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Drop judgment & pick up LOVE!

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If we have no self-Love – we have no Love at all.

We must Love ourselves – and part of Loving ourselves is to realize that the myth of separation isn’t true and that we are all one Soul inhabiting many bodies. Therefore, part of Loving ourselves is also Loving others. It’s a two way street.

To Love others, we must Love ourselves – to Love ourselves we must Love others. It’s a balance. Too much self-Love and we get narcissism; too much Loving others and we get co-dependency. And there is the game of Love and life.

The first way we can start to Love ourselves and others is to stop judging ourselves.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s SIMPLE, but simple things are not always easy – that is for sure. So, how do we stop judging ourselves? We accept ourselves right where we are. You can think of this post as an extension or follow up to yesterday’s post because in this post we are stepping into action.

Name 5-10 things you don’t like about yourself. Your age, your weight, your attitude, your past, your bank account, your family, your thoughts – whatever they are – just list them out. Good. Got it? If you’re like me and most people, making this list should be pretty easy. We can sometimes be experts at what we don’t like about ourselves.

So, look at that list.

Now – say out loud: “I accept _____ about myself.” Whatever is on the list. Go down the list until you are done.

“I accept that I don’t like my weight”. “I accept that I don’t like my age.”  “I accept that I don’t like the size of my bank account.” Etc.

Now, what’s cool about this is that we are no longer BSing ourselves. If there are things we don’t like about ourselves, the first thing we get to do is tell ourselves the truth about how we feel.

Now – ask yourself the following questions: “Do I want to use the frustration I feel to create healthy or unhealthy habits?” “Do I want to use this as fuel for growth or fuel for more of what I don’t want?”

And then repeat after me: “Even though I _______, I completely Love and accept myself”. Fill in the blank.

Do this for a week and let me know how it goes. When we acknowledge ourselves in this way, we start telling the truth, we let it out and we STILL Love ourselves because of it. Doing this will allow us to Love ourselves and others more. Try it.

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