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Embracing Uncertainty!

For so long I’ve felt the need to always know what was going to happen next. Always trying to plan and create my next move in life. Now for the first time in a while I have become comfortable with uncertainty. I believe that by being happy in the moment you are creating more happiness. My faith in that is enough. Living in presence with the goal to inspire and be inspired feels so much better than trying to force what you think is for your highest good. The truth is that The Uni-verse loves and knows what is in your highest good and will guide you there. If you can let go of the desire to need to know, you can allow yourself to truly be happy in the moment. When you feel connected to light, you can embrace the moment and witness the beauty that is within and all around you.

You never know what is right around the corner until it arrives. Trust that your dreams are coming true. If you have a desire, The Uni-verse wants to fulfill that desire. By learning to enjoy the present moment, you are living your life now. Your life is now, in this present moment, and always will be in this present moment. If you can be content now, you will carry on that feeling into every future moment. Breaking down the illusion that your life will begin once your dreams come true and embrace the fact that your life is now, no matter what you are experiencing. By releasing the need to know you may find yourself living in the wonder, trusting that whatever comes next is for your highest good. You are loved and supported more than you know. Take a moment and witness the grace in what you are now experiencing. Through harmony with your spirit you can embrace the present moment, knowing the next will unfold beautifully. There is excitement in not knowing what will come next. With an awe inspired view you can live in the magic of uncertainty.

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and a meditation Instructor.

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