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Everything Is Perfectly Taken Care Of!

Happy Summer to you!

Ahhh!!  There is something so healing and strengthening for me during the summer.

The other day I went to the beach and noticed it was really hard for me to relax.  It was a perfect day — the ocean was a gorgeous blue green color, the smell of suntan lotion filled the air and I sat with a huge glass of water right next to me.  As I closed my eyes and listened to the ocean’s song, I noticed my body was tight inside and my mind was thinking of the gazillion things that needed to get done.

I remembered when I was a little girl packing up the cooler and heading to the beach all day with my mom and brother.  I have so many wonderful memories of boogie boarding far out into the ocean, getting sunburned and building sandcastles that were bigger than my body.  I noticed my body relax just thinking about these times.  Summers were so light and carefree.

I want to experience this summer to be light and carefree — just like those summers were when I was a little girl.  How do I create it to be so?  My first thought is that it’s not possible because I am 30 years older and have responsibilities.  I think of my mom’s face when she would be on the beach blanket and remind myself that she looked super relaxed and carefree.  She had a lot of responsibilities.  Why does my body feel tight and my mind constantly preoccupied?  What happened?  How do I get from the place of feeling this pressure to a place of being carefree?

I love using my journal as a way to create a plan of support for myself and what I am clarifying in my own process.  I took my journal out as I sat on the sand and began to write.
On the top of the page I wrote, “I intend this Summer to be Light and Carefree.”  I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like to be light and carefree.  I saw my face relaxed, my eyes sparkling and my mouth holding a gentle smile.  I noticed my body language is more fluid and my voice more joy-filled.  My chest felt light. Ahhhh… I love the feeling of being light.  The pressure I seem to carry with me nonstop naturally seems to dissolve as I focus on this picture I was creating.

What do I need to do to create this sensation and experience of being light and carefree?

The first thing I wrote: “I MUST FIRST COMMIT to allowing myself to feel light and carefree.”

To create this, I will start the day with a positive affirmation.  Affirmations are seeds being planted that every moment of my day has the opportunity to water.  My affirmation of choice this summer will be, “Today I experience being carefree, joy-filled and light.”  I will follow my intention with a few slow breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.  With each breath I will repeat my morning affirmation, “Today I experience being carefree, joy-filled and light.”  With each inhalation I will feel lighter — and with each exhalation I will feel pressure and heaviness leaving my body.  What a beautiful intention to start the day.

The second thing I wrote as I sat on the beach that day was to commit to eating a variety of colorful produce everyday.  Nature is so brilliant.  There is something so nurturing and revitalizing about walking through the Farmers Market during the summer.  Color is everywhere!  The berries, melons, variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are beautiful!  Everyday I will commit to eating at least 4 different colors of fruits and vegetables a day. Each color of fruit and vegetable offers a different type of support to the physical and energetic body that we live in and carry.

The third thing I wrote was to stay properly hydrated. I will commit to paying attention to the amount of water that I drink in a given day.  My goal will be a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

The fourth thing I shared with myself was to commit to keeping fresh, vibrant flowers in the house.  There is something about seeing and smelling fresh flowers that makes my Heart light and carefree.

The final thing I wrote down was to honor the spirit of summer.  Spring is coming to a close.  All of the incredible seeds that have been planted in fertile soil and have been touched by the daily love and warmth of the sun are now beginning to come to fruition — whether it be literal seeds in the garden or seeds that we have planted of intention in our Hearts.  The energy of summer is a relaxing and rejuvenating time.  I commit to spending time in nature a few times a week and pay attention to the wisdom that the energy of summer holds.  Nature is incredibly brilliant and wise.  When I spend time in nature, I am reminded that everything is perfectly taken care of and has a natural flow and rhythm.  When I feel overwhelmed, stressed and pressured inside, something magical happens when I take off my shoes and go for a walk in the park or on the beach.  I feel like my whole body calms down and connects to a feeling so deep inside of my cells that I am taken care of — and everything truly is perfect in my life.  When I am stressed and pressured, I have simply forgotten that I am in the perfect time, going through the perfect things, with the perfect people — to help me grow to become the person that I am in this very moment.  Every moment in my life truly supports and blesses me.

After I was done writing, I put my journal inside of my bag, got up and walked barefoot on the beach for an hour.  I noticed with each step I felt more joyful and carefree.  My body and face relaxed.  I could feel my Heart opening up.

I took a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth declaring, “Today I experience being carefree, joy-filled and light.”

Happy Summer Everyone!


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