Drop The Ego And Accept Love!

JoeyParker 051112What is my purpose in life?

Who am I?

These questions are the ones I have pondered many times as I have trekked through my journey, and I am sure many of you have asked the exact same thing.

Each and every one of us are destined for big things and have been chosen to pursue this life on earth. It’s a gift, a magical experience that often gets clouded by our negative mindsets. Often our “ego” blocks the love that we all deserve to radiate.

When the ego takes over we automatically separate ourselves from love. The ego is that voice within that tries to add the darkness into your life. It’s that beast we all try and not wake up… but for many it’s too late. We begin to trick ourselves into thinking, “I am not good enough,” and on and on with those toxic phrases we all have thought about.

Let go of these negative thoughts and understand that everything will be okay. Stop stressing and start believing. I saw Russell Simmons tweet a quote a while back that still has stuck with me… it read as, “Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.”

Life can throw MAJOR curve balls as we wander day by day through our journeys, leaving us feeling empty, depressed and just downright lost, but it’s so important we bounce back from these moments. It’s an opportunity for us to rise again, higher, better, and stronger.

The more we dwell on the bad that has unfolded, the more stress we will attract into our lives. This stress will keep building, and building, and eventually literally make us sick. Instead, thank these moments for occurring. Accept what has happened and begin to move forward. Yes, sounds crazy but I am so serious! When we come from a place of gratitude we will see an overall shift within ourselves. The world will be seen through a brighter lens.

Trust me, I hate these moments when we feel kicked to the curb, emotionally drained, and lost in the madness that life can be, but these are the moments we must force ourselves to shift our minds away from these toxic thoughts. You could go on and on dwelling on how bad life is or you could take a step to begin to improve on the present moment.

These negative moments often unlock an inner experience within us that helps build us to be the people we are today. Growing up I was filled with anxiety on what my future would be. I was the kid with BIG dreams, and after revealing them, I would be shut down by those around me. People loved to belittle what seemed impossible, but as I got older I decided to trust these crazy ideas.

In life it’s so important we trust our inner voice. This inner calling is a guidance tool towards our true purpose. Not everyone will agree with your dreams and goals and that’s okay. In life it’s impossible to please everybody, but you must always focus on your happiness.

You matter.

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Joey Parker is editor-in-chief of The Joey Parker Movement and contributing writer for MTV Act. He is passionate about ending human trafficking & creating a brighter future.

  • Jnah2000

    Thank you so much! I really need to hear this at this very moment.

  • B_layllaa

    *hug* Everyone has a place and a dream. Live yours and creat new ones… Prosper!

  • Very well said! Bravo for having the courage to follow those “crazy” dreams. Your soul thanks you.

  • Malkey

    Thanks. Good article to wake up to.

  • Rorobtrfly

    This is just what I needed. My fears n my head are blocking my growth…..I’m not giving up on life so not the end right? It will be ok n I’m in the middle of listening to that voice for my future

  • Ashley

    Lovely post 🙂 You are standing in front of the place I work 🙂

  • ego

    Question?  As grateful as I am for all I have, a loving husband, 3 grown and accomplished children, one grandbaby whom I adore, everyone is working and doing ok….so why am I miserable?  Sometimes seems like I”m always looking for the negative in a friend or situation, dont’ feel like I come from love, although I do love my family, friends and life!

    • Carolina

      I know I’m not Joey, but I saw your post and felt inclined to try to help. My first question would be, how do you feel about yourself? What we see as our reality is a mere reflection of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. I honestly believe everything springs from self-love. My mentor told me to look to do what he calls “mirror work.” Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself “I love you.” It may not be easy at first, but fake it until you make it! I promise after 30 days of investing in just that one thing, you will feel transformed – I did. Also, spiritually, do you feel connected? As Mastin said it best on Super Soul Sunday, God is Love. Let go and open your heart to allow Love to flow in and with that, nothing but Love in thoughts, words and actions will come out – or at least most of the time! Also, you must learn to live in the NOW. The only moment that is ever guaranteed is the moment you have now and learning to live in the present will enable you to get rid of all the chatter in your mind and focus on how beautiful life is. The Power of Now and The Power of Your Subconscious mind are two books I would recommend to you as well.  🙂 Carolina TrueBeautyProgram.com

  • rose

    this is what I need to hear again..and keep on “fighting”.

  • Pattimoe

    Oh Joey! You are wise beyond your years! I found out just recently how our brains trick us into playing “small” and even though I KNOW this, I still get sucked in once in a while. A body problem turned into a major life crisis and I just stood by and let it happen to me! I thought I had such inner strength and God on my side, yet it completely took over. Now in hind sight, I see that I should have listened to my inner voice, but let the body rule. I am 2 yrs past that dreadful time and I thank God everyday that I pulled thru!
    Keep on living your dreams and knowing what’s right for you. You’ve GOT IT baby!
    Love & Peace,
    Patti from Indy

  • Shanna

    That was WONDERFUL!

  • I’m having one of those awful days. I’ve been working very hard this year, and I’m getting drained, and today, I was severely triggered.

    “Not everyone will agree with your dreams and goals and that’s okay. In life it’s impossible to please everybody, but you must always focus on your happiness.” These words really helped me. I feel like people sometimes don’t respect some of my dreams and try to tell me they aren’t healthy. However, I’m extremely connected to my inner voice, and I know what is right for me. It’s hard always fighting against what other people want and don’t want for me, and I do it, but sometimes, I just end up drained and weak like this. For now, I have to ride the wave of depression, but hopefully, I’ll be ready to get back up soon to fight for the things I know are right for me.

  • so great Joey