Don’t Let The Astrological Stars Determine Your Future. Here’s How!

Drew ParalesDo you or someone you know absolutely LOVE reading what’s in the stars for the future? Do you like getting confirmation of your values and belief systems by studies like zodiac signs, numerology, tarot, etc? Though these are AWESOME studies, I think that WE have the ability to shape our future and improve on who we are, and not just rely on these alone to map out our lives. What do you think?

I was working with a client last week, and we were discussing some of the “blocks” in her life. She mentioned to me that because of her astrological sign, and where her North and South “nodes” were located on her chart, is the way she is, and that it was in her “blueprint.” I found myself discussing with her, how WE should be able to shape our destinies, and how I once gave a little more attention to what MY sign is and its traits. So:

I’m a Taurus. According to the astrological Taurean charts, I’m loyal, dedicated, patient, passionate, Loving, determined, and earthy. It says I’m also bull-headed, stubborn, brooding, selfish, materialistic, resistant to change, and should be a lawyer, accountant, chef, politician, singer, or biologist. (Really, do any of those sound like me? Well chef maybe. I’m SUCH a foodie.Β  πŸ˜‰

There was a time, many years ago, where I oddly thought, “Hey, this is what I am; I guess I should act accordingly, right?” I was a Taurus bound to Taurus traits – and boy let me tell you- I LOVED that!

I enjoyed behaving in certain ways and acting like I had an excuse because I’m a Taurus!

But years ago, I started to realize that I had NO interest in wanting ANYTHING to do with money (except to have LOTS of it), nor did I want to spend any time in a court room debating and litigating on a case. Let’s leave that to the true professionals who really have a passion for that! I also disliked the way I was behaving because honestly, it was getting me NOWHERE. It also gave me an excuse to stay sad for long periods of time because “that is what a Taurus does. Brood.”

So just because it’s written in the stars does not mean we have to follow these determined traits. But do we use these “blueprints” determined by years of astrological scholars to determine our futures, or to give us excuses for our bad behavior?

Are some of you using the horoscopes for things like “Well I’m a Scorpio; I have a passionate temper tantrum now and then, so deal with it!” Or who does this: But it’s in my ‘chart’, I can’t help it!”

I personally feel that it is a bulls*** excuse for people to treat others poorly, act inappropriately or not go after your dreams and follow your heart just because you were born on a certain day or in a certain year with the planets lined up the way they were.

Where does behaving like your assigned traits get you? Does it make you happy? Does it help fulfill your dreams, wishes, and desires? Are you exactly where you want to be or successful as you want to be according to your numerology or sun sign? Are you living the dreams of your sign as written or do you even want to? This is what got me thinking.

Do you feel like you have the tendency to do this? Sort of lean into the new age books, readings, and “blueprints” to help guide your way?

What about this: if these studies didn’t exist, what would be calling you? What would be your purpose or passion that you would do anything for? Have you found out how much of YOUR dreams you may be leaving behind because you have relied a little too much on the stars? Is your purpose in life really because of the alignment of the planets and stars say you were born?

(I know, I know. LOTS of questions! πŸ™‚ But this is a such a complex topic. Let’s keep going, I promise I have a point to share!)

For me, there is not much in my charts that say anything about being a writer, a group leader or a Personal Growth Mentor. There are, however, a few mentions about being a teacher but not so much about the LOVE I have for working with people with disabilities or coaching individuals to help them break through fear, take action, and witness them being SUPER successful.

I am not saying, even in the slightest, that these charts are not true. Au contraire! But should you really be listening to what type of relationship you should have, what type of business you should be in, or what negative traits you should have simply because that’s what the charts say?

NO CHART, SITUATION, NUMBER, ZODIAC SIGN OR PERSON CAN DEFINE WHO YOU ARE (or what your heart wants) BETTER THAN YOU! You are not bound to the qualities, traits and past pain in your life to determine what your future will hold!

My point is that even though there is a lot to Astrology, Numerology, Pendulums, Tarot etc, and even the past traumatic events in our lives that have possibly shaped our behavioral patterns of what we do today. They do not have to be the blueprint upon which we make our decisions, how we measure success, or how we should treat people.

The footprints you leave in the world and in the hearts of others should be measured by how much you Loved, how much you gave, and your passion for living out your dreams. You will be remembered by how well you treated others. Not by your sun sign, Chinese sign, or Number in life…

When you leave your destiny in the hands of pre-determined setting/charts, or in the past events that have hurt you, you have partially given up the power and control over the great and AMAZING and successful choices and actions you were meant to make in this life. You leave out all the gravity defying challenges you are meant to face to make incredible life changes!

Health, abundance, Love, purpose and success are given when you gracefully (and with effort) choose to walk the path YOU have chosen and where your heart leads you to. That is where true soul decisions are made.

Studies like Astrology are true, and such amazing studies look into how our personalities could be the way they are, but for me, they are only gauges of why. But they don’t show you where and they will not open up the doors to your future! That my friend is YOUR job, and only you will get to bask in the rewards of your effort and Love!

If you believe in the charts, what is your sign and how much of it REALLY is a match of who you really are? Where in your life have you left too much of your life and future up to the predetermined studies and past events? How much courage do you have to truly map out your path to success? Let me know in the comments!

With GREAT Love,



Andrew β€œDrew” Parales is a vocational rehab educator for students with disabilities in transition & employment, a school site program & events coordinator/trainer. He is also the creator and personal growth mentor of β€œi LOVE Liberation” Connect with Drew at:

Facebook: ILOVEliberation

Twitter: @iLOVEliberation

  • Sandy

    Drew, what an interesting topic. Thank you for sharing. I’d like to share my view as well. Sometimes we look for excuses or reasons why we are unhappy with our lives. Instead of going within we use labels. For example sake only; I’m a Leo, Italian, short, handicap, or abused, to justify why or where we are. In reality what these labels do is hold us back from living a magnificent life. I heard a story about parents who were told their child was autistic, but they heard artistic. The child was treated as though she possessed a gift not a hindrance. The ego wants us mediocre, grandiose is too scary, so these labels come in handy as another way to keep us small. I don’t know enough about numerology, astrology, etc. to say they aren’t accurate or don’t work. What I am saying is that maybe if we all knew we have choice, we can inquire within & pull out the lies (Byron katie), and we can all be/live our truth which is Love, than we would have no need for outer justifications. Peace!

    • WONDERFULLY expressed Sandy! Beautiful… What is so great about the TDL community here are the distinct and original voices of you all! I love how you say, these labels come in handy as another way to keep us small… LOVE THIS!! Thank you… Its true, ALL choice… all what we believe. Love is the truest and strongest of all emotions and powers within us. I want more for other than to be limited by a “trait”. πŸ™‚ It is part us, but not the sum total or the future of us! Thank you SO much!!
      Big Love, Drew

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for your thoughts, Sandy! -TDL Team

  • I have always wondered how it would worked the relationship between our inner power and our signs, I believe in the signs just acting as personalities and maybe a nudge to a certain direction, but it’s up to us to choose between the options and use those qualities to our advantage and go with it or just resist them. I am not sure if I agree with you on not accepting the qualities that our signs give us, I believe they are directions from the universe, but at the same time I do believe that if our soul is evolving those qualities good or bad are there to be accepted or not. So we can either take them and use them to go forward or use them as realizing what we want to break free from. Either way there are there for a reason, clues if you will, to make us be aware of ourselves, our bad energies and good energies…

    Still a bit of a challenge for me, but I have learned that as long as we accept those traits, we can work with them or stay away from them. If we are stubborn, maybe it’s because we are suppose to learn something by it in this life time, if we are “suppose to work in finance” means that we can use it on a direction we want not what is interpreted by the mind…


    • Hello Danubelle!
      Thank you so much for writing in! I want to say that I agree with you 100%! That is exactly what I was tying to convey in this piece when I wrote it. That, like you say, “they are directions from the Universe”… ABSOLUTELY. They may be traits given to us or things we read about our character… So when I was discussing this with my client, she felt somewhat “bound” only to these qualities, and felt limited in what she could accomplish. And it was that limiting belief, no matter the reason is, stars, traumatic experiences, etc.. that we could and can reach further! You have added SO WELL to the article in that we CAN work with him or stay away. We could even learn from them… All depends on how we interpret, and what we choose to carry out. Well said! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the great great feedback!
      More Love, Drew

    • The Daily Love

      We’re glad you took something from Drew’s piece! Wishing you all the best, Danubelle! -TDL Team

  • Auusie

    Drew, congratulations for writing this article as I’ve met so many people who categorize themselves or others because of this. Yes I believe in them as a sort of “baseline” for I am a Scorpio:) yet we can evolve to whoever we wish & want to be. Amazing I have no sting in my tail for I worked on that to find the “antidote”. Thank you for confirming what I have always believed. Thank you says this man from “Down Under”.

    • Hello Aussie!
      Why thank you! What great insight you already have and so true they are a baseline, but not the potential of who we can be! If we categorize, we label. Though its parts of us, it shouldn’t limit us! Nothing should, ESP if we desire and believe that we deserve more…. Thank you again so much, to the man “Down Under” πŸ™‚

      Lots of Love, Drew

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for you wonderful comment! -TDL Team

  • Ma Nithya Sarvasmarana

    This is a great post! It is true we are the Master of our reality. Astrology is only a roadmap of what is possible but it is up to us to determine our destiny.
    Thanks for posting!

    • AH! Another really good analogy…. A “roadmap” well done! The possibilities are endless and our destinies are bright! Thank you so Ma Nithya!
      Big Love, Drew

    • The Daily Love

      And thank you for reading! -TDL Team

  • Staci H

    I needed to hear this today! Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Staci!
      Youre so welcome! Im glad that it helped… πŸ™‚
      Love, Drew

    • The Daily Love

      Thank your for reading, Staci! -TDL Team

  • Teresa

    Nothing determines who we are unless we let it. We are not our childhood, our past, our current circumstances, the voice in our head or our sign. These do have an affect but we do not have to let them define us. I am a Libra. I love my sign. I to tend to be very much so like it reads but it doesn’t define me by any means. I also know that I have NEVER had a good experience with a Scorpio at all. I have tried over and over to be open minded and get to know the person. It has always turned out really bad… I have come to accept that my personality and the Scorpios personality just do not mesh… I do not think badly of these people… I do not blame them and there isn’t right or wrong either… I think it is what it is… I was really surprised the last time it happened because I thought it was only a coincidence but it was my fourth Scorpio experience so I raise the white flag… We all have a place on this Earth to live and to treat each other with respect but it is best, it seems, in my case, to exist away from Scorpios. I love your article and I agree with what you have to say. I do see people having qualities that their sign says they are going to have though. I mean people who do not even know what their sign means… I read mine every once in awhile just to giggle and I am curious. I do not follow it or even necessarily believe it. It is amusing to me. Thanks for writing. Have an amazing afternoon!

    • Hi Teresa!
      Very well thought out and said! The study of Astrology can be interpreted in so many ways by those who read and it will vary what they take away from it! Being a Taurus, I DO have many of the traits. I also see many of traits in others as well too. But I really feel I am not bound and limited by them! Your share and out and comment make me laugh in that I also giggle and when I read some of the stuff! It can be entertaining, but like everything else, depends on what you take away from it. I just want people to expand and live their dreams! Hope you had an amazing Day Teresa!
      Great Love, Drew

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing with us, Teresa! -TDL Team

  • Tip

    Thank you sooo much! i needed this. My bf & I by astrology & numerology standards do not match anywhere but somehow despite this mismatch we are extremely drawn to each other. It has been challenging but rewarding. I grow so much from our connection. We mutually felt a deep bond from the door but again we’re not compatible. Over time we get better & better & both want to continue to want to work on our love. I have almost been feeling doomed on the other hand b/c of everything I’ve read about us not being compatible. I feel like its set my mind up for failure which sucks b/c I’m a firm believer in your thoughts shape your reality. I feel like now that I have these thoughts that we are not compatible in my mind I sabotage it. I hate that b/c I love what we have & how we grow as imperfect and mismatched as we are. I’ve always been big on astrology & numerology. Event hough I’ve never felt me sun sign relates to me, I can read ppl like a book & they are always astonished. My numerology is always on point. I noticed that every man I’ve ever dated that has had a lasting impact has been a 9 & I’m a 7… so we are not supposed to be good for one another yet this number I repeatedly attract over & over.. and not just a simple attraction. Its always the strongest pull ever. My current bf is a 9 & we have recurring numbers 789 over & over, Its so weird but somehow we’re not compatible. Lately, I just wish I could forget everything I’ve read to have a clean slate so that I won’t hold in the back of my head we’re not meant. Sigh…Thank you for this article. I needed it. Sorry if I was all over the place.

  • Charlotte

    Thanks for this! I am an Aries, and my bf is a Taurus. Now, when I was bored and kind of into learning my Astrology i would look into a site and have become interested in learning about my compatibility with a Taurus, while some said that we do not match, which notched me down. Some say that we do but it will not last for a few months. COMPLETELY UNTRUE! We match so perfectly it’s unreal, we connect on a real level. Some may say we are too young to know love but I know love when I see it, young or not. We have been together for nearly a year! and although sometimes we have our downs, we are completely as one. Ummmm, I’m a teen, a very anointed and centered teen. So of course I would be expected to believe what I see online but I dont. While astrology about my star sign is somewhat right, it’s false. I feel like a mix between an aries and taurus because I am more of a person who wants to be alone and not a very happy and energetic, quick to the point person. So I’ve stopped believing in astrology altogether especially after some said that Aries and Taurus will never see eye to eye (Cracks me up just thinking about that, boy are they wrong) I have come to the conclusion that Astrology cannot and will not come in and decide who I am matched with. I don’t care about that, although it’s kind of true about the whole Aries and Cancer’s do not mix that well, but can work with a sense of understanding and patience.

    • Marthann Hirsch Howes

      One really needs ALL aspects of a natal chart. NOT just the sun sign.

  • Marthann Hirsch Howes

    I think astrology can be used as a guide. I had my chart done and noticed some things that I had been holding onto emotionally showed up on my chart. It was not until I read a portion of the chart that gave me clarity, and I was able to address this issue and it helped me move on. Also, there are things about me that I know NO ONE knows and I have kept secret, and when I read my chart there was reference to this hidden portion, I found it shockingly precise. Someone said that everyone has all of every ‘sign’ in the zodiac. I decided to test it…and just put in a random date/time/place of birth…and ordered it. There were only two paragraphs in the 60 page natal chart that “maybe” was like me. My personal natal chart was just the opposite. 80 pages and four paragraphs did not connect with me at all. I just find it interesting.