Financial Freedom And Money Miracles!

GabbyBernsteinFinancial fear and insecurity is at an all-time high. While on the road for the May Cause Miracles book tour, I talked to so many people who felt strangled by their lack mentality and fear of not having enough. This week’s vlog is focused on Week Five: Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth. In this video I offer guidance on how to shift your fear around your finances.

Throughout Week Five of May Cause Miracles, I teach that abundance begins with your mindset. If you think lacking thoughts, that lack will be reflected in your bank account. The goal this week is to start cleaning up your thoughts and energy around money.

You’ll begin to understand that energy is currency. When your energy has an essence of abundance, you greatly increase your capacity to receive more abundance. Yogi Bhajan said it best: “You run after wealth and glory and glamour. But it will run after you, providing you are an open channel.” Let’s work together this week to bust through the lack mentality and rev up your creative capacity to exchange and receive financial abundance.

Each subtle shift this week will help you open up to your miracle mindset around your finances to raise your self-worth and your net worth.




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Gabrielle Bernstein is the bestselling author of Spirit Junkie, Add More ~ing to Your Life, and  May Cause Miracles.

  • I couldn’t agree more!  We get what we think about, for sure!  People who are always lamenting, “Oh, I don’t have enough money…I’m broke…” will remain broke! 
    I’ve had money fears from time to time – specifically if my money will run out.  But deep inside I KNOW I will be just fine.  That’s why I HAVE always been just fine.  I’ve left jobs in pursuit of something better, taking that leap without the promise of a net to catch me.  But that net has always appeared.  I’ve always found the next job (that I do like better).  Money has come from somewhere, no worries!  It’s amazed me over the years how it ALWAYS works out! 


  • Sandy

    I am reading your book Gabby and LOVING it. Abundance begets abundance. 

  • Gabby, Mastin, Marie, Kris you guys are such a blessing  and such spirit filled beings that share love and raise the vibration of the universe. The gift of you is a miracle and i am honored to be surrounded by awesome like minded people like you. It’s surprising that i only just discovered the lot of you a couple of months ago. Keep livingurbliss, keep being the essence of love and keep sharing your gift.