Embracing The Ache Of Loneliness

This blog is dedicated to the lonely. Even the lonely who have partners.

Have you ever felt really lonely?


I mean that kind of loneliness where you lie awake at night and your chest pulses with soft ache and your heart slowly burns as some persistent thought insists you’re destined to go through this lifetime alone, that you’re never going to find The One – or even anyone – in whose loving arms you’ll finally experience … Home?

One late autumn many years ago, I was canoeing in the Canadian North Woods when I heard a faraway loon’s evocative cry float despondent across the still, dark surface of a vast lake. The haunting sound of its longing sank into me like winter sadness. I’ve never forgotten it.

It’s the sound my heart whispers out through my chest when I feel my aloneness severe.

Have you ever experienced this kind of loneliness?

You might have experienced it lying next to someone. Maybe even your husband or wife. That kind of loneliness can be torture. To be so close to a Bliss that refuses to let you in.


We’ve all felt such deep loneliness, regardless how or to what degree. It’s a byproduct of the human experience called “separate.” I’ve felt it plenty. Both alone and in bed with my partner. I felt it last night, alone. It visits me for various reasons.

For years I’ve distracted myself from facing whatever that ache really is by pursuing unhealthy relationships, engaging in empty flings and empty promises, desperate online dating, medicinal masturbation and eating sugar … lots and lots of sugar. I’ve made girlfriends responsible for fixing it once and for all. As mere mortals who don’t have such powers, I would blame them when it showed up again. I’ve also drowned myself with work, arrogance, porn, denial, even spiritual seeking; all so that I would have neither time nor energy to acknowledge its gnawing presence.

Since last summer, though, I’ve been cutting out most of that behavior (except a lot of that sugar). As I discover ever more what it means to honor my life as a masculine Man, I realize I must turn into and face this loneliness that stalks me like death, and that I can trace back to my earliest memories. Not to conquer it, but to embrace it and explore whatever wisdom must lie beneath its menacing mask.


So I have decided to get intimate with it, to invite it in and ask it questions.

I want to know it.

Not every day all the time – for I far more enjoy being my enthusiastic playful self. But when it clearly wants to come in, I allow it.

“If you want to get rid of something, you must first allow it to flourish.” ~ Byron Katie 

When it shows up, as it did last night, I breathe with it. I ask what it believes. This is what it tells me: “I’m unlovable. Not good enough. Unworthy. Forever separate from everyone else, from Life, itself. Therefore no one will ever truly touch or know my true heart. I’m destined to be alone for all my days, and there’s nothing to do about it.”


Intellectually, I know it’s insane, this reclusive pain. Though it might be right about the last part. I might be destined to live out my days alone. How can I know?

Anyway, I just breathe with it. I give my chest freely to this ache and let it weep without trying to make it go away. I even agree with it, thinking silently, “Ok, fine, so this is basically how it’s always going to be. Me, alone in bed at night and through my days. Forever. So be it.”

And I let it cry.

I watch this passing weather. I breathe. (Tweet-worthy!)

Within a short time, a few minutes, it dissipates like a dark storm cloud that has shed all its rain. The sun may not immediately return, but the ache settles and I feel my body whole again.

I notice I’m cozy in my warm bed, deeply grateful for the life I got to live today. I think of all the amazing friends I have and the brilliant, beautiful women I’ve been fortunate to know and experience love with in this lifetime.

At this point, even though I’m alone, my hope will often flicker as the sweet-tasting thought quickly returns that there must be a good woman on this planet right now dreaming up someone just like me. Even through my doubting, I can feel her presence. And when she shows up, I think to myself, this ache will surely never return. Of course, I know better now, so I remind myself that it probably WILL return in a moment of sudden disconnect and fear. Such moments happen. In partnership and without.

Hopefully, facing and embracing this loneliness now will help me breathe into it then and not make it anyone’s fault. After all, it’s just weather passing. Insane weather, perhaps. Still just weather.

Then, as I lay thoughtful and alone in my bed, my awareness quickly fading, I turn excitedly towards my nighttime Dream-Team, curious to experience whatever epic adventures they’ve prepared for me this night. They never let me down.

And I sleep.






A former Captain in the US Air Force, Bryan Reeves is a life breakthrough coach and transformational projects entrepreneur who’s worked alongside world-renowned luminaries such as the Dalai Lama’s Oracle of Tibet, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and many more. Discover Bryan at ManagingTheMagic.com and on Twitter (@bryishere).

  • Lisa

    I know that exact feeling of loneliness you’re describing here. It is extremely painful, yet manageable, once you accept its presence and just let it go. I take it as a hint that I am not aligned with my inner core. I am isolated from myself for whatever reason I then have the opportunity to explore.

    • The Daily Love

      That’s some great introspection, Lisa!! Thank you for reading and for sharing!
      -Team TDL

  • rk

    This is how I feel today; reading this helped so much. Thank you.

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for reading, rk. We’re glad to know that you found comfort!
      -Team TDL

  • David Negaard


    I’m just this kind of lonely most of the time. What makes the ache MORE acute for me is the powerful longing I have for true companionship and the awareness (recent) that I am ABSOLUTELY a worthy companion AND worthy of companionship. So I try to “fix” me (the things I think stand between me and my desire) and it doesn’t do what I want it to do.

    So I breathe it in, accept it as how I feel WHENEVER I feel it, knowing that “this, too, shall pass.”

    • delina dimova


  • TVJackieM

    IMHO there are two options based on my own experience and observation of others in this situation: (1) Tantric consort (more available to straight men though than straight women) to carry you through until you find your next relationship (functions beyond a mere sex surrogate), (2) bring this into a family constellation before the next relationship (may be many relational themes to bring into order), and (3) a matchmaker who scouts prospects much like an executive recruiter. I also throw in NLP sessions specific to relationships to address beliefs incoherent with a love wish. However, there are no guarantees, because I’ve been doing option 3 for almost a year and while there has been progress its still a work in progress. Although I did come to the conclusion that I no longer want a partner since I can’t have kids, whatever blocks were in the way of a love wish when it was my wish are still worth clearing. This is because a blockage in one area of life often spills into another.

  • Hayden Baca

    This I love! For a moment I forgot I was reading someone else’s view and thought I was thinking out loud. My life has always gone from one person to the next. Never time for me in-between. Currently I sit trying to understand my pain due to messing up another relationship. The thoughts I put around this idea I have of “maybe I’m just not meant to be in a relationship” are insane! In this loneliness though there is this feeling that has started to creep in from the corner of my apartment. This feeling of looking inward for love, before I am able to look outward. Thank you for your posts. Even in all the pain I am working through you have interested me in you because I see me in you.

  • delina dimova

    aaaaaargh beautiful, this is just beautiful and I could not explain or describe it any better, ur words, ur tone, it all makes perfect sense. thank you. wow, I love the way u talk an the things u talk about. ALONE is my subconscious definition of LOVE, now I am awaree of it…its bound to twist. I dunno, I am sat here in Miami Florida n I am reading ur articles and I feel good, it gives me food for thought but most importantly it makes sense. everything that makes sense gives me comfort, hence why I am able to live ditached from material. anyway this loneliness… no … this Breathing it in that u talk about and u use it as a tool to overcome extreme overwhelming oh so achingly familiar feelings…its also helping me not want to smoke. it shifts my focus and instead of the craving I am reminded to just breath through it. how did u find ‘ur thing”, help me find mine?! guide me, write an article about it. aaaaah I just don’t know. my inner child does not want to talk and whenever she does, she speaks in sad tone. in fact she speaks like a he haha 😀

  • youllo

    you are the pretentious mudda fucka