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Five Destiny-Altering AH-HA Moments From Love Uni-versity!

I recently had the honor of TA’ing Mastin’s “Discover the Wisdom Behind Your Fears” class for Love Uni-versity.

You and me, dear reader, we’re a lot alike.  I’ve been an avid TDL reader since 2011.  Until September’s Love-U class, (despite the fact that I may or may not have tried more than a few times to spark social media conversations with him), Mastin (bless his soul) didn’t know me.

Let’s fast-forward to the point in this story where I make the decision to boldly follow my soul’s calling, and where The Uni-verse applauds my courage by tossing me a suh-WEET opportunity to be a teaching assistant for the en*theos Academy for Optimal Living, my training for which would take place during Mastin’s class.

[Does serendipity make you giggle like it makes me giggle?]

Let me tell you what, Daily Lovahs.  Being the licensed joyologist, waxer of philosophy and inspirational blogger that I am, I have spent far more time with self-help gurus (that’s code for “therapists”) than my younger self would have ever wanted me to admit.

From my experience, while many life coaches offer helpful theories, very few express their insights in such a digestible, down-to-earth, “sticky” way as Mastin.

During a conversation with ol’ Masty-Mast after class one night, intuition nudged me out of my comfort zone yet again.  [Dagnabbit, intuition!  Always pushing me towards opportunities that scare me!]

But I knew it was important for me to ask Mastin if I could write a post for you.  So I flipped my fears the proverbial birdie yet again and “put myself out there,” so to speak.

And NOW look at me, Daily Lovahs!!  Here I am on the writing side of TDL, sharing wisdom as best I can share it!

Let this be a lesson to us:  Boldness has no boundaries and possibility has no limits when you dance to the whispers of The Uni-verse.

My dear, fellow TDL’ers:  I’m writing this for you.  This post is for the Lovers, the Dreamers and the Candlestick-Makers who want some insight into the wisdom within a Love Uni-versity Course.

Behold:  five of my thirty-nine favorite AH-HA moments from Mastin’s “Discover the Wisdom Behind Your Fears” class:

1.  Comfort Leads to Misery

Growth is one of the six most basic human needs.  Our growth, however, is contingent upon our willingness to move out of our comfort zones and sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term pleasure.  Therefore, to be happy, we need to get uncomfortable. 

If we seek too much comfort, we become miserable.

2.  Fearing is Worse than Knowing

Anything we are certain about is only a certainty because we have seen it tested by reality.  Whereas certainties elicit positive emotions, UNcertainties bring forth fear and anxiety.

SO, to switch from negative anticipation to the comfort of certainty, all we have to do is test our fears against reality.

Living in a state of fear is a worse sentence than facing whatever we are afraid of.  

3.  Self-Acceptance is Paramount

Without self-acceptance, there is no self-love.  Without self-love, we do not seek fulfillment of our life’s purpose.  Instead, we seek extrinsic rewards to make us feel whole.  It’s a dead-end street.

As Mastin says, “without self-acceptance, self-help work is spiritual entertainment at BEST.”

4.  Face Uncertainty with a Sense of Certainty

Whatever dreams we may have for our lives, the Uni-verse’s plans for us are at LEAST 1,000 times BETTER.  We humans tend to THINK we know what we want, but we need to trust that the Uni-verse knows better than we.

If things do not go according to your plans, have faith that the Uni-verse has something BETTER in store and that the lesson learned from the undesired outcome will be crucial for your hero’s journey.

We cannot control what happens to us.  The ONLY thing within our control is the MEANING we ascribe to our life events.  

In choosing positive interpretations, we choose post-traumatic growth over post-traumatic stress.

5.  Service Trumps Judgments

Many dreamers concern themselves with how “others” will judge their dreams.  If we use our gifts in service to others, it doesn’t matter what anybody says.  We forge forward confidently, knowing that the Uni-verse NEEDS us to share our gifts.  If we DON’T do so, we are doing the world a DISSERVICE.

Lovely Reader:  what is YOUR soul calling you to do?  How could you use YOUR passions in service to others?

If you are NOT currently moving towards your soul’s goals, are you prepared to share your deathbed with a ghost named Regret?  (That spirit is decidedly NOT good in bed, BTW.)

If that’s not convincing enough, please also consider this wisdom from the Grandaddy of all self-actualizers, Dr. Abraham Maslow:

“If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.”

Chew on THAT ONE, Daily Lovahs.

The audio files from the class are still available if you want ’em.

Love and light,



A Licensed Joyologist, Waxer of Philosophy, and Optimal Living Evangelist, Bethany Pearson O’Connor dreams that her own journey with learning to “Let It Shine” may assist YOU in unapologetically spiraling towards the greatness that is YOUR destiny, too.  If being “Authentically You” sounds scary to you (as it once did to her), then she prescribes a healthy dose of Gratitude, Humor, Loving Kindness, and Optimism…all of which are available for free on her Catching the Light Blog. Check out her Facebook or follow her on Twitter @_catchinglight.