different when you’re younger, it still hurts. I’m sorry that you’ve been hurt. Life hurts sometimes. You’ve just gotta keep going, you’ve gotta remember that your better life is already within you. You deserve to have the love that you want. Don’t let the world put you in a box on the shelf. It’s not love that hurts people. Pain hurts people. Lack of love hurts people. Don’t believe the people that say you don’t deserve to be loved, because you do. Everyone does.

      • chriscand

        ooh my u seriously need a hug ur anger has covered the real feeling of love nowanda you dont want it

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Because of love im all fucked up now, i wish i was as prepared as you… i hate not being completely cold or numb to this crap called love; i wish i could recover my life before falling in love.

    • Janzandann

      easy man.. God always has a purpose. 

      • Filip Hecko

         I dont think there is a purpose (or a reason) its all just random..

    • Berlydreamer

      Petewb71………How are you! I am very sorry about your experience with love….but lashing out at Mastin,for passionatelly trying to encourage us……..will not change your situation. Do you think that your the only one,that has “been rejected,heartbroken,and gone through it! Everbody has a story to tell,all of us. I have been very broken,rejected,hurt in my lifetime………but I have also known beauty,and sunshine to!And…….that is the time to never give up……..your darkest day,your hardest hit…….never give up………..the sun will rise,in early morn,up over the dark barren city….it will rise again.Thankyou,though for being honest in how you feel..that takes alot.Your in my thoughts,and prayers…….I wish you well!

    • Filip Hecko

       i sooooo agree with you

    • Asiasong_707

      What’s the whole point of trying when all you want is to receive? Love isn’t all about giving n returning. It the connection between two people. Maybe you just been looking for love at all the wrong place. Let them come to you

    • HellAndHighTide

      Completely agree with you. More hassle than it’s worth. Maybe I’m just not good enough to meet someone else’s expectations but I always end up getting hurt around the 2 year mark. I can’t take it anymore. I’m completely against the concept of relationships or this fallacy we call ‘love’. It’s just something the media has fed us. I genuinely believe it’s very possible for us to live and die without ever finding someone to love us. Just find someone to fulfil your primal needs and leave it at that. Save yourselves the pain.

    • AngieLove22

      I wonder, Why are you guys in a website called The Daily LOVE if you don’t believe in it!? 0o And i don’t mean to disrespect any of you or start a fight.

      • Katie333

        Thank you! Oh my lord, if you believe that love sucks that is what you’re always going to get. Shit happens. Don’t be a victim, the only person you’re hurting with your victimized mindset is yourself.

    • Sammy

      Even if the you open yourself to the wrong person and got hurt its always worth the experience. I know sometimes people can be very selfish and cruel but if you close yourself to new opportunities the only one getting hurt is you. Forgive and move on for your own good, if you carry all that bitterness inside you its like giving your power and life to the person that hurt you.

      • whitney

        well said but hard to do when you’re heart is suffering!

        • Ahzion


    • Gerda Maria

      Dear Petewb71,

      We only can attract welcome feelings of Love when we Love ourselves enough and we only can continue this amazing liberating feeling if we can wish evreybody, without any exception, the very very best.

      From the moment we refuse to open ourselves for common Love experiences we attract and/or experience everything we don’t want.

      And then we start to tell and/or believe that Love hurts but it’s the lack of true Love intentions for every single element of Life that hurts.

      And… those who are able to Love themselves they feel never alone, never ever!!!

      That’s what I found out after Years of suffering and not knowing why I should Love myself.

      But bit by bit Love found me and I started to Believe in the inexhaustible, healing Power of Love!
      Since then, everything in my Life did change for the Best.
      Thanks goodness ;-)

      I wish You the same amazing Journey dear Pete.

      Lots of Love and Mega Big Smile from me

      Gerda Maria

    • j

      that’s some true shit right there

    • Ahzion

      I gave up yo

    • kem

      m relieved…….thnx a lot

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    • Shadow2000

      Amen to that brother

    • Globe Trotter

      I understand totally, been there done that. You reply has lot of truth and of course experience. It does exactly happen like this sooner or later. Big hugs!

    • Lisa Mainini Straight

      it is better to have loved, then not to have loved at all..if your bitter and not open to love in that way, every chakra you own is closed, even if you don’t want it, acknowledge it, deal with it and if you no limey, move on…but never say never

  • Non-believer

    There is no such thing as love! I’ve always wanted love but it has never wanted me!

    • Asiasong_707

      Maybe your just looking at all the wrong place and those that you want never really wanted you.

  • Beautifulsoulmate

    after a bad divorce, a long term relationship, and now losing someone because he is moving , i am done. There is no love in this world anymore……because everyone screwed it up. Its too easy to give up today.No one really works for it. 

  • Depressed22

    …..honestly I think I’m done trying… Love is all I wanted and no matter how hard I try I always fail….people push me around as I was a toy, they mess with my feelings and thoughts, one day its “I love you too” the next day ” Lets just be friends” and this has happened a matter of times, and now I have met someone in which I never loved more in my intire life but she said she loved me but won’t be with me…everyone says move on…I can’t….I simply can’t my feelings are so strong that i turned down two other girls of the summer, I just want……I just want to be happy and shes the only person who can do it…..I wish sometimes I had no emotions and felt nothing…..maybe die….I give up, my feelings will never change, and I won’t show any pain, all the pain is in the inside….I just want to die…

    • tee

      something like that happened to me this week…a long time friendship gone down the drain.

  • Myth 78

    If you have never gotten close to even getting a date with a girl you’ll understand where I come from so here’s what I have to say Love and Happiness is OVERRATED! And there’s no way IN hell  I am bring myself up just to spiral back down again, so I’ve made a new strategy every time I see a girl that is pretty I immedeatly give up and let the depression sink in, believe me its always faster and easier to give up than to try and fail. Basically Love is just a myth and TRUE LOVE is NON-EXISTENT  

    • Ninkin

      Haha “every time I see a girl that is pretty I immedeatly give up….” keyword – “PRETTY” -) You only want a pretty girl, of course -) The rest just don’t exist -)

    • Guest

      Haha “every time I see a girl that is pretty I immedeatly give up….” keyword – “PRETTY” -) You only want a pretty girl, of course -) The rest just don’t exist -)

  • Insight856

    Im in love wit a married woman. I was afraid to open up.. But 1 month ago,
    I was forced to open up b/c she was upset wit my childish humor.. she ignored me for 2 wks and it hurt
    Me deeply that I couldn’t sleep well for 3 days.. For the first time I was afraid of losing her.. I took her for granted
    Before b/c she was married and I couldn’t express..
    But we made peace and since then, I no longer take her for granted and begin to
    Open up.. Im not afraid of getting hurt.. Just want to b there when she needs me.. But would not

  • Kimberly Walker

    i give up on it. fuck it. i dont wanna be in a relationship one is faithful and honest anymore.

  • Ninkin

    Very nicely written article, very wise and encouraging… for those who still have the strength and the will to fight, I suppose -) I myself have given up – a 34-year old woman, never married, never even had a real relationship, always rejected, left and right, rejected, rejected, rejected – well, I’ve had enough. My only fault is being 6 feet tall and big-boned (yes, you read that right – big-boned, not obese), but I do look like a giant and men are intimidated by that. My personality? Doesn’t count. Nobody gives a damn. So I’ve just accepted that alas, I am not attractive, and that’s that. I’m not even bitter about it anymore. That’s the way things are, that’s how the world works. So let it be, I’ll accept my lot as a spinster and move on. Call me weak, call me a coward, call me whatever you want – I don’t care, I’m done.

    • leftoverbot

      believing that bullshit will leave you lonely.  you just described (yourself) the only woman I ever fell in love with.  she let her size drive her to meth and lost her brain (and me/family) along the way.  fro 16 years of my life I loved her for her personality and it made her 6′ foot tall big boned body seem like the most beautiful person I ever saw.  don’t give up on love.  sure, you don’t really need it – God is in and around you at all times – but is sure is a much better life when you have love

      • Guest

        Wrong. Life is unpredictable, and it could very well be that this woman is more likely to find love not giving a damn about it than looking for it. Sometimes people aren’t given a break no matter how hard they try, and others are fortunate enough to keep getting lucky. Sometimes life’s just unfair that way, and unless you’ve gone through similar experiences you really can’t legitimately judge her reasoning; especially, since people are the ones that have caused her to have this mindset. So if you’re going to blame anyone, blame those who have done this to her. We all have our breaking points, and it’s clear the indifference from people have resulted in this woman reaching hers. 

      • Bjc133brn

        i gave up on love a while ago fuck it and frankly who gives a damn i shure as hell dont haha i would rather live my life alone and happily i might add just to minimize this things that dont have to do with love like money big houses are ok but love u will have to catch me drunk to say i love sombody haha i hate the world no doubt but what i hate more is that stupidass word love its just a word the fact that people perfer relationships even tho they know most of them are gonna get hurt in the process is funny as hell fuck love its nasty i fricken hate it and i hope i never love again bc i give up so what better than loveing mushy shit eww cnt stand how ppl think love is so important when really it suck big time

        • Mia

          Bawww, cry some more, emo cunt.

          • sis

            baaaddd word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            not necessary!

      • Bjc133brn

        if theres any advice i could give its if ur gonna love and thats what u want dats ight but remember if u do allways go for the looks personality is allways second best looks are the key to gettin whatevea girl u want

        • Filip Hecko

           what if..the girl doesnt have personality? O.O think about it..perfect girl..could be.. A CLONE :D the is there . :D ..but ..unreachable to *us* -_- nvm..whatever :D

      • Ashley Dempsey

        I’m sorry…

    • Cheer Up

      My mother is 6ft tall. My father adores her. I also have a couple of friends they are both 6ft tall and happily married now, one is married to a guy shorter than her. None of them are stick thin either. Some guys may be intimidated by a girl with model stature but not all are. I say be proud of you, looks and all. Rock it. There’s someone out there for you.

    • Citizen Observer

      Ninkin, my heart goes out to you <3

  • Czarina

    Love pass me by? Thank you! Who needs an effing heart when a heart can be broken.

  • Guest

    the one thing im afraid of is losing him. this past weekend i had a miscarrage and its been tough dealing with it and all of a sudden random exs started calling and txting me out of the blue. my boyfriend doesn’t know how to deal with pressure so whenever a guy calls he pushes me away and doesn’t talk to me for hours at a time or even look at me. i love him to death but after all the hurt and betral i have dealt with b4 him and now he wants to act like a child i just mite end up giving up on love completely

    • James

      chin up :) roll with the punches as they say.

  • First L

    i show my true nature: sweet. all that happens is i get taken advantage of. even my ex said the reason he became mean was because i was “too sweet”…same thing happened with the guy i liked…im short and petite so unlike Ninkin my personality is to blame. Too nice…that’s what people say. I’m too nice :(

  • Cabingirl

    youre so full of shit your eyes are brown

  • James

    I’m only 24 but I’ve been in love a few times. the last girl I loved I was with for nearly 2 years and we were like soulmates, at least I thought so at the time. She said I made her happier than she’d ever been. 

    We broke up a year ago and a day ago, I sent her a msg asking how she was. She replied today and in her last message she wrote: “Don’t worry Ive realised a lot of things when we broke up and I met someone else. Ive realise what it is like to be truly in love and loved, and how unhappy I actually was in our relationship. And now I would never go back to what we had or eve nbecome frinds with you. I have enough friends, you give me nothing I give you nothing , no point.”

    I should mention that the person she met just a week after we broke up dumped her after a few months and she then sent me an e-mail saying she thought I would be happy now I’d got my ‘revenge’ so what she says about realising what true love is like may be taken with a pinch of salt – maybe I’m just bitter.

    My point is, love can be great when you love someone and they love you (or at least you think they do) but if it doesn’t last and it probably won’t, at least one of you will get hurt and it’ll be like having your skin peeled off: slow, barbaric and really painful and the scars will probably always be there.

    Before I had my heart broken so to speak I was all positive about love and I didn’t understand why girls I met were so scared of getting attached but now I understand it.

    I wish I’d always been blissfully ignorant.

  • Poupeecerise

    Lmao, you clearly have never experienced heartache

    • Guest

      Fuck comments like you.

      I’ve experienced more heartache than you can imagine. I’ve had a horrible childhood surgery and then disability. In much of my life I didn’t have friends and was always rejected by women. When I wasn’t rejected, the relationships were destructive.

      But you know what? I got back up. I got better. I found ways to improve my life with my disability. I went out, and created friendships. I kept them going and I worked on myself. Then I met a girl.

      Now, we’ve been happily together for a while, and things are looking very good. It’s a very different relationship than my past ones.

      But I would have never found it if I had given up.

      So don’t wallow in self pity just because you think you’ve experienced a lot of pain. Frankly, you don’t know pain. People suffer much more and achieve a lot more. The difference between you and them? They keep trying, and you give up.

  • Angiesmaup

    I have decided I am gonna give up on love. I am gonna make my soul cold.. I am married,been married for 15 yrs now and been together for 18.. thinks were good at the begining and started fading away. I am affectionate,he isnt. I always cry for him to show me and open up more but he never does. I decided I am done trying.

    • Ladystaley

       Good.  love yourself.  get rid of him.  do what you have to, to accomplish this.  i, am ending a marriage where i found out he never did love me but chose to drag it out for 10 yrs then say … not happy, goodbye.  it IS better to be in your own home without him than in the same house with someone who doesnt love you as you should be. 

  • A cup of self love

    i’ve gone through horrible break-ups and also got with men that didn’t love me and just wanted me for one thing. However, life is too short to wallow in self pity. Mourn and cry and throw tantrums but at some point make sure to get up, brush yourself off and move on. You do not have to rush into another relationship but just let it go, smile and be happy. Live your life and do all the things you want to do. Romantic love isn’t the answer to all life’s problems. It doesn’t pay bills and it definitely doesn’t replace self love. I’m working towards my inner happiness. As a christian, im also working on my relationship with christ. 

    Sure unrequited love hurts but don’t ever close yourself off from love if you truly deep down want it. Do not let others deter you from your desires. 

    Never give them that satisfaction. You deserve love. You deserve to be loved and to love. You deserve it all. Know your worth. =)

    • Derp

      News flash: Jesus doesn’t exist.

      • Jabari16

        Newsflash: Read any books on ancient history, you must come across the name Jesus smh, this world is a sad place.

  • Guest

    Look at all of you! “Oh, love bring pain, poor me”. You experience pain then hide in a shell. Does the self pity always work out for you? 

    NEWSFLASH! To get happiness at ANYTHING, you need to try. Try hard. That means failing. A lot. ALL successful people (at anything) have failed many times before being great. Same goes for “love”. Are you surprised that real effort is required for something great? Every time something remotely challenging comes up, do you always give up?


    • Filip Hecko

       And therefor.. DO NOT TRY ! just DO IT.. -_- i hate when people use : TRY .. And Faill..and get back at it.. -_- the first misstake is.. trying.. you try.. you faill.. you do it.. you succeed :D got it? :D

  • :/

    this didn’t motivate me at all. In fact, i think it made me a little more pissed off.
    to me love does not have to be romantic. It is deep compassion to one another. If my partner seemed upset, i would do everything i could to make them smile. If he cried, i would fight to hold back my own tears from seeing him like that.
    But then again that could be the same relationship as best friends so what separates it from a relationship is the intimacy also involved.
    and it all seems to drain out quick after a few years until you are left with an apathetic room mate.
    For this i probably will live alone. 

  • Josh19852011

    I am 27 and I have been to war twice. For the first time ever in my life I say I QUIT. Women are getting worse and so are men. Divorce will likely rocket to 70% in 2-4 years. The only thing that makes me laugh anymore is people that tell me I have it wrong yet they have been divorced twice with 4 kids. I have never been married and have none! Nice try!

    • Stefd_2000

      I agree with you to a point. I believe people give up too easily on someone long before they can get married these days.  If anyone can make it past their battle scars and down the aisle with someone these days, it may actually last.

  • Ifsa121

    i am sorry but i loved someone n he broke my heart n it hurt like hell then i met another guy who was such an asshole who just wanted to use me for a visa n almost raped me coz he knew i didnt believe in sex beofre marrage to me there is no such thing as love n never will be i am sorry but i have tried n all i seem to get in return is heartace n eyes full of tears i am better off lonley n rather die alone than ever marry or be wiv a guy again they use you for their own needs n fuck off when they know trust me its better beign alone i do not have the strength to go through all the heart break again its not worth it love is poison if i saw cupid i would shoot it wiv an arrow ma self

    peace x  

    • Filip Hecko

      hmm… i think..we all ..need an *reset life* button.. because.. i know..there is love..(what love is_i believe_ the attraction to one another..based _on non sexuality 1st..and second..sexually..  and thirth.. just the tought..alone..just deppressing enough.. :/ any typo? fk it..aint gonaa rewritte it :D

  • Anonymous

    Mastin, I’m about ready to give up. I need more of this and Deida.

    Trying to work through it and understand it.

    Can I?

  • Mme_tres_belle

    Thank you for this post.

    All I have to say to everyone is:

    When deep inside, you know you found the one, believe and don’t give up. Do not rush, everything comes in patience. Do not demand, be kind and graceful. You have to understand and respect one another. Its okay to tell them how you feel. But remember never to give up. In order for us to love, you must risk and you must work hard. When you know deep inside, you truly know.

    I love all of you, and as a person you do not know, I really do. We are all humans, and we are all part of humanity. xoxo

    • Zyledame

       i want to rest na…my life is pointless:(

    • Daviddennis1

      Man, this is so true. It is always very sad to read and know about people giving up on one of the most precious things of life – finding a personal that you absolutely connect with and, having an instinctive deep seated feeling love. What is most important is self worth and fulfilment. Once you are whole as a person – being pretty content with your life, you are then fully equipt to seek out what compliments you. It has taken me 46 years to realise this. I will help my children and those I know to realise this.

      • Ladystaley

         Hi.  I am glad you found someone.  For many out there, I’m sure it is a great feeling to connect.  But for those of us who have repeatedly remained open only with negative results.  It is VERY easy to give up.  Our focus need to shift to those things and others who have integrity and show us love in other ways.  I am 45 years old and have had nothing but liars and actors who have portrayed themselves as upstanding people only to be revealed for their true selves later.  For all who have trusted again and found love….happiness, I am truly happy for you.  But please stop trying to convince those of us who have not been so blessed.  We obviously are not meant to be in loving married relationships.  So we have chosen to be single forever. 

  • Mme_tres_belle

    To love = you have felt the fullest beauty of humanity.

  • Borealis

    I wish she read this, I wish she read this, I wish she could read this. And… I wish I read this before.

  • Jhundley16

    I’ve had more than my share of rejection and pain in my life, mostly by females. Even in grade school girls rejected and laughed at me. I’ve only known real love once and she treated me like dirt after 3 years of living together. It took me another 3 years to get over losing her when she walked out on me without so much as a goodbye.
    This article says that love will find you but I don’t think love is guaranteed by any means. I don’t think each of us is destined to find someone. I think some of us will be lucky enough to find a wonderful person that loves and understands us, is willing to stay with us through thick and thin while the rest of us are just going to experience a life of loneliness and struggle.
    I’ve been unattached for 5 years now and, honestly, I don’t feel like I deserve to have love. I’m kind, generous, caring, attentive, loving, sweet, etc. but that never seemed to matter. Somehow, I just don’t think I deserve to have someone love me at this point in my life. Maybe someday…maybe.

  • Happyme

    This advise…hmmm is complete bull!!! Are people mentally retarded nowadays??? In this modern world there is not someone for everyone so many people will be on their own instead. I mean hello who is there to say that the purpose of life is to be with someone??? This is such a load of bull I think some people are just not meant for those things and are much better on their own doing what ever feels best for them instead of trying to find that non existing Mr. Right! 

    -the world is my oyster and I will not let anyone to come between my happiness and me 

  • Tonybd231

    Please remember love is not just a feeling,its a commitment.

    So anyone who is not willing to take the rough with the smooth is doomed to fail.There has never been a partnership throughout the evolution of  humankind that has not been a roller-coaster ride. All humans are individual which means that we are going to disagree,love,hate different things. The challenge of love is finding that middle ground (COMPROMISE) to ensure the love continues. 

    • Wizedup

      Problem is, YOU take the rough when it’s your turn, and then when it’s THEIR turn, they take off. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t trust people anymore, and without that, Love is impossible.

  • Zyledame

    i think theres really no such thing as LOVE??..its just an illusion??


  • Crazycutie2007

    Cliché passage. This is a load of crap! Everyone doesn’t get a “happily ever after.” I’m not being bitter, but I’ve been down that road before…opening up & letting my guard down despite my previous pain and failed relationships only to come out more hurt & humiliated than before. Too often we wear our heart on our sleeve. My advice is to guard your heart & don’t put it in the hands of another to be dropped and shattered. No one can/will appreciate you more than YOU.

  • Guest

    What a crock of bullshit. Love doesn’t exist. It never has, NEVER WILL. I’ve had TWO bad relationships so far this year and I am fucking done. Love should NEVER exist. EVER. Love is nothing more than a big fat fucking lie.

    Hatred is better than love.

    • Bowkeopho

      I’m sorry you went through that! I know how you feel because I was with druggies, men who abused me physically and mentally, to top it all liers and alcoholics…after all that I still believe in true love! I’d hope you wouldn’t give up! I’m taking the time to be myself and love myself after all I did go through hell the past couple years!!! But I wish you luck! :)…

      • Guest

        Why would you wish that person luck? He/she said that he/she is done with love. Bowkeopho, all love leads to heartbreak, rejection, depression and so on. There are NO positives to love. True love does NOT exist and guess what? IT NEVER FUCKING WILL. Get over it.

        • Dsafd

          HA… now i can see why love never will work for you. yes, you are indeed better off alone. go die in a ditch and leave love to the rest of us. end your genetic chain so the world won’t have to put up with your kind. peace immature kid.

          • Derp

            Wow, and you call that person immature? Look at your grammar.

          • deanmarie

            Seriously, who cares about his/her grammar?  Are they being tested on it here?  No. They were simply making a point; one of which, I agree with.  
            We’ve all been burned at least once in our lives, some worse than others.  We can sit here & waddle in our misery, or we can pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, & go back out there & try again.  It all comes down to one’s personal choice in the matter.  It’s definitely much easier to say “screw love” bc it means not having to put oneself back out there again & potentially getting hurt/rejected again…but, damn, it is a lonely existence, & I know this bc I have lived it after 2 painful heartbreaks…and I have to say, it was almost worse being so guarded and lonely, not ever letting any love in bc I was scared of being hurt again. l have since done a lot of work on the inside of me, and have been putting myself slowly back out there-dipping my feet in, so to speak… But, at least I’m trying, bc one of these times, I’m going to feel more secure in opening up again & I will have found something, or someone rather, who I will truly appreciate.
            Btw, Love is not about procreation. Pheromones associated with instant attraction/chemistry is the primitive instinct for a suitable “genetic match” for procreation. Marriage isn’t about a man staying to help a woman raise her kids, it was originated as a contract to bind families for monetary/status purposes.  Caring for someone deeply (w the good & bad) and appreciating the companionship the other person offers is what love is about-and this could be with family, friends, &/or that special someone.  
            No one should ever give up entirely on love…just give yourself plenty of time to heal and recover from the recent (or not so recent) burn you last encountered and allow your heart to mend. BUT, you have to at least do the work and try to get back on the horse, otherwise, you’re just being a poor sport pouting on the sidelines. Generally, it’s our ego that has been bruised & gets in the way of us from wanting to try again. We have to be strong enough to recognize that and to recognize that we deserve more than a half ass, solitary existence.  It doesn’t have to be sappy “true love,” but it could be real love. Now it’s up to us to be open to the possibilities and ready & willing to recognize it when we feel it.    

          • Whogivesafuck

             TL;DR, look at all the fucks I give.

          • Anna

            The intense anger on these comments shows that SOOOO many of us want, need, desire “real love.” Yes, you will get bruised and banged up. Some people are bitter and not ready to try again, some never will be. Some will eventually heal and get back on that horse again, a wiser person this time…and maybe less likely to be hurt. I hope that is me. I am pretty cynical about the whole thing right now, but I’m just coming out of an abusive relationship. Who knows how I will feel in 6 months? But, I can tell you this for sure. Never again will I seek out love…it will have to come to me. No online dating bullcrap, no speed dating misery, blah blah. I am just going to live my life, work, do the normal things I like doing and if I happen to meet someone then great, but if not, then I’m not going to go out and “make it happen” because many times, the things we MAKE happen are not for us anyway!

      • Annie On

        @1b15ee0cd80aeecd34c0c1e820563508:disqus – You deserve better. :)

    • Joy

      Wow, all of this negativity and closed heartedness is exactly what Masten is warning against. Open your hearts again to love and let go of what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the pain body which is manifesting in some really terrible talk. Love is the answer and love conquers all. Peace and love to all.

    • sarah

      hatred is better than love? really? REALLY? cmon, man..

    • None of you business

      Listen, im sorry you feel that way, but if you don’t want to hear anything about it, THEN DONT LOOK THE STUFF UP!!! If you have no appreciation for it, or you’re not going to even remotely change your opinion, them what’s the point in even checking this page? There is none. Then problem is, you front believe in love. There is going to be hard times, bad times, times where you what to give up, times where you will give up, and times where you don’t even want to live, bit that doesn’t mean you have to bring others down. If you don’t like what they are saying, kindly give your opinion, not all that bringing others down, or any of that. Once you state you opinion, yo leave, its that simple. A guy’s ginuinly trying to help people out with his experiences in life, and not only may you be bringing him and the people viewing this down, you’re bringing yourself down. You know, you strike me as the pesimistic type, like the glass is half empty kind of thing. In a long run, its bad for you, and believw of or not, as well as your health. This is a late post, but I needed a boost, then I see all of these responses, and its kind of a dissapointment. I’m not saying be an optimist all the time, that’s impossible. I’m saying, go fly a kite, jk, but seriously, bring your spirit up every now and then. You would be surprised on how much that helps you. Just sayin’.

  • J

    Im willing to go for it, but my “friends” just absolutely ridicule the shit out of me whenever I am anything but alone. 

  • BrokenHearted

    Love sucks sometimes… but I’m not giving up.

  • Guest

    Are you ready to commit to love? how much money you got? whats the goal/motive of loving this person? you’re going to make it work in the long run? I think for Love you look deeply what involves love than just the feelings, we all have feelings and desire intimacy, but once that is fulfilled you gotta live life and you still have to piece the over all longevity. Who’s wearing the pants in this relationship? and who really wants this directive in their agenda (who is this guy) well… thats reality, get yourself in check before getting involved into something that your heart is eventually going to break in the long run, or take it for what it is worth, love and be broken, that brokenness will eventually help someone out, perhaps you’ll write a book, or a blog, and then fall in love truly, that you would have inherited a treasure for things to come, but will you handle the fall when it comes? Will you allow your heart to heal and believe in yourself to be refortified, that ultimately all along you were getting prepared for a love through that broken-ness yes… IN that I wouldn’t give up on yourself, we’re not defined by our feelings… we’re defined by something greater that is being molded in us, Believe in what you have been made to still be standing, your pain is your strength my friend, and self pity is not detriment but another teacher on the sideline providing an alternate opening, a graceful fire? whatever way you want to look at it its your heart, and your sitting here reading this wondering whats next to walk to, to think of to say, have you asked your own heart why you have delayed? or out there to see.. pass and wonder, hey couch will you throw me a bottle of water while your observing the pity in my soul, and perhaps then my friend you’ll be quenched and score the next goal.

  • Mcparland_mike

    Who can I go to about this?

  • Ryan

    block all of it out its a wast of time

  • Guest

    After having two bad relationships this current year (first relationship was in 2010, second one was in March of this year and only lasted for a month), I think it’s time for me to give up. I’m 17 and it just seems like I’m never going to find the right person. I’ve been hurt and lied to, even cheated on. It seems that all love wants to do is hurt me instead of benefit me.

  • Guest

    I came here with the attitude you guys all have. I fell in love with a girl and I know she will NEVER feel the same way back, we’re just ‘best friends’. I have had bad past relationships involving cheating on my partners side and I came here thinking that love was non-existent. But now, reading all of the comments I have to think how wrong I was. If I truly believed that love wasn’t around, then why the hell do I wake up everyday? And I ask everyone here the exact same question… If we all truly felt all hope was lost in love then why the hell are we still pushing on through our lives? Truth is, everyone here has had a bad past with love, but you cant change that so why let the future be ruined too? When love comes I’ll  be ready, because I believe out there somewhere is the right girl for me. Maybe my friend will change her mind, or maybe I’ll find another. All I know is I’ll wait forever and a day for it if I have to, because I believe it to be there and Im not giving up hope, not now, not ever. 

    Call me naive if you wish, maybe I am. I am only 16 after all. But I’d much rather be naive and hopeful, than bitter and alone.

  • Ana

    Thank you so much for this post! This is exactly what I’m going through right now. I got out of a relationship with a guy who was simply not ready for what I was ready for and did a lot of work on myself. However, I chose to spend my time dating guys that looked good on the outside but didn’t really allow me to be ME. I finally met this guy in graduate school who is incredible. However, the feelings I have for him (after only dating for a month) are intense. I literally flip back and forth from being insanely happy to being scared to death to feeling like my heart is gonna leap out of my chest. I am working hard on being grateful and not being so afraid. He makes me want to worry less about the future and worry less in general. I can be completely vulnerable with him and also totally silly. Thanks for the reminder to dive in where it most scares you. Committed to getting over this fear and not wanting to lose him. Thanks again for this!

  • Ggsrgs

    Thank you, it really helped! :) I think I found my first true love for the first time, I hope with all my heart she will be mine!!!!!!

  • Ayla

    I use to have this idea stated in the article but I don’t anymore. I’m 27 and I fell in love with someone who honestly doesn’t see the point of being in love…I mean she could go her whole life being single and be totally happy. We’ve been besties for over a year and I fell so hard for her at one point. She thinks I’m attractive and she loves being my friend, but that is all. She has been nice about it. She’s said kind things. But at the end of the day, we won’t be together. I’ve had my heart punted multiple times, but this one kicks the field goal. I give up on love. At least for a long time I don’t want anything to do with it.

  • Pokerface22

    Love is like the lottery, or cancer… IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO EVERYBODY.  I have come to realize that it will not happen for me. I am 37 years old and its been pretty crappy all my life. I’ve come to realize that I will be alone for the rest of my life so I just warmed up to the idea. I travel alone, eat alone, go to movies alone and its not that bad.  Also, when you are by yourself, you are more productive… In work, at other things, etc. The only trick is to realize that when you feel something for somebody, do not fall into it. Let it go. Because if you do, it will be the kind of thing you didn’t need in your life.  Nobody deserves the hurt that “love” causes.  Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret) wrote another booked full of crock called “The Magic”. Her secret is, give love and receive love.  I have given nothing but love and receive crap in return. So that formula does not work.  Love your family, love your pets. But a significant other, there is no such thing.

    • Anna

      I think what you’re saying here is pretty much true. I am coming to realize it.

  • Jherring71

    I married when I was 18 and divorced when I was 26.  After a bitter marraige and relieving divorce, I swore I would not remarry until I finished raising my 3 children who, at the time, were 3, 5, and 7.  This summer, my youngest daughter turned 18 and I turned 41.  I’ve spent the last 15 years playing the field in half-hearted relationships.  With each passing relationship, I looked back and knew in my heart of hearts, it was never meant to be.  My first love was raising my children. But loneliness can make you desperate.  Once I learned how to be alone, my life got easier but the hope for a future husband was still tucked away deep down inside ready to blossom when the children were grown.  Right after my middle child moved out on her own and before my youngest daughter turned 18, fear and depression set in that I may have missed my opportunity for true love.  To calm my soul, I convinced myself that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life single.  And then…out of no where.. it just happened….just the way everyone always says it does.  The man of my dreams showed up.  And we both knew it was meant to be.  The struggle isn’t over though.  Everything in that article spoke to me.  It’s so easy to run away from true love when you’ve been playing it safe for so long.  Buf if there is one thing I know for sure, I will fight for us even when the easy road is staring me in the face.  And it feels SO good to know I’ve met someone I am willing to fight for.

  • Stonert95

    I suree wish my life was as simple as this.

  • Newman

    wow, lots of interesting comments here. i’m here because I am going for it, yet again…

    Years ago, I loved a woman who was only a friend and I let her slip away. She even wanted me to open up about my feelings, but I was too afraid. Of what, I don’t really know. The relationship never progressed and we “broke up.”

    That haunted me for years. After a very long time, we got back in touch and I had a chance to talk to her about it. She played dumb at first, but then admitted she was sad how things ended. She’s married now. I’m single,  got a divorce. I decided if that was meant to be, it would and that I’m not going to wait for her. Fast forward three years later and I met someone. I’ve never had this kind of connection with a woman before. We are very much in synch in many ways, but very much our own people. This kind of chemistry is something I had no idea could really exist. But it is happening now. Not a “I can’t love withut you” kind of love, but one that grew out of friendship and commonalities. It is pretty amazing to feel this much. Of course, we’re both afraid of it. But I learned my lesson from the past. I’m not giving up so easily this time.

    And if my heart gets broken, I’ll be a mess for a while, but I’d rather go down trying than to always wonder what might have been.

    By the way, I’m also transgendered, female-to-male, and have had relationships with women for years, even gotten married, all without a penis. I don’t let that “disability” prevent me from giving love and being loved in return.

    • Newman

      typos, “I can’t live without you” kind of love

  • babyFace

    I believe in love but love doesn’t last. People who are saying good things about it is just experiencing the first months, first years of a relationship. But when that person had a bad break up he/she turns bitter and sad. Nothing lasts FOREVER, sad to say Even LOVE. There may be some but not for all people.

  • Travis

    So basically what is saying is when you go out with someone, be open about your real name, address, past life or whatever the females asks you? Like Areosmith would say “DREAM ON!” Finding the “right one” shouldn’t mean to give your life story or personal identity to just anyone you go on a first date with.

    A girl can’t respect your privacy, the funk with her. A person shouldn’t go through a lot of bad dates or breakups in order to find the one.  One of my brother’s friends found “the one” after not having to date a lot of females at all.

  • Sirenbliss

    I’m tired too. I’ve been single for 11 years since my ex-husband left me for my best friend. Ever since that lie of a marriage and so called friendship, I have been unable to find a decent guy. I dated ALOT. EVERY man I dated said they werent ready for a committment and yet THAT SAME MAN turned around 6 months or a year later and got married TO SOMEONE ELSE. After that’s happened to you for about 1o years you start to realize you are the one getting rejected and not asked and so that CLEARLY means youre just not marriage material for some reason. I’m not a total loser — 4 classes shy of a BA, attractive face, I’m not rich but I own my own car, and have an income. I dont smoke, drink or use drugs. I’m overweight– but I’m tall. And still — NO ONE. NOT ONE DECENT MAN has ever returned my love. At 46, I’m done. Tired of the lies and the rejection. If I do date again hes gonna have to go through a crap load of hoops to get through me.  Signed tired of being burned. Melanie

    • Wizedup

      Out of curiosity; what is your definition of “Decent” ?

  • Adarose 06

    what if, if the love is the one who’s giving you up…

  • Doesn’t matter.

    I’m 25 years old. I’m a United States Army Afghanistan war veteran. I have a six-pack and a lot of girls think I am handsome, or so I’m told. I’m also a a virgin. I have absolutely no idea why, I’m half black / half white and was skinny in high school so not a lot of girls liked me and laughed at me when I asked them out. I even made one from college fly out to see me who treated me like shit but now all of a sudden when I’m 5’11” and 175lbs NOW you want me? I didn’t even meet her in the airport, I just made her feel as invisible and unwanted like how she did, anyone that shallow doesn’t deserve to be with me.  But I believe the secret to love is simply the fact that making love is special and even more special when you know it was reserved for just you… (starting to think otherwise) I’m about to give up on love also, and just be an ass hole. You dumb-ass ladies think there are no good men out there because you don’t approach the good looking ones because you think we’re all assholes. FUCK YOU. Oh and not everyone who looks like they do now did look like that months or even years ago. From what every friend I know has told me… fucking random girls is what I should be doing. I don’t know… anyone have any advice? I don’t really know what its like to be in a real relationship, the one girl I went out with cheated on me with my friend. But then she decides she likes me later after the Army makes me ripped. :( 

    • Guest

      Tl;dr, cry some more.

  • guest

    Weird l read this today l for one has given up. l am by far one of the nicest people l know and l treat people the way l want to be treated and alas lam the one to be meeting aone doucebag after the other doucebag. l do  ot expect anything from anyone besides the pure fact of companionship and what it has to offer.

  • Goofygirl

    This is total crap.  Keep entering into relationships because hey, maybe this one will be better?  No.  It won’t.  I have to give up to survive, because in all honestly the last relationship broke me so much I came close to ending it.  And you tell me to do it again?  There is no such thing as love.  

    • Guest

      I feel bad for you. You need a hug.

  • Guest

    Here’s an idea: Why not just make love, relationships and marriage illegal? It’ll solve everyone’s problems, since all relationships are bad, marriage is a chain and ball and love causes problems.

  • Lifeless

    fuck is some bullshit..ill never love again! LOVE HAS NEVER LOVED ME


  • Hatred

    Love, friendship, all those happy emotions…they’re all just a myth. Hate, discrimination, and other negative emotions, they are real.

    My advice: Do NOT embrace positive emotions. Instead, go to negative emotions. Negativity is better than positivity emotions.

  • yuik

    The problem is that everyone wants to equate love with a partner , a couple of romantic affiliation when in reality love comes from yourself  and everything around you, why the hell wait for another person? go volunteer the fuck up and see how people live in another parts of this planet without any of this hollywood perfect love crap…

  • Brian

    Hello, my name is brian sluk, I recently had a relation trouble that almose made me commit sucide, because the only one true woan i love was laft me because she travelled to finish her education in foreign country. she was no longer returning my calls or emails, till she clearly told me she is now dating someone else that life has to move on that i should do the same.
      It hurt me so badly like my whole life is about to end, then i went online to know if there was anything i can do to change things then i saw people talking about a great spell caster whose email is [email protected], i did the same by contacting him because i needed her desperately and the spell caster did brought her back after 2days, we were now so much inlove all of a sudden, she started calling  apologising, she calls morning, afternoon, and evening, just to make sure am okay.
    The spell caster really changed everything to good if not i would have done something harmful to my self.
    All thanks to the great spell caster, contact him on issues.

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  • Dylan Grieve

    This is really good, and inspiring. Normally I get irritated when people say “it will happen to you”, because it really is an arrogant smug statement, but you add something extra that makes it more valid. You say, “you have to be open to it”, and that makes it more, even if not completely, true. 

  • Iwillbejudge

    yeah but if your muscles get ripped all the time your left damaged and may never heal from that i know i have 3 relationships in my whole 20 years of living and none last longer than 3 days and it sucks because they keep getting shorter now i’m one of those “good guys” girls say they’re looking for but when we offer they go back to dating jerks so no love has no point unless girls and guys g for the person rather than just the looks if you want a long lasting relationship then forget if they aren’t really fit or pretty and settle for slightly less if someone likes you and you can bear them go for it as for me no girl goes out there way to talk to me or look at me in THAT way but when i talk to my female friends who have bfs and gfs they go aaawwwww and how sweet and yet still single so i’m just not gonna do love so girls ask the guys because some of us aren’t confident in ourselves enough to ask you out

  • like it matters

    huh…you say never to give up, meanwhile people have good reasons to sometimes. i for one got lied to, cheated on, apparently i cheated on a person when she broke up with me first, i have depression and the bitches who broke my heart 3 times in 3 years replaced me. if thats not reason enough for me i want to know what a good reason is. love doesnt exist but im stupid enough to keep trying im just dumb i guess.

    • Mayank

      why r u feeling dumb ? ur self ?

      brodr u hv a lot of strength and power .. 
      that u tried 3 times 

      feel u r the best man ??

      u r ryt its a waste of time i agree but u r nt a dumb guy 
      that grl is a dumb coz she didn’t saw ur love towards her :)

  • Dspurlock78

    i wanna give up on love because, its a waste of my time. i do and do, but dont get anything in return. its fucked up. im scared ill be alone forever..its seriously scary…

  • Leonard

     When the woman I love broke up with me, my world fell apart. I had gone to several casters and I got no results after losing alot of money. I found [email protected] on a newspaper and gave another try to retrieve my lover and restore the passionate relationship I had with her. I’m so glad I did and trusted him. he performed a spiritual cleansing to banish negative energies and cast a love spell. After 4 days, the woman I missed dearly came back home and told me few days ago that she still loves me more than ever and wants to live the rest of her life with me. I will forever publish good things about this temple because the temple restored my relationship.


  • Mrfluent4fun

    “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Isnt this worth fighting for? Take what you can and move on. Just because your not in a reciprocate relationship doesnt mean you cant love or be loved. Open your  mind, open your heart & expect nothing and then see what comes your way? It is better to of lived a life being rejected then to live a life of regret. Beside you get used to rejection after a while, dont take it too personaly it just wasnt ment to be.

  • GivingUp

    I’ve had three terrible long distance relationships so far, not one person has shown interest in me yet I’m a kindred person in real life. But they won’t give a fuck about me until I look beautiful. Moment I do, they go on and on about how beautiful I am, how much they love me, etc. What bullshit. Fucking superficial hypocrites. I’m 17 and I know what you guys are thinking: “Oh, you’ll eventually find love”, “You’re young, just wait for it”, “You haven’t met the right type of person yet”, “You don’t know what love is”, “Rejection hurts, but move on”, etc. I get used, treated like shit, have depression, nobody gives a fuck about me until I look beautiful and you tell me to not give up on love? I’d rather become a spinster who locks herself up in a house in complete isolation from the world and society than deal with a significant other who is abusive. I don’t even believe love exists anymore. Prove to me that it DOES.

  • Luvsux

    BOOO! I give up! Seems like everytime I find someone I’m attracted too, here comes someone or something else getting in the way!  I never get what I want. I done with settling. I just rather be alone!

    • Mayank

      brodr ask those people who live in the slums … 
      u have so many thing see ur happiness in ur self ..

      u will always happy then :)

  • Hvnleigh

    I too believed in all that before….now I think at least for me its love that makes my blood burn and long for every single second and makes me feel so alive, or its safety, security, someone who wont let you down….I have my babies and I cant drag them along through the instability, the whirlwind… I chose safe….I used to believe you could have both now I guess you cant or maybe only very few can so Im here, raising my kids with a guy who is good and safe and stable and doesnt even give me the smallest spark of that wild, crazy, all consuming thing I have in the past thought was love and maybe….maybe this is it….maybe the movie and storybook love really arent meant for happily ever after

  • Trevor

    Well, women never give me a chance so not really possible because it takes two to tango. Therefore, I’ve given up because women have spoken loud and clear that they’re not interested.  It’s not my looks either, I’m 6’2″ fit and women tell me I’m handsome, it’s my emotional damage from a horrible childhood and lousy marriage that ended in betrayal. Women can smell that I’m damaged goods from a mile away and run.  4 years with barely a date never beyond the first date and that was including one women who thought I was hot and left her number with my hair dresser lol.  I can pretty much look forward to the second half of my life alone.  I guess I’ll be looking for an animal companion, at least they love unconditionally without judgement.  I need something to love, so better than nothing.  

  • emofox41

    Love is bullshit especially when you decide you are not going to fuck up anybody’s life ever again.  My first girlfriend just broke up with me because I was always negative and put myself down and I told her that no one deserves a piece of shit like me, especially her.  I ‘m better off alone anyway because I’m going to join the Air Force one day to become a fighter pilot. Then no one will give a damn about what happens to me.  I still have deep, intense feelings for her, and I will live alone with those feelings buried deep in my aching heart until my dying day. No one else will ever replace her. I hope she finds happiness with someone that isn’t a piece of shit like me. Even though we still talk as friends, I will always long for her deep inside,  and I will respect that she never wants to be with me again,  but in my heart we will always be together.

    • Mayank

      brother yu r nt a piece of shit 
      dnt give up … 

      u r the best :)

      • Mayank

        u r the best u know why m sayn this thing to yu 

        after knowing that she is with another boy … 
        u r still toking to her as a friend n u r still want her happiness 

        that is ur love i can understand but brodr 

        u hv a good strength be a man n make ur future … 

        there r so many grls left in this world 
        there r so many grls who cn give yu love more then her 

        dnt give up dude ;-)

  • Danielle

    This website is the only one I’ve ever found that deals with people pleasantly, openly, and promptly. I really have to hand it to you – you taught me how to deal with my impatient nature when it comes to love matters – and that’s no easy task for anyone! Dr. Lee is one of the most gifted best-kept secrets I have ever known. I can think of several well known so-called psychics or whatever that he could easily eclipse with his knowledge and wisdom. I truly believe he is a treasure, and I will never put my love life on the line again or do the stupid things I used to do because he taught me the importance of truth and total love, and what that really means. You are the best Dr. Lee of [email protected]

  • stare

    Mike was the love of my life and walked out on me after I cheated on him twice with his best friend. I don’t know why I did it and going back to it, it wasn’t even all that great (lol). His best friend was an asshole and really screwed us. I was the horrible person and the weak person however and gave in to him. It was not fair to Mike and I cannot even imagine how it feels. Except…I imagine SORT OF IT BEING…similar…to the situation of him walking out on me. I know what I did was wrong but it was not planned. I wanted another chance. I knew we were meant to be. With ayelala shrine spell and ultimate psychics…I did finally get my second chance. They are great, worked with me through it all and the results I could clearly tell were nearly instantly working for me. It wasn’t long or horrible like the other casters I have tried. These people are for real! Give them a shot. You may post this on your new site, ou have my blessing” [email protected] is the answer 

  • stare

    Mike was the love of my life and walked out on me after I cheated on him twice with his best friend. I don’t know why I did it and going back to it, it wasn’t even all that great (lol). His best friend was an asshole and really screwed us. I was the horrible person and the weak person however and gave in to him. It was not fair to Mike and I cannot even imagine how it feels. Except…I imagine SORT OF IT BEING…similar…to the situation of him walking out on me. I know what I did was wrong but it was not planned. I wanted another chance. I knew we were meant to be. With ayelala shrine spell and ultimate psychics…I did finally get my second chance. They are great, worked with me through it all and the results I could clearly tell were nearly instantly working for me. It wasn’t long or horrible like the other casters I have tried. These people are for real! Give them a shot. You may post this on your new site, ou have my blessing” [email protected] is the answer 

  • Mlmvc323

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  • Shany616

    love : )

  • Lucy

    Dr. Lee helped my marriage. The problem was not between my husband
    and I, but from jealousy brought on by his family. Ever since we met,
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  • Brana Sandra

     i just want to share my experience and testimony here.. i was married for 6 years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture.. he started hailing me and he was abusive..but i still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost?then he filed for whole life was turning apart and i didn’t know what to do..he moved out of the house and abandoned the kids.. so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster?so i decided to try it reluctantly..although i didn’t believe in all those things? then when he did the special prayers and spell, after 2days, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn’t believe it.. anyways we are back together now and we are case anyone needs this man, his email address [email protected], his spells is for a better life. again his email is [email protected]

  • Bjc133brn

    love is the one thing i hate about the world i dnt need no shawty to make me happy i would rather live alone all i need to make me happy is money and the best part is i wont be spending it on a girl bc there would be no point buying things for someone i dont all money dnt tlk to u it dnt bitch to u and it most definitly dnt act needy and say i love u its an object and a good one i might add matterfact love is just a word used to describe feelings i dnt have fuck it man money and richness all da way 

    • Guest

      Oh look, it’s a YOLO Swagfag.

  • Qball454

    I have recently lost the love of my life of over 10 years. And let me tell you it is devastating. I think about her every single breath I take and it is literally driving me crazy. When you know you had someone who is so special that nothing else matters to you. But what makes it worse is that I was to afraid to tell her my feelings because I felt stupid. That was the dumbest shit I have ever done in my life. And I have no one to blame but me it is hard to lose the one you love even worse to lose you soul mate I hope that anyone who is reading this will tell the woman in your life just how important she is to you and show her and to make her feel secure in your arms and to protect her and to always be honest with her and your self other wise you will end up like me just a lost soul a shell of the person you once were I used to ylthink love was stupid but it was me 2ho is stupid because I could never get out my feelings about her I will have this on my heart for the rest of my days im sure of it so please if you are out there listening if you love her or him whatever please take the time to let them know just how much they truly mean to you otherwise if she is the one you will be in my shoes losing everything in your life because you can’t find a reason to even try if I could take it all back I would not have been so prideful and would have showered her with all my love and affection regardless of how stupid I would feel better that than alone wondering if she will ever forgive me for being a fool and not telling her just how much she means to me so please if you are reading this take the time out to tell her how special she really is and marry her for god sake Seana Rei I am so sorry for being stupid please come back to me my heart is weak and there is a such thing as dying of a broken beart it is a slow and painful experience I hope no one has to go through you are probably laughing at me I dont give a damn love hurts and if you dont take the time to show her you’ll see to for yourself I pray that not a single soul goes through what I have been going through torment of the heart and soul is not the way you want to go so if you have a special someone that nothing could ever replace im begging you to do the right thing to make sure she know without a doubt that she is the center of your universe

  • osas jonah

    He will not call nor come and visit me,and when i see him i will continue to complain and don’t have my time and when  i ask him if i offend him,he will say no and i don’t know why he keep on doing this to me. I love him so much that i cant let him go or lose him for another girl, i always cry both day and night.I will still go to him and apologize,the problem i was having with him over some month ago is that he don’t pick my calls and don’t want to see me,he will go around telling people that i am pest to his life,and also tell them to tell me that he don’t love me again.And this is a man that we have have been dating for over three years and now he thorn me down,but i give glory to [email protected] who find in this forum and he was faithful and able to solve my problem for me.Now i am happy he his back to me and he treated me like a baby.

  • Kendaly

    Dr. Lee, Thank you!  It happened just like you told to me.   To be honest after 3 days of having casted the break-up spell, love spell and marry me spell I was losing faith. All of the sudden Veronica and Michael separated.  Michael was calling me on the phone nonstop telling me that he was sorry.  Last week we went out and a during a romantic dinner he confessed his love for me and propose to me. For a moment I was in shock.  I said YES!!!!  We are getting marry at the end of next month.  I am in debt with you for a lifetime. [email protected]

  • Jacobsss

    Thank you for always being there for me dr.okudu ([email protected]). I had spells cast before without success and successful ones, but I never felt so taken care of before. You really care of me and my problems. All problems and wishes are solved now thanks to you!! Pls tell me how I can repay you for this.

    Your friend forever

    Danielle, germany

  • Yo

    There are some real negative people here.

    • Likelytoneverfindlove

       Why does it concern you?

  • Vanessa age 26

    Wait how about this one? hold on to your sides: “it will find you when you are not looking”
    Been sinlge for six years not one single date. Not even been approached and i havent been looking all that time. Havent had many dates in my lifetime neither, and the Wastes Of Spaces i had dated either dumped me or cheated on me, and the guys i tried to persue (i heard guys like to be approached too) took the p*ss out of me and i became the joke of the town. I get extremely jealous when i see people i know have longterm relationships or getting married whilst i cant get past 2 months with a guy. SO EMBARRASSING! :'(
    And it doesnt help that i was bullied throughout my childhood, didnt have many friends and was always isolated and rediculed by teachers. Clearly ive been deprived of experiencing connections with people. So how can i, on Gods green earth can i beleive love will come my way?

    • 17yearoldgivinguponlove

      I know how you feel. I’m seventeen, female also, about to graduate HS in May and I feel awful. My ex-gf constantly goes back to her boyfriend after they break up, the guys IRL that I show interest in me take the piss out of me also, I get treated like shit, I get hurt, and so on. I have almost no self-esteem (despite the fact I have family and an ex-gf who care for me and love me), I view myself as hideous and worthless IRL, and I have very little friends, and I TRY to be nice to people. People tell me I need to wait, it’ll arrive when I’m not looking, etc. and guess what? NOTHING so far. I give up on love. When I want something to do with love, it wants nothing to do with me. By the time I’m done with HS, I’m gonna become a nun, get a hysterectomy and avoid love at all costs.

  • johnathan

    I think I give up on love to…..I mean every time I try to get up and try again it always fails so I give up :(

  • FD

    My love is going away from me. what should I do? fight hard or give up. because I know , fight hard and if i fail then it will hurt more.. I cant imagine what to do

  • Tiabrits1

    Wtf people!! Ffs this guy/woman didn’t ask for your insults and cruelness! Ok, this was kinda sweet what he/she said, it means his strong enough not to give up even if he fails he/she always gets back up, and that is a brave heart, I mean all u people that says fuck love get a life, its just like he said, YOU TOOK THE WRONG DAMN motherfucking! ROAD,,,,,

    • Wizedup

      Einstein defined insanity as “…doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.

  • F Thetranslator

    i cannot afford to think that way like many men do men are different from women its easy for a woman to forget the pain though its not easy for a man to do the same they love by their mind and then their heart whereas we love by our everything i do not agree that this would be easy at the same time i do not agree with giving up on it but to have a number of scars from meeting the wrong men again and again and to be a toy of love for many years that really hurts i think many of us after all this b4 opening up we need therapy heavy therapy lucky you men and women in the western part of the world we in the east have used our religion in the wrong way many women are spinsters or will be it soon enough, the woman who was appreciated in the past is wronged in the future and no one is to blame but our stupid minds believe me u are lucky to feel free to do whatever u like no obligations and no questions asked and no damned society putting their eyes on u and saying freak if u feel like doing something to make u a bit free. love its only a dream in our part of the world believe me ur so lucky that u can find the freedom to love and we not. we are to marry what our parents agree upon we are not free to choose out of love if ladies make a mistake they are condemned to hell for it they would be shunned and called names and treated the worst treatment any one could treat someone and if men make mistakes the same ones bravo they are men they have nothing to lose and ladies would go to hell if that mistakes are known and playing with the heart all men in our world are players using ladies as you use sex toys so appreciate what u have for u are lucky to have it

    • F Thetranslator

      i don’t mean that they are used 4 sex alone i mean they are used 4 love and sex as a toy

  • Cougervegas

    True love its just in fairy tales in disney movies,i dont beleive in love thx to this girl who destroy me,mentally hurt me broke my hearts made me look other people diffrent,brought me pain still to this day i suffer and thx to her! Relationships are juat all lies they tell you they love but they DONT mean it! Im better of beign single and alone,less stress more money for me :). While shes beign use just for sex and having diffrent babies daddy lol. But i still wish her the best at the end and good luck,becuase shes gonna need it.

  • Berlydreamer

    Wow….that is really passionately spoken,and very good wisdom! Easier,said,than done,but possible!Thankyou for inspiring,and caring enough for other’s to want the best for them! God Bless you,Mastin

  • Jashes85

    yes… love is a total waste of time and effort. been through 4 relationships and that is enough for me and I’m only 28. OY. Its tedius. Putting yourself out there only to get “no thanks, no more!” In fact, from being rejected, I found a way to cope with the pain. Writing music or fantasy adventure stories, playing video games or my guitar, listening to music (no sappy lovey-dovey songs because they are SUCH a downer!) I’m more into intense sounds like… Hollywood Undead, BFMV, or My Darkest Days just to name a few…but now that I am so focused and drawn to it, I don’t fancy giving it up! It puts me at such ease, that I feel at a loss if I am not doing any of those things. Going out and socializing? Boring! So sorry to love, I’ve found a greater passion, thanks :) and I guess I should add, I’m a girl.

  • Filip Hecko

    ow wait..i already gave up on love ..why did i readed it? 

  • Filip Hecko

    The First misstake is in relationship IS… (drums) the boys and girls think about love differently.. RESEARCH IT ! :D

  • Ducthuong208

    that’s right

  • Aaron Hollander

    I too have been scorned by Love – however, I just read this article and it set me on a new path –

    “Accept (or reject) others on the basis of their spirituality, ethics, and morality. Those who are spiritual will extend their love to you the same way that you do to them, without expectation of reciprocation. They love and they are loving people, period.”

  • Guest

     Too late. I gave up on romantic love and I feel better already knowing that I’ll never have to deal with anyone’s bullshit again.

  • Stevechallon

    There is an amazing amount of opinions on this subject, much of it ill thought out. Sure love is a condition many would like to experience but it is so difficult to find someone totally aligned with your feelings it is nigh impossible. At my age and with what I have experienced I believe the love industry, literature, valentines day, chick flicks, mills and boom conditions us from an early age to persue this poisoned chalice. My advice is to love your family and friends, for romantic love if you are fortunate or not to find it usually fades into indifference or worse.

  • riling

    I want to use this opportunity to thank Therapist Oniha for helping me get my lover back after she left me few months ago. i have sent friends and my brothers to beg her for me but she refused that it is all over between both of us but when i met this Therapist Oniha he told me to relaxed that every thing will be fine and really after just 4 days i got my woman back. so thank him so much. Here is the email [email protected] i don’t know what will i have done if not for Therapist Oniha. Please everyone on this blog should please help me thank him with happiness.

  • Sggilby

    Mastin is full of BS on the topic of llllluuuuuuvvvvee!, you should try looking outside! Beautiful flowers die, because that is the nature of life, love grow then die. Next time you do a section on stuff we can really believe in, please let me know. I dont believe in the tooth fairy, dinner with the easter bunny, Santa Claus and the beautiful princess who suddenly appears in your life to love you, what a crock of crap. Even worse than religion!

    LOVE the one true ideal to which man quite happily sacrifices himself, his friends, his interests, his job, his whole being  just to please someone else!!

    You people need to get real there is more i can do with my life, than listening or reading other peoples bullsh#t. Because at the end of the day we are all flawed and the sooner you reaslise that the happy you can be by yourself.

  • Darkshadow

    friends have turned to strangers, what am I doing wrongly ? is loving someone that much of a sin ? i have been a slave to love for a long time and now not anymore…

  • TheCatMan

    I think love is shallow now. There isn’t any point in waiting for someone to come into your life because other people are broken and they are unreliable. I am 23 now and never had a girlfriend and that just goes to show that this article is providing false hope. I do not expect anything romantic this year or the next.



  • James

    Dude… ignore all these haters.
    Just know that even if nobody else ever takes a thing from this… i did.
    you changed a life today when i read this and you gave me the strength and hope i need to continue looking for love.
    im glad i read this article cuz i was about to give up just now but saw this and decided it might be worth a shot to keep trying.
    Heck, what do i know. love may be crap, but if it is, id rather have crap then be alone. and to all u people bashing, know that haters make you famous, and the more YOU hate, the more people that are gonna see this and completely agree. so good job. if you hate something, the best idea is to say nothing.
    Stay sane, America.

  • Edwina Lorres

    Life can be very displeasing especially when we loose the ones we love and cherish so much. in this kind of situation where one loses his/her soul mate there are several dangers engage in it. one may no longer be able to do the things he was doing before then success will be very scarce and happiness will be rare. that person was created to be with you for without him things may fall apart.
    That was my experience late last year. but thank god today i am happy with him again. all thanks to DR AKPAKPA, i was nearly loosing hope until i saw an article on how DR AKPAKPA could cast a love spell to make lovers come back. There is no harm in trying, i said to my self. i contacted him via email: [email protected]. words will not be enough to appreciate what he has done for me. i have promised to share the good news as long as i live.


  • evenly

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  • Sendy

    Hi everyone… This is my very first time looking up stuff in internet for helps. I been in 3 serious relationship but everytime i got dumped. I realised tat i been to clingy, needy and nagging a lot. This is my third times, n i really wanna keep the relationship. We been together for 2 years and we havent officially breaks up. We still contacting everyday and put for movies every saturday. Things is, he doent think tat we gonna work out because we did fights a lot. And he is planning to go abroad for works and study… Any idea? What to do? Thhis is the very first times tat i wanna try better and love someone with his imperfection. I just cant lose him :( please help. Thank you

  • Sendy

    Hi everyone… This is my very first time looking up stuff in internet for helps. I been in 3 serious relationship but everytime i got dumped. I realised tat i been to clingy, needy and nagging a lot. This is my third times, n i really wanna keep the relationship. We been together for 2 years and we havent officially breaks up. We still contacting everyday and put for movies every saturday. Things is, he doent think tat we gonna work out because we did fights a lot. And he is planning to go abroad for works and study… Any idea? What to do? Thhis is the very first times tat i wanna try better and love someone with his imperfection. I just cant lose him :( please help. Thank you

  • Catherine

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  • butlerbulldogfan

    I have never read or heard so many negative people posting comments in my life. Maybe you all have one thing in common, you screwed love up. Because theres millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions that are happy and in loving relationships. I suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself where you went wrong, or why did you choose the person that you chose, and blame yourself for screwing everything up or being with the wrong person altogether which you have to take some responsability for.

  • Henry

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  • smart moore

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  • Johntx

    Thank you for sharing this quote. It made me understand better what I feel after each hurt from a relationship.

  • Wizedup

    Love doesn’t exist anymore. I was raised to believe in it, groomed to find it, and encouraged by all that I read, heard, and saw to seek it out. I believed it was my destiny; but after two failed marriages, a handful of failed relationships, and a harsh dose of reality, I finally opened my eyes to the truth. Love today is what women hope Men will feel towards them so they can take everything from them and discard them like rubbish. The government, the courts, and the media all help them out. True Love, if it ever existed, is long since dead and buried; End of story. Any man who dares believe in it now is doomed. Why the conspiracy you ask? Easy: Women are easier for the powers that be to manipulate. Women fought for equality because a few of them got abused, and they were told that they would all have to stick together, or they’d all end up abused. Now, marriage is dead; Men know it’s going to mean losing everything to women if they decide to leave (or if she does), and women see it as a chance to do whatever they want (lie, cheat, whatever) while having life handed to them. If he gets fed up, she takes it all. Wonder why women get paid less than men for the same job? Because they’ll do it for less. After all, they were never raised to believe that their very happiness would depend on supporting others as well as themselves. Men were. Women win the house, the car, the kids; there is literally no reason left for any man to want marriage, or believe in love anymore. The sexual revolution has taught women to actively pursue sex with strangers, so men will get sex without either – for free. Then again, most women have lost all traces of femininity these days, so a man almost has to be bisexual to even want to have sex with any of them. I’ve decided it’s better to be a hermit; and I won’t be the last. Read the statistics ladies; is this the world you wanted? If so, take it. We’ve no use for it, or you, anymore.

  • Guest

    These comments make me sad. Still believing in love and going all in every time despite all of the rejection and pain you’ve been through is the point. There will be a time when it will all make sense. Until then suck it up, have good friends and whatever else that makes you happy handy and don’t stop trying.

  • arianne

    I’ve been wounded from my past,then i meet a man together with fears and everything which i admittedly accept my errors of driving back the wounds that created failures and those people around us..i feel so sorry :( and i’d still hav the chance to change and correct those.. by reading this blog, honestly it helps me a lot. hay.. i know i am too much mean.. i am very bad at all :) im so sorry :(

  • Gina

    Awesome!!!…. I have found myself not dating and being a hermit. All my friends encouraging me to ” go out and date men ” . I do for the sake of getting out of the house however, although I have an enjoyable evening no sparks occur. I certainly do not want anyone to feel they have been ” lead on ” I unintentionally have done that before and the guilt one tries to place on you is not worth it so I find myself not really going out too often. Now, after reading this, can see that really I am just ” closed down ” and afraid. I realize I need to be open to love, I also have been learning that I need to learn to love myself ( be good to myself ) as well. I love The Daily Love and so happy and grateful that I discovered Mastin on the Hay House World Summit!!! Such good,positive advice everyday and when I go through The Daily Love email, and pick out the messages that resonate with me, I always feel better… Just now noticing this one and know it is true for me ( being shut down/closed out to love ). We can never find true love if we are not open. Thank you Mastin for this wonderful and insightful reminder and blessing encouraging us to face our fears ( and for me, recognizing there IS fear and to go out and embrace it and move through it). I will come back here and re-read and re-read this to motivate and remind myself of this valuable message!!!

  • Angela

    I find it so bizarre that all of these anti love people are reading a blog specifically about love. What I would like to add is this: What is your definition of love? There are many. Mine is extremely different from most. Perhaps we are all viewing love from a different definition? I have known some extremely homely people to find an intimate partner so I don’t believe that looks has anything to do with it. Sure, it makes dating easier, but the love that truly lasts is the one built on friendship and respect, not sexual appeal. I was not attracted to my husband in the beginning. It was only when he showed his heart that I realized how spectacular he was. He became attractive to me.

  • julie

    10 mo ago my husband of 13 yrs told me that 3 yrs previous he had ended a 3 yr affair with my best friend at the time that had produced a child. I have never had children because my husband was 44 when we met 47 when we married and told me before we ever married that he did notwant any more children. I always thought he was a man of hgh integrity, moral value, commitment and spirituality. I was not the only one. Everyone in our community believed those same things. Needless to say, I was shocked heartbroken,angry as hell, felt like the town idiot, and could not imagine going on with or without him. We talked screamed cussed and discussed and our marriage seemed to be growing, but in the last month or so, all the original feelings have returned and I have been contemplating how I can stay with this man who was not who I thought he was. I prayed this morning and asked God to tell me what to do. As I read you blog, I realized that this man loves me with all his heart. He has changed and shown more remorse than I knew a person could. He is not the man that had the affair and I am not the woman who was oblivious to all the HUGE CLUES anymore. We are both still broken, but I believe that this is another chance at love in my life. Love is no a feeling. It is a choice, and an action and just for today, I choose Love. Thank you, Julie

  • Llyane @

    …been doing that and keep doing it…
    I think is totally worth it – beyond any other motivation in life.
    Thank you, Mastin!

  • Llyane @ J’Ouellette® Method

    Awesome post – be yourself to attract people who match your energy.
    Thank you,

  • vanessa

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  • Maria Margarita Raffeo

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  • cindy

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  • Angel Divera

    I agree on you! Personally you got the real point.

    • Anna

      Yes, true. Even though I will never SEEK out love again…I am open to it and would be willing to face possible pain with the right person. I’ve had bad experiences and good ones and I’m sure I’ve caused some people heartache in my time. But, I will no longer grieve or long for love. I’m just going to let it be.

  • Natalie

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  • rosa

    a bit offensive

  • Lenny

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  • Ed

    Nice sentiment, well written, I totally feel your enthusiasm…for me Love has yet to stay but I’ll promote it for the people who enjoy it…I liken it to tobacco –> I don’t smoke but the farming of tobacco put me through college…twisted isn’t it?…I have everything in the world but the thing I want the most. Keep positive

  • Miss Anabel

    After I broke up with my ex I spent a lot of time wishing that I could just turn the clock backwards. He helped me do just that. In fact our relationship feels like the break up never even happened. We have never been this happy or passionate, all thanks to Him. The most happiest part of it all is that we now live together.Thanks! Dr. Lee of [email protected]

  • Barbara

    Fuck this. “The right person will meet you. The right person will show up.” Yeah, well that may happen for a lot of people, but for many of us it just won’t. I’m naturally a hopeless romantic, but I’ve never been in love. Not once. I’ve never even been in a real relationship. But oh wait, all I’ve been needing to do is open up? PUH-LEAZE. What do you think I’ve been trying to fucking do!? At this rate, I’m tired of keeping my heart open. I’m tired of looking but never finding. I’m tired of being rejected. I’m tired of seeing all my friends all paired off and worst of all, feel bad for me while saying, “Don’t worry! There’s someone out there for everyone!” Bullshit. When I was younger I honestly believe that, but I just don’t anymore. How can I? Let’s face it; some of us are just going to end up alone whether we like it or not. I don’t like it one bit, but I don’t need to be made feeling worse by reading crap articles like this.

  • GuruBoy

    I played by rules once, I liked her and so did she, but for no reason suddenly she realizes that I am fucking too good for her, Now I have principles but I am not a fool, may be an underdog but not a fool. The attraction vanished because certain mutual interests no longer hold, that’s what happened.
    There is no such thing as love, only selfishness. Stop feeding this Sugar Coated hope that this universe is in order.

    I left myself vulnerable once, it won’t happen again. I suggest everyone to have a realistic view on this. There is no help coming, human by nature is selfish, Some of us who aren’t are just broke and misfits.

  • Ken Bartram


  • caroline

    juat gessy

  • WildflowerPastiche

    Wow. I did not even know negative comments were allowed on this site.

  • Paris

    These comments are really sad to me.I didn’t expect to see so much anger on a page about love. Everyone has been hurt by love, including me, but it’s a chance you take whenever you open up to someone. Actually, you take a chance that things will not work out right with everything you do in your life. You open yourself up to go to work. There’s a chance that you can continue to work and get paid, or you could get fired but you open yourself up by accepting that job. I think love is the same way. You can’t have it if your heart is closed to it. I’m married right now, but it’s not looking good for it. However, I still believe in love because I see it every day in other people and I believe I can have that beautiful, loving relationship because of what I bring to it. I just don’t have the right person right now, but he doesn’t represent what love is or what love can be. I recognize that I probably made the wrong choice and a lot of you probably did too, but that doesn’t mean love is bad. It just means the relationship was bad between you and that wrong person. I’m working on myself first so I can love right.

  • shaun

    I just got let down 5 times in a row and all these women needed to was text me sorry I didn’t feel a connection my once thought true love is now married I’m by myself alone and had a 10 year relationship that I barely loved the other person because she kept attempting suicide when I wanted to break up. I am not the same person anymore after those 10 years of being used. I am not going to give up on love I am only tired of getting those butterflies for someone then gettingba text back saying sorry I couldn’t connect. Believe me I’ve tried to connect but it’s true a man can only be broken so many times. It takes alot of inner strength to come back. And you just get naturally discouraged. I’ve found that alot of women don’t recognize obvious signs.

  • KimNight

    All I am saying after reading all these posts are that love has to start within yourself. It is within you so to say it doesn’t exist is sad unless you don’t love yourself.

  • The Known Truth

    it is very sad when God Blesses certain men and women to have a love life, but not others like us. it really makes you wonder if he is punishing us for some unknown reason since we are certainly no different than the ones that have it, and i would had loved very much to have met the right woman for me to have a family too which is very normal since there are so many married men and women that are walking around with their families today. it really sucks to be alone and have no one, Doesn’t It? I would certainly say so. they are the ones that should go to church to pray and really thank God for having one another, and i am sure that many of you single people will agree with me since we have no one in our life right now. now that there are so many mean women out there these days, meeting a good one is very difficult now anyway for us men since many of them are Gay as well.

  • Gabriel Anderson


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  • itsnotthatbad

    wow i must say i never saw so much hate about love … number on do any of you even love yourself ..that is the first thing you need to get the love you oh so want and talk bad about … most of you are just mad at what happen to you in a past relationship .. do be mad about it be happy that for what ever reason it didnt work you have the chance to allow someone else to show you what love is …. love is everything you want out of life so why say so much bad things about it … i bet not one of the ones bad mouthing love gave it a fighting chance ,, i bet the first sign of problems they were ready to walk out and blame it all on the one they left … it takes two fuck heads …so stop acting like you are a victim and accept that you had a part in why you cant get the love you want … love is pure as it gets but you have to allow your self to let go and give and receive it … and once you have it dont be so quick to leave fight for it and you will see what love is all about …. i want to wish each and every one find that love they desire and i hope it finds you bc you dont find it … god bless

    • Anna

      No, it doesn’t always take two “fuck heads” as you say. I was viciously abused by my husband, who I’m now divorcing. I am also a realist and realize that MOST (not ALL) relationships turn to shit at some point. For those of us who find it too difficult to try anymore, why bother? I will pour my soul into my work and my children from this bad marriage and just learn to enjoy my life. Forget the idea of finding someone to love. If it happens, it happens, but it will NEVER be because I seek it. I am not closed to it, nor am I seeking it – so if it will be, it will be.

      • Telling The Real Truth

        Sorry to hear what happened to you, but NOT all of us men are BAD since many of us would know how to treat a good woman well with respect too. And many of us INNOCENT GOOD MEN are having such a very difficult time right now trying to meet a GOOD WOMAN to settle down with since they are so VERY NASTY to us lately.

  • Priyanka

    Been there. Done that. Got my heart broken TWICE. Trust me there’s nothing worse than l**e! </3

  • Cora

    Fell in love with a guy only to realize he’s gay or as they say, on the down-low. Heart is so heavy and I’m so sad. I wanted to marry him. I hate that he hid this from me and lied to me. I look at every man differently now–looking for signs of straight/gay or whatever. We clicked–it was like finally meeting my other half for real.

    • Eat my ass gayfag!

      Look here hoe, I am not gay! I did not love Tyrone, it wasnt even like that. We just met when we was locked up and you dont know what it is like in there.

      I hate the queers and homos they are going to burn in hell, but I aint that way. Tyrone might be a gayfag, but I am not. I thought you was pretty special Cora. Remember that time that we was over at Jaquesha’s house and yall was all up in there getting high and talking about the old days?

      Well guess what? I heard you talking about your days working at the wet seal and then Trameka started asking you about that white girl you used to date. I damn near lost my mind! YOU used to date a white girl? The woman who has accused me of all kinds of stuff is a bulldagger who used to eat carpet?

      You can eat my assgayfag! Seriously Cora EAT IT!

  • Sick of all you bitching

    To all of you on this post that are bashing love because it never worked out for you are absolutely in the strongest sense of the word pessimists. Giving up is exactly what he is preaching against and yet here you all are bitching about how it didn’t work out so now you sit and wallow in some sympathetic coma immune to the beauty in the world. Love is a real thing that exists in the world for everyone who is willing to accept it. The same reasons you haven’t found it are the same as the ones he talks about closing your doors to the idea or feeling because something didn’t work out perfectly for you like in some god damn movie. If you want it to stop comparing your behind the scenes to others highlight reels. Let it come to you and don’t quit trying for it or else you will get to sit alone playing the solo mode on your instrument of choice. So if you think that there is no love in the world then sleep soundly at night with your empty cold heart longing for fulfillment and an almost empty bottle of lotion and a tissue box.

    • Jay

      Just maybe if there were Decent Women out there to meet, many of us men wouldn’t be Complaining at all. and many of us can be Very Happy with just one good woman by the way to make us happy. Right? I would certainly say so.

  • bluebell

    these are lovely words, but like many things in life, looks good on paper, but the reality is much different….i think while love is great, it’s more realistic to appreciate some will never have it….that’s the truth of life….i’m at a stage in my life where i know it isn’t going to happen so i’m trying to retrain my mind into being at peace alone the rest of my days….it’s not ideal, but it’s time i faced this reality.

  • The Real True Answer

    Many men and women were certainly Blessed by God to find love and happiness with one another, and others like us that were very less fortunate. Why is that? It is more like, what in the world did we ever do Wrong? We’re no different than the ones that have their life all together. then again, there are certainly Not that Good Women to meet anymore nowadays either.

  • Michelle

    I needed this today, I was ready to give up on a 24 year relationship that I know we have a real connection and we have real love. My reason for giving up was based on fear, hurt and not love. Thank you for the reminder!

  • MM

    “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…”

    Nicholas Sparks,

    At First Sight

  • Very Much The Truth

    Why is it meant for certain people finding love and happiness with each other? Then again, God does punish the innocent ones like us that would had certainly wanted a love life too.

  • lahealer

    Isn’t it interesting that we receive what we expect and believe. We are such powerful creators!

  • Theresa Ann Adams

    I can understand why some of these comments are so hard, because when you have been hurt for some it takes time to recoup, to trust again. Also while you’re going through your body language says ” stay away from me “, if the “right person ” wants to approach you they wouldn’t. Take the time for yourself to heal, spend time loving just yourself, give yourself all the attention that you need, in your free time do whatever makes you smile, and in time you will heal & love again……….

  • vin_wlazyx

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  • Donna Dweik

    I truly could not live any other way. 11 1/2 years ago , My husband and best friend past away at the age of 42. As much as losing him broke my heat, I am also so grateful to know what that feels like. It IS amazing! I have fallen in love again and have at times felt scared of how I feel about this man and He has pulled back several times.(well ran away to be honest) No matter the outcome, I have enjoyed our time together and know I can still love. Love is still the most powerful emotion and worth every obstacle and heartbreak! I smile when I think of love and I put my hand on my heart that I can still feel, Laugh, breathe, and love! Life without risk and love is meaningless and certainly mundane! Donna Dweik /Compass of the Heart/Knoxville ,TN

  • Sandra Able

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    Love never fails. You may think it has if you limit your belief that loves comes to you, or your love must be given to one person. You cannot look for love, you will never find it if you do, it has to find you, and it will.

  • Honestly Speaking

    With Not so many nice women out there these days, it is very difficult for many of us men looking for love.

  • phantom1

    How can you say this and believe this?! After years of disappointment and anger why should I keep trying? What would be the point? I’m tired of trying and then women won’t even give my the time of day. It’s a sham. I’ve tried giving into love, even when I have feared it most,as you suggest, and every time it ends up in heartbreak.

    • Mickey

      HELL YEAH!!!

  • craig

    I don’t want to be alone but i’m real close on giving up on love and even living my life. I’m ready to end it all for good.

  • user32

    Are you saying I should never give up on someone I really love? because i’ve waited for him for way too long and i can’t take it anymore. I did (nearly) everything I could for him. And I’m STILL rejected. I guess you can’t force love, huh? Guess love comes naturally.
    We can’t chase after someone consistently and expect some change. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It aint easy.
    So isn’t it better to move on from him? Open myself to others?
    Someone PLEASE answer, I can’t take another day of chasing this guy around…it’s been almost three years now.

  • User15dreamer

    Are you saying I should never give up on someone I really love? because i’ve waited for him for way too long and i can’t take it anymore. I did (nearly) everything I could for him. And I’m STILL rejected. I guess you can’t force love, huh? Guess love comes naturally.
    We can’t chase after someone consistently and expect some change. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It aint easy.
    So isn’t it better to move on from him? Open myself to others?
    Someone PLEASE answer, I can’t take another day of chasing this guy around…it’s been almost three years now.

  • MATA

    After my break up, I sat in my bed all day, every day. I cried constantly I actually started to Google ways to get over a broken heart, and that’s when I found your email I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. It has gotten me through a lot, and I appreciate it immensely thank you for bringing my husband back to me and our kids thank you drlawrencespelltemple@hotmail. com you are truly a blessing.

  • aegean7

    I have also experienced the heartbreak of love not returned…then I learned the first person I had to give love to was myself. I realized that I didn’t fully love and accept myself as a worthy and valued person…how could I expect to receive from another what I couldn’t give myself? Three years later, I’m still working on increasing my self-love and I’m feeling happier, strong and yes…more loving. When I am ready and the time is right, I trust that I will attract the right person to give love to and receive love from…Keeping the Faith. Blessings to All.

  • Revan

    You’re full of shit. Love is an illusion, it doesn’t exist. Everyone else will always let you down. Live alone and die alone. Or at least I will.

  • Luna Light

    The people on here who react with negativity are on here for a reason.. that reason is to learn to love yourself first. If you love yourself, you can overcome heartbreak, because in the end, you know your strength and when you are in moments of despair, you know that the pain cycle is necessary for emotional renewal and growth.
    Love yourself and believe in yourself – You deserve the best things in life no matter what situation you are in.

  • Emiliano Babarah

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  • Sarah

    Thank you for sharing, the daily love is one of my go to places for inspiration.

  • AD24

    I finally found the girl I have been waiting for and I love her deeply. But I can’t figure out why it hurts so damn bad. I can’t sleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about this. I can’t get myself to trust her because I got fucked over too many times in the past. I just need some advice from somebody with experience.

  • Positive in spite of…

    I say if one doesn.t have something nice to share,why put negative stuff here?

  • Mickey

    Open up just so a man-hating feminazi can kick in the groin? What the hell for???

  • Mickey

    Open up just so a man-hating feminazi can kick me in the groin? What the hell for???

  • MadVirus

    Thank you so much for this, this is exactly what I needed! :)

  • MadVirus

    I have noticed for myself exactly what you have mentioned. Because I have experienced so little of love over my life, it’s almost as if I became afraid of it. Not like I would run away, but whenever a connection occurred, it’s like I just got paralyzed.

    This is actually a great article and a great advice. Thanks!

  • Mickey

    “KNOW THIS: The right person will meet you. The right person will show up. But they can’t if you don’t open.”
    What crap!!! Who are you trying to convince??? It’s sure as hell hard to meet the right woman when most women won’t even talk to a guy!!! WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS NONSENSE???

  • xnavygal

    GiveLove, RecieveLove, BeLove, OneLove…_/l_ (now I’m going to print this and take it to my sis) thanks Mastin. (jen)

  • Lidia Mckinney

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  • Steve Struthers

    Love is something only a select few find. Good looks and wealth and popularity are what pave the way. If you have none of these things, you are not likely to find it. As a result, some of us are not meant to be loved, and are meant only to be alone while watching others succeed in their quest.

    • kroller

      wow, that is an interesting answer….
      I don’t agree, I met my hubby when we were both poor as dirt.
      I was already a young mom, (teenage mom) and we met
      when my son was just turning two, we have been together since.
      Going on 30 yrs next yr. IT is not about money, it is about the inner love. There are two different energies involved. One is, universal, and the other is simply materialistic. If LOVE is meant to be, it doesn’t matter how broke you are, what kind of work you do, it only matters that two people become one.
      EVERYONE is meant to be loved….we ALL have our mirror image person, never ever give up on that…just don’t judge a book by its cover, the book itself is far more interesting than the cover.
      I am sorry you feel this way, WE are born to be loved, know that!

  • steve

    I awoke this morning with perfect clarity on my life.The irony of it all is that i have made tragic mistakes. Mistakes that have resulted in me loosing the opportunity to marry the right person.Now married for fourteen years to the wrong person making a wonderful child. My biggest regret is that i don’t believe my wife and i were ever meant to be. I know now who I was meant to love but alas she is now married with children.I never had this clarity until now and i feel like Im drowning in a relationship



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  • dissapointedintellectual

    Anyone that says that love is great has NEVER been hurt badly enough or was able to find a truly good hearted person as a partner (notice how I am only mentioning that and not personality, or anything else; the truly good hearted ones are the only ones who won’t screw you over in the long run, but even some of those good souls will eventually leave). The reality is that if you were a good person who fell in love (real love, not just thinking they are pretty/handsome, but caring deeply about them) and who got cheated, lied to, and ignored by someone who initially looked like an angel, then you won’t be able to see love in the same way anymore.
    Let’s put this in perspective. For women, if you find the man you always wanted and he is perfect in every way and you two have the most beautiful relationship ever, but all of a sudden (yes, just like that) he leaves you and makes his (happy) life with another woman without a single ounce of regret (and he said he loved you all those years), then you will understand why some people here don’t believe in love.
    For men, if, likewise, you find a woman that is almost like an angel (friendly, warm and down-to-earth, beautiful, a perfect match personality-wise, cheerful, apparently nothing bad about her) and have a wonderful relationship of 2 years and then all of a sudden (yes, just like that) she leaves you via an email and marries her boss and reveals she is pregnant (and very happy with her husband) just 3 months later, then you will understand. Add to that that the other guy looks like a total player of women, but due to “love” she chose him.
    Once again, if you haven’t lived a soul-wrecking experience, you will believe in “love” and fairy tales still. If not, you know how things really work here and what the real rule of nature is. Survival of the fittest is the real rule… the other guy looks better, seems more fun, looks more successful, hell he may even fuck better too, so he is the one that gets the most love and the most affection even if he is a worse person in terms of inner feelings and compassion. That’s how things go.
    The only good news is that I still have time to change.
    And no, I haven’t given up on love or affection yet, but I know now that goodness of heart or intelligence on their own don’t make anyone fall in love with you. In other words, love is not given in larger amounts to the nicest and most reliable people, but to the fittest ones (even if they are less good because “goodness” is not one of the big triggers for the so called “love”). This is why you see friendly but ugly guys single, and very handsome but careless guys with women chasing after them and wanting to give him all their affection. It is the same for women, the fat and shy ones are FAR more likely to be without love than the beautiful and cheerful ones. Both men and women seek “love” via attraction or “chemistry” rather than based on who will be more good or trustworthy for the long-term. This is why someone who is far more reliable will get passed over for someone who is a bag of lies, but very good at triggering chemistry and attraction (and subsequently “love”). And guess what, after the experience with that guy the woman will still fall again for another one like that because she picks based on “love” and “chemistry” rather than based on how reliable he is.
    I am going to work on changing. If being the way I have been so far doesn’t work, then I will adapt, physically and mentally. It won’t be for “love” though, it will be for my own good.

  • Narol Denison

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  • Chris

    I LOVE TO BE ABLE TO BUY THE LOAD OF SHIT YOUR SELLING! BUT AT 48 , AND 5 LONG TERM RELATINSHIPS. 5+ YEARS IN LEGNTH Your just wrong!!!! Women are self serving , life wrecking and for the most part foolish !! The last one in my live . Entered it and didn’t bother to tell me she had herpes for 3 moths , till II had my first out break???? O ……. ya you are not asssholes ????? I have bin taught by each one of them in there own way Not TO MAKE THEM MATTER IN MY LIFE . Because they will always do the wrong thing EVERY TIME !!! And leave ! I just want pussy !! You can keep the rest of it , I CAN BE MISERABLE ALL BY MYSELF. W T F? I have come to realize that e4verything my mom ever told me about women was an out and out lie ?? I have always wanted to meet a woman that would prove my beliefs WRONG? SHE DOESN’T EXSIST . And now , THANKS TO ONE OF YOU I live in this prison with no walls . So !! NO I don’t love anymore And refuse to just go and do what was done to me!!! I rent a hooker who knows and protects herself from me !! Still think you should voise your bullshit ???? Wake the fuck up !!!! Chris

  • nancy Alfred

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  • Ahzion

    I think love was made for certain people! Sadly am not part of them

  • Ahzion

    Am the unluckiest guy in the world <3 am so heart broken that I wish I could die and never feel this pain!!! It's 6years now that am in love with the wrong girl!!! 6years ago I told her how much I loved and she told me she will never love me it was hurtful but what was worst is that when I asked for friendship she said she couldn't even love as a friend ! That word really destroyed me !!! Am down!!! I know I'll never stop from loving her not matter how hard I try!!! I know it's sounds stupid but I made a tattoo of her name just show her how much I love her!!! I cry every single night when I think of her!!! Sometimes I wake up just to wish to dream about her at least and see how it feels!!!!! Every Christmas and my birthday I have a wish!!! Not to end up with her because I know it's impossible but I wish to forget about her !! Since I can't love anymore and whenever I start to feel that way I walk away because all I remember about loving a girl is pain!!! I can't love ! Please tell me what I should do??? Die ??? At least she will notice that I existed and maybe I'll R.I.P

  • Citizen Observer

    The only thing I ever wanted in this life was to find my soulmate and unite forever in love – being there for each other and fulfilling each other’s needs and desires. Making a family, a history, a life. Now I’m 40. I’ve had 1 long term relationship which was a complete and total emotional cataclysm that has sent me into the depths of celibacy and fear. That relationship finally imploded in 1997. Now it’s 2014. Since then I tried another relationship which lasted a year and a half with someone whom I was more attracted to physically than the first, but knew it wouldn’t last for other reasons (he wanted to go out every night and do drugs, I didn’t). The third one was a little better, and shorter. Same with the fourth and fifth. The last two were with guys whom I was more attracted to than ever, but the flamed out faster than ever. If time could stand still, I would keep trying. But it doesn’t, now I’m old. I can’t be with someone who does not attract me (physical barrier) and I don’t want to be with someone who is just willy nilly dabbling in relationships. I wanted a life long love. Now I’m over half way through with my life. I have a collection of ex’s which I’m friends with but I’d rather jam a red hot poker in my eyes than ever see them again. The past haunts me everyday. Sometimes I will suddenly find myself feeling like I can move on, then all those voices in my head and heart: I can’t take another heartbreak. I know this deep down. There is no more room for it. My heart is now made up of 100% scar tissue and I can’t find any thing inside but hurt and fear. I can’t give love to someone who deserves it because I will be spending all my time worrying about when they will leave me and when will all that god-awful drama start again. Finally I came to the conclusion that all of this desire to have someone in my life is just a ridiculous function of my humanity to mate and reproduce and HOPEFULLY will itself go away one day. At this point in my life, I am frightened to be along, terrified of health issues, and completely frozen without any hope to ever find someone who will love me enough to see me through the healing process… but without someone to love me, I can’t heal on my own. I need someone to love me so I can get back to being the person I once was. But I can’t make it happen because who wants someone who is not tall, not rich, afraid of everything, and very perceptive to changes and will quickly run for the hills the first sign that my partner could be cheating? Why even have a relationship with someone who has sex with others? I never thought of myself as ugly, could never understand why so many people were always offering sex to me. But that’s NOT what I want. I could live the rest of my life without sex. But I can’t go on without my own family. Without my own partner and hopefully friends like us. What’s left to do after 40 but watch my prostate swell up and start drying up and blowing away? Maybe I’ll find love in the next life, eh?

    To anyone who might be reading this, please don’t give up on love like I did and wait around for 9 years for your heart to completely turn to stone. It’s a prison from which you can’t escape.

  • hannah promise

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  • Teresa

    Oh my goodness… The comments below are so sad… Love is an amazing ability we have been blessed to express and experience… The love we have within and for ourselves is the most important… The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship we have… The anger, resentment and negative energy in the comments below is so alarming to me because it is toxic for you, your health and the happiness you have in your life… Your anger and resentment isn’t hurting the people you are upset with … It hurts you… Then the negativity energy you are putting out draws negative experiences and people back to you… It is your perception of the experiences you have had in relationships that needs to change… Instead of viewing it as something bad happened to you, instead of being venomously angry that this person or these people did something TO YOU… Turn it around into an OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN… To learn about yourself , to learn about healing childhood wounds… After all , you only attract what you already are on a subconscious and conscious level… It is the SUB CONSCIOUS level that can be elusive in the process of learning how we attracted the certain people we have… Remember this please!!! Rejection is PROTECTION from the universe so that we are available for something or someone better… Have faith in that… Take this extremely painful time to love yourself, learn about yourself and to grow as an individual… It does work… I know… Been there and done that… It is worth it… Take yourself out of victim mode and make the choice to empower yourself and make the choice to be positive and happy… I mean really, is another person worth giving up your happiness for, your future love? I think not!!! Don’t give your power away… Whether you want to hear this or not… That is exactly what you are doing at this point… I send you love and positive energy :-)

  • Nadette Richards Mud

    its so hard when you’ve been hurted….I loved a guy so much that i had forgot to love myself he became my everything and i thought it was the right thing to do by showing him ALOT of love but i was getting nothing in return, it just hurt so much when you’ve been with someone after so long n he give up on you little by little, i honestly dont know if i want to love i’m too scared for that im also afraid because i keep pushing guys away and wondering if im not wrong…im glad to read this it kinda help me a little to understand and to let go

  • Jude Jackson

    My Name is JUDE JACKSON .I will love to share my testimony
    to all the
    people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend
    back and she means so much to me..The girl i want to get marry
    to left me 4 weeks to our weeding for another man..,When i
    called her she never picked my calls,She deleted me on her
    Facebook and she changed her Facebook status from married to
    Single…when i went to her place of work she told her boss she
    never want to see me..i lost my job as a result of this cos i cant
    get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did
    not go smooth with my life…I tried all i could do to have her back
    to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to
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    that was like am dreaming when i heard that from her
    and when we ended the call,i called the man and told him my
    wife called and he said i haven’t seen anything yet… he said i will
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  • Bradley Speck


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  • Scarlet_love

    It’s tough. When you’ve been hurt or are in the midst of a heartbreak Love sucks, It stinks and yes fuck love. Your heart is in a million pieces, your brain is a constant windmill, the wheels turning all day and night long. Hell, I know because I am going through it. Why, why do I love him. Fuck love. Love sucks. It stinks. But at least I know now that I CAN love. Will I love like this again, Idk but I sure hope so. That’s the fear I face. Can I love like that again. Will I feel like this about someone again? ….and then when the hell will it happen. I’m too old to wait and like most of you, feel it’s never gonna come if it hasn’t come yet. I won’t give up though. You can always go by this saying: Don’t fall in love, fall off a bridge, it hurts less. :) That is funny. Good luck everyone. Stay loving.

  • Emily powell

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  • joan nie

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  • Cheetah

    I was feeling down lately because my online dating profile has not attracted any traffic and the quality of guys that view my page and are my so called “matches” are not my caliber. I’ve tried refurbishing and wondered if I am sending the wrong message, but I can honestly say my profile is a good reflection of who I am, so I don’t want to lower my standards or purport and image of myself that isn’t authentic just to attract more guys. I want to attract the guy that’s right for me: quality or quantity, right?
    Long story short (sort of), I’ll trust your experience on this one Mastin. In the past I’ve had crappy relationships and made unhealthy decisions. I’ve watched many romantic relationships fail around me, I mean really crash and burn. But I’ve also seen someone get up from those ashes and have a happy ending. I’m going to to remain open and believe that my future does not need to replicate the poor relationships I’ve seen, nor do I have to make the same mistakes. AND I can have a great relationship by learning from my mistakes, the mistakes of others and duplicating what actually works in successful, loving relationships by having loving role models to encourage and support me on my journey. Keeping the faith. <3

  • Bradley Speck

    How i got my husband back…

    My name is Bradley Speck. I live in Canada, and i got married four months ago. My husband and I have been living a very happy and lovely life. So as time went on, I began to notice this strange attitude that my husband was possessing. He was now going out with other girls, to the extent that he was no longer picking up my calls, and he was not even sleeping in the house anymore. I became confused and didn’t know what to do. So i became worried and stranded, that brought so many thoughts into my mind, because I have never experienced a thing like this before in my life.

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  • Jürgen

    All this is bullshit. But thanks for being thoughtful

  • G

    Heal that little person inside you first, only then will you be able to break down the barriers of pain that belong to you. People that carry pain, carry baggage that does not belong to you. Free yourself, give yourself the love that you deserve. Just because you don’t have anyone that loves you in a romantic way at this time, does not mean that you cannot express love to others, and yourself. Not to love is a lonely place, and a bitter place, forgive the people who have hurt you, and move on. It is OK! The more that you hold onto pain, you will not grow as a person. Challenge yourself everyday to do something special for someone that you don’t even know, until all you know is love. I love you all, from my heart to yours, have a wonderful day.

  • Basma Gaber
  • Sophia

    Nice advice. I don’t think most people who want love give up on it. After disappointments I think some of is just grow weary. The crash and burn tactics employed by many men during break ups are in large part to blame, in my opinion. I am a very kind and lovable woman. The cowardly “break up” tactics employed by most men, especially now that they can leave you an email and vanish does so much harm. It just sets the stage for the other guys to say “yeah, if I feel uncomfortable, I’ll send her a text or an email”. Why would any mature woman have a shred of confidence to go forward when this is the new easy escape route for men, who are generally afraid of confrontation to begin with. And they employ it regularly with many women I know. I have not given up on love. I have given up on childish boys who call themselves men, which they are not.

  • Jude Jackson

    My Name is JUDE JACKSON .I will love to share my testimony
    to all the
    people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend
    back and she means so much to me..The girl i want to get marry
    to left me 4 weeks to our weeding for another man..,When i
    called her she never picked my calls,She deleted me on her
    Facebook and she changed her Facebook status from married to
    Single…when i went to her place of work she told her boss she
    never want to see me..i lost my job as a result of this cos i cant
    get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did
    not go smooth with my life…I tried all i could do to have her back
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  • sophie

    I have regularly had dreams about my ex boyfriend ever since we broke up nearly 3years ago. They seem to have 2 different themes, either I dream we are talking again and working through our problems or I dream that I meet him or see him with his new girlfriend, in those dreams I have nearly always dream they are happy together. I once dreamt his new girlfriend had my name. But why is he still haunting my sleep almost every week. i decided that i dream about he because he is meant to be mine so i decided to get him back by all means i was scammed a couple of time by various spell casters until i meet dr kizzekpe who did a reunion spell for me and after 24hrs my man came back to me and we have been living happily since then i am happy to say i am 7 months pregnant now and i am expecting his baby which he is so happy about and has promised me an suv as soon as i deliver. what else can i ask for thank you so much dr kizzekpe for helping get back my ex. do contact him on email:[email protected]

  • sam

    I gave up on it years ago. Now I feel nothing. I don’t feel sad either. I’m just running laps until I get to the finish line……

  • Jürgen

    Love is bullshit. Don’t bother trying.
    Liebe Sind scheiße. Nicht stören versuchen.

  • ambela robeson

    My name is Ambela Robeson from USA My boyfriend and I were happy as far as I could tell and I never thought that we would break up. When his cousin died in a tragic car accident he went back to Russia for a week to be with his family. I could not go because I was in the middle of entertaining out of town clients for work. He did not seem to be upset that I could not go so I let him be. The next thing that I know, he reconnected with an old friend from high school that he had a crush on years ago and they started to have an affair! I had no clue what was going on until a month after he came back from Russia.He proceeded to see both her and I until I caught him testing her one night. I confronted him and he told me the truth about what happened. We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about a month of not speaking to him I became sad. I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be with me and not her. I contacted Dr.Ajagbo for a love spell and he totally helped me! he was able to get him to miss me to where he wanted to get back together again. He had a lot of regrets and felt bad for not fighting to keep me and for cheating in general. He values our relationship so much more, now and we are together now! You can also get your lover back with the help of Dr. Ajagbo contact
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  • angelina

    After I and my lover spent about 4 years together, my boyfriend told me that we can not be together. and already We were making ready ourselves to get married this year and I was very happy and absolutely ready to marry him. this breakup started when he went a little far from the city where I live, a year before. He found a good job out there. And he promised me to come back in one or two years. In the mean time, I found a job around his place (we take it as a good opportunity for us to start living together) but the company I worked for resist to leave me since I am a responsible person in the company. They offered me a very nice salary increment with huge responsibility of work. Then I told to my boyfriend I preferred to stay where I live and work, since, he has not a plan to live there forever. He was very upset at the moment… and ignored me totally. I tried to contact him but I can’t. Following so much effort he sends me a message saying “our relationship is over”. I never expected such a thing to happen, so I got sick. Even after so much begging he allow me to see him, but told me the same thing that it is over. I asked him the real reason. He said, you never listened to me, you never gave me credit, and you disrespected me…..and so on. I never noticed such a thing in our relationship before, so I got shocked and couldn’t say a word in front of him. For me our relationship was perfect. And I really love him. I want to be with him. I send so many letters saying I’m sorry, I tried to contact him but there is no reply. I did everything to attract him and live with him forever but nothing was going through. so I needed a help on how to get my lover back. I had the feeling that he still loves me, though he did not say a word. I needed help seriously. I thought it will never possible to get him back and be the happy couple again? so when I read testimonies about {[email protected]} I contacted him and he told me that my case is a simple one to solve, so after his consultation and casting of his spell my boyfriend emailed me telling me he was sorry for all that he did to me, that he is ready to marry me now, I was shocked, I never believed that Great Dr Unoko could make such thing to happen with his spell, today I am getting married to my boyfriend, and I will never forget this spell caster I will always talk about him anywhere I go Via number +2348103508204
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  • ande12

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    My biggest issues Is that I’m in love but to me I feel he’s more attracted to other women. Now don’t get me wrong I got the looks and the brains I work, cook and clean and sex is on the top of the scale. But I still feel scared like I will lose him to another. So I don’t like to go out with him. Because of my own insecurities. But he is the first person that made me feel like I’m ugly. But he do tell me I’m the best in everything I Do. I love him but scared that he could be entertaining women. Like he did when we 1st met. He said he only did that because he wasn’t sure. But now we are engaged and live together I just want to be happy. We don’t trust each other. And I never cheated!!

  • Nadezhda Vyacheslav

    I have been reading about spell casting and its powers for a while but i never thought or it never occurred to me or i rather say that it happened that i never got myself in any situation that will make need the help of a spell caster.I read a lot of testimony on the internet on web pages, blog, and some on the Facebook page of some web site i linked with my Facebook with.I was more concerned about a certain spell caster MUTTON OSUN. That his name kept appearing on almost every comment form different individual claiming he has helped them a great deal in spell casting of all kind but mostly relationship problem that is from divorced man and women to lost love and cheating wife and husband was like don’t even know the word to use.All of them had just one thing in common that he help then resolved their problem that even therapist could not solve i guess the problem was passed the place where talking was not doing any good at all.But some how i believed them and their story cos the testimony were just too real and were from different people.I just enjoyed reading how he help those people and asking myself how possible it was that this spell caster could do all this with no effect of what so ever.Year they said his spell had no negative effect on the person who asked the spell to be casted and the person the spell is casted upon.I just wanted to know how it worked so i tried it and now i am among those writing this to tell those like me reading that this MUTTON guy is real.I am a single 32 years old mom of two two girls.I have always had a thing for this guy or i would say i liked this guy but he was kind of a mess cos of the lost of his wife.Like he had nothing to leave for any more.He never came out of this house and even went he did he doesn’t talk to anybody even i tried ti make a conversation he just smile so he doesn’t look cruel and then walk away.At night you can hear him breaking things and sobbing.I wouldn’t say i knew what he was feeling cos really i didn’t know but i knew i could make him happy again but no matter how i tried to get close he shuts me out.I really liked him and hated to see him miserable i mean he still have a chance to be happy with me.Contacting MUTTON OSUN was really easy for me cos all those other article had an email address i could use to contact him.So i send him an email to him but i didn’t get a responses immediately i mean it took three day before i saw his mail in response to my mail where he told me that he could help me make the guy to love.Am sorry i can mention my name or his cos i really don’t know who is writing this thing i am writing.Any way i was not allowed to tell any one till i have seen the result and important he told me i needed some materials for the spell casting.Most people tend to thinking his asking you to pay for the spell but not you have the choice to buy these materials and send them to him or you can ask that he get them for you if you can get the materials or the cost of buy and ship them to him is to much.In my case i gave him money to get the materials cos it was way less expansive.I guess he made some kind of harmless powdery substance with those materials and sent them over to me.He asked that i follow this instructions on how to make the spell active which i did.I must warn you it take at least two day to be effective cos it was after two days the man that never talks to me knocked at my door asking if i would like to watch movies with him at his place form there we kicked off.We have been together for 4 months now and still counting he is a really nice man i can am the luckiest woman in the world.I mean this only means that what MUTTON did is working and it changed both our life for good.I will also leave his mail here you contact purpose >> [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    This is my testimony, after much searching and frustration after wasting time on other so called spell caster, I spent thousands of dollars with no results. but only Mr Robinson could bring my lover back permanently.
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  • Franki

    I have put myself out there, I feel. I have put myself out there a lot. All I’ve received is rejection and pain and men telling me that they don’t see a future with me. Love exists — just not for everyone. I am old. I am 30. I have had more than a fair share of heartbreak, I think. I think it’s fair for me to give up on love.


    I say love is important but only if you want to love someone if you truly that certain someone if youre honest with yourself and feel sure you love him/her if he/she feel the same way about you and if youre willing to love only her then it should be okay if you spend time together and not neglecting the one you love and he/she not neglecting you either and about cheating many do it because some would not be honest with themselves along with feeling unsatisfied bored for example or lonely if
    husband or wife wouldnt be with her/him true love can exist if you believe in that your relationship can work take things slow sometimes not rush everything be faithful to one he/she loves if cant be faitful then its meaningless to enter marriage if you do not feel ready and willing to only love the one you chosed to marry maybe the whole thing about saving the sex until after getting married be about patience and be feeling sure that they love eachother patience would been needed to make marriage work i think so about love nothing is wrong if even 18 year-old brother and 21 year-old sister loving eachother or if 20 year-old female cousin and 23 year-old male cousin loving eachother and feeling very much sure about it that they truly love eachother and not take eachothers love for granted by cheating if it happens it would seem one didnt believe enough in the love between him and his cousin love is love nothing is wrong if not cheating not having beastiality and even woman not having sex with many men at 1 time
    those things shouldnt be done by someone wanting to share life someone he/she could love and its not anyones right to decide if something is right or wrong for cousins or brother and sister for example even 2 sister its nothing wrong if they truly love eachother then it shouldnt bother any of you you should be more concerned about if youre faitful or not and if you want to be free from the chains illuminati put on you with help of alcohol, goverment, the media, morals and ethics
    i hope you do try to break free try to be faithful to not take love for granted thats all bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

  • lynn

    you have to love yourself before anyone else can. stay true to what you believe and honor your truths

  • RobPSP

    There are so many levels of love and relationships…. it’s not about “longing for love” for myself but desiring to be loved…..Robert

  • redsiren

    I have become numb to love after showing caring and affection for a person who only wants sex from me. How can some peo not need to feel love. I thought sex bonded peo tog…especially when they know each other for yrs

  • Lisa Alan

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  • Bill

    I am a 59 yer old male. I have a fun job, 2 little dogs that I love and they love me but my girlfriend of 7 years has been ill and our relationship has gone down the drain, so to speak. We don’t really have anything in common any more. I care about her a lot and I love her but I am not in love with her any more. We have been living as roommates now for about 3 years. We both have interests in the home and I’m not moving and I can’t ask her to move. I don’t know what to do. I can’t just keep going on like this. I want a real relationship with love, respect, fun and happiness.

  • Lishui Springford

    An important thing that someone told me when I was very young was that I would never find a friend. In the whole world, there was not a single friend out there for me.
    You have to MAKE them.
    It’s the same with love. You’ll never find it. It’s not “out there.”
    Save a lot of heartache and a lot of time …MAKE love. :)

  • golden

    Who wants a used heart or body love should be clean untouched loyal trusting and honest but it’s not love your self fuck some sluts and have one night stands vasectomy for all

  • Share

    I let it slip away. Now I wonder if it’ll ever happen again.

  • Shadow2000

    I had love, true love, real love. But it ended. Some will tell me it was not, and they are full of crap, it was real love believe me and its over now, the world has it’s ways with any kind of love, to make it break.

    She was my only and one true love, my soul mate, my best friend. for 14 years. I am almost 33 now and I AM giving up on love, it would never be the same anyways. It wold be different, and not different good like some say, it would be a sad second best. It would just be empty. It is over. My life at this point will be pointless and aimless. Since I do not enjoy life in any other ways anyways. Love was the one thing I had found that brought me happiness ever.

    It’s not only about fear of pain, it’s also because sometimes you lose your one true love. Then it is over. Give up on love, it can’t end well.

  • dendi

    Omg i understand now thanks you :)

  • astronaut90

    ive sworn to cut off true love forever. for there is no one that deserves my love. women are liars, manipulative and bitches.

  • North Star

    One can only feel love when they know how to love and care for others! Brilliant principles here.

  • rag

    nothing like True Love
    they all will use you and than throw u out of their life totally merciless

  • LOVE

    this is for 18+remenber love make you and destroy…..for 18- stop listen to bull shit and enjoy life to MAX and then come back…i think none of you knows what realy LOVE means……alot bull shit…

  • LOVE

    to be continu…….

  • aeryana

    Electrifying thread, yes? Thanks Mastin, you have a piece of a provocateur in your tone.. and that is good for waking people up. Those who are currently suffering but commenting on this thread are listening, and thinking, and that is an important shift. This topic of love and relationship as an arena for exercising our spiritual evolution is one that has my attention-since I can remember. For now, for the teenagers and the non teenagers feeling the strain of marred intimacy… I do believe your pain is a ‘choice point’ to choose differently, to question instead of blame… to open, instead of close… and perhaps, if you are brave.. read this provocateur’s insights: (thanks Osho ;)

  • Rumoer

    And if all that what you write, plus lots of therapy, flirt courses, social networking courses, a great life, great friends, personality and looks, all that, doesn’t help either? What if you find yourself with over 20 years since the last time you were told “I love you” by a woman that is a non family member or friend? What then? Well? I guess you don’t have an answer to that. Because you have only scratched the surface of the matter.

    Giving up on love, I mean, REALLY giving up on love, after years of deliberating, rationally, not in an emotional spur of the moment, is a tough decision that needs strength, balls, and hurts like hell. But it can save people from much more hurt. Your “advice” feels to them almost like an insult. Because you simplify and think that your experiences goes for other people too. Well, they don’t.

    The people who are complaining the hardest about lack of love in their life are often single for only a few months, maybe three of four years tops. They will find love. You know it. And they always do. But this group of people who do NOT find love, even if noone can explain why exactly, and everybody wonders why, is mostly silent. Not being able to find love as a perfectly normal person, is a taboo, because loneliness is hard to talk about.

    Love is great, but some people just don’t get it. That’s fate, like so many other things in life are decided by fate. Don’t try to “help” them this way. I have WAY much more experience than you.

    When people are saying “I give up on love”, that’s often just because they have been hurt recently. It will pass, just take them out and get drunk and.or laid. ;) When people are saying “I give up on love” because they have been thinking about it for months or years, weighed the pros and cons, fully knowing they are just protecting themselves, because they fear more hurt: just take them seriously, listen, support or comfort if needed, and don’t EVER say “oh no, you will find love, I am sure”. Those people have a reason to say that, much deeper and well thought through than you will ever know.

    PS I am not a native speaker so don’t flame me on my Engrish.;)

  • ashley0825

    I have an experience where I was very open and my partner of 1.5 years was not. He was physically abused as a child by his father and his outlook on life, love and family was not positive. He became a father at 17, worked many different jobs and his relationship with the mother of his child was one of mistrust, infidelity and negativity. He then made the tough decision to move on and leave his son with his mother. He opened his heart to a new woman but she cheated on him with his own brother. He hardened his heart. This was his defense mechanism and it protected him. You can say it probably saved his life as the pain and hurt from the betrayal caused him to believe it would be better to end his life. But he didn’t and he decided to move on for his son, but it came with a price. He met me and I am naturally a loving, caring person and when I fall, I fall hard. I’ve been hurt in the past as well and my last relationship nearly cost me my life, but I got out of it and decided to give it another try. When I met my partner, instantly we connected and realized we were very much alike. But he was still hurt and broken and warned me he was damaged goods. I didn’t care, I would show him love and hopefully in time he would heal and begin to see that it was possible to love and feel love. We went through our ups and downs in the past 1.5 years – and I realized that I didn’t trust him. I just “felt” he was holding back, that he had a wall built up around his heart. I understood why but was frustrated as to why he just couldn’t let it down for me. And that’s when I realized that I was being selfish – but so was he, he was just acting as best he could, given his past. So one night he didn’t come home (we lived together) and I was worried as he was not answering his phone. To be honest, I though he might be cheating since I didn’t trust him, but I began to panic when none of his friends had heard from him. So, I called all the hospitals in the area, drove around to his usual hangouts, as he did like to drink, but couldn’t find him. I decided to not worry anymore after talking with a good friend of his who assured me he would be ok – he has done this before and turned out ok. I fell asleep at around 1230am as I had to work the next day, but woke around 4:30am and checked my phone right away. I saw a message from my partner at 1:30am saying that he was ok, had a few beers and he was so sorry. I was livid! I tried to contact him that morning but no answer (he was probably passed out drunk at a friend’s house). I got a voice message on my cell when I was at work and it was a recording of my partner and his friend driving in a car and my partner saying something about a girl named Lisa. His friend then said that my partner better not let Lisa fall in love with him. I was furious. I called my partner, finally he answered and I let him have it and that I knew he had been cheating. He insisted he had just talked with her and that he actually went to a strip club that a friend of his was a bartender at and he just happened to strike up a conversation with one of the girls there. Throughout the day I expressed my anger to him – called him every name in the book, went on and on insulting him and putting him down to show my disappointment. Not once did I cry – just rage. I threatened to stab him if I saw him so I warned him to stay away from me – not that I thought I could be even capable of doing something like that – but I couldn’t trust myself in that state of mind. I insisted he pack his things and leave before I got home; it was an anger I had never felt before. But he and I eventually began talking – he opened up and he apologized, promised on his son’s life that he did not cheat, that he only talked to this other woman but he didn’t realize how much he had hurt me. He cried and he said he deserved the punishment. But it took himself to realize what he really wanted in his life – to see that he could trust me and that I would not hurt him. We talked for hours and hours, over a couple of days and he opened up, I opened up and he and I were finally full of joy. He was so full of happiness that he said he had never felt that way before. He saw things in a different perspective now – everything looked different, that he was ready. And that was because he let his guard down for the first time in his life. That is love. That is what it feels like to feel love and the feeling of wanting and trusting to give yourself freely to someone else. He is so happy to feel that now and we both want to spend the rest of our lives together, showing each other how much we love and appreciate life itself. But you have to be ready for it. And sometimes it takes pain and suffering and hurt and bad experiences, but there is hope – there is a light after that. You just need to be willing to take a risk and accept anything that happens.

  • Jolee Sabrina Delgado

    I agree with you 100 percent and have been hurt many times, we were
    created to love and give love. Yes there is always a risk but to me it
    is a risk worth taking. Right now my heart is aching but I know I still
    long to love and be loved and will not give up on it ever happening. I
    understand those who feel this is a bunch of crap because I have been
    there too, but it also is a lonely place to be. I would rather venture
    out again into rough waters to find the treasure that is waiting for me.

  • cannon shelly

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  • emily

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