Five Mantras That Could Change Your Life!

What do you tell yourself throughout the day?  Do you have quotes or philosophies that you use when you’re feeling stressed or want to remind yourself what’s most important to you?

Here are my personal favorites of 2012…that I tell myself ALL the time.

Five Mantras I’m in Love With:

1.  Everything has a solution.  Or as Marie Forleo says in her ever-catchy way of wording things, “Everything is figure-outable.”  I adore this quote because it instantaneously calms me down and puts me in a resourceful state. I know I can ask someone, buy a book or, my absolute favorite – I can GOOGLE it!  (and man, you can Google anything.  For FREE.  Kind of crazy…)

For me, it’s usually technology or anything with a steep learning curve that frustrates me, because I want to do everything right NOW.  But when I take a second to think the thought, “everything is figure-outable”, I then look for, and naturally find the answer.  And I feel incredibly empowered.

For example, last week I was driving myself loopy trying to transfer my iTunes and iPhoto library to an external drive.   (And guess how long I had avoided doing it – over five months!!)   As my iMac slowed down to an unbearable crawl, procrastination was no longer an option.  In whooshed Marie’s mantra.  I googled my question, found step-by-step instructions and ease-fully transferred both libraries.  Idiot Savant to Super Woman in just one hour.

Action Step:  What is one thing are you avoiding because you “don’t know how to do it,” or it seems too complicated?  Google it or watch a tutorial video.  I promise you’ll feel so empowered, you’ll be smiling to yourself all day, like I was :) .

2.  The Uni-verse has my back.  Life supports me to succeed.  The Uni-verse is organizing itself around me to support my dreams.  This mantra (three versions) has helped me learn to trust.  To relax, rather than push to make things happen.  To notice where there seems to be resistance and to go a different route if necessary.  Go left if I can’t seem to go right. It doesn’t mean that I’m not absolutely clear on what I want to manifest, I’m just less attached to HOW it happens and more trusting that I don’t have to do it all myself.  At 41, I’ve become interested in a more feminine way of creating that involves less pushing and more co-creation with the Uni-verse.

Action Step:  Think of a situation where there seems to be lot of resistance.  Say to yourself, “The Uni-verse has my back.  Life wants and supports me to succeed.”  How do you feel?  More relaxed?  Simply letting go and relaxing creates less resistance in your body, which in turn creates a feeling of well-being or a state of allowing.  This allows other possibilities to show up, and makes life less tense and stressful in the meantime :) . Whenever I soften, trust and allow, something BETTER, and more aligned with my soul, shows up.  

3.  Live, Love, Make a Difference

When I went through a tough relationship break-up this year, I had to dig deep and realign with what mattered to me.  What was truly meaningful for me?  What brought me joy?  Fortuitously (I love that word), I came across Brendon Burchard‘s quote – Live, Love, Matter.  I changed it slightly to Live, Love, Make a Difference…because that felt better for my own personal mantra.

This life philosophy helped me immensely in the middle of heartache, because it pulled me out of sadness and into life.  It helped me focus on creating new life experiences, deepening existing relationships and being excited to form new, loving friendships.  It helped me focus on making a difference in my business.

It’s since become my primary life mantra  – because it so simply illustrates what I want my whole life to be about.  In just five words.

Action Step:  Do you like this quote?  Use Brendon’s, or change it slightly to reflect your priorities.  Check out Lululemon’s and Holstee‘s Manifestos for more beautiful life philosophies.

4. Multitasking makes you stupid.

Ha!  Another Marie Forleo-ism,  this quote made me laugh out loud when I read it.   This was SO me before I discovered the quote on Jessica Ainscough’s Wellness Warrior blog.  Don’t ask me why I had to READ the quote before I stopped multitasking – it’s not as if I didn’t recognize how scattered, anxious and frantic I felt from doing five things at once.

The stark truth got through.  I quit cold turkey.  And I literally repeat this mantra to myself at least once a day (I was a serious multitasker).  Or, if I’m feeling anxious, I check in to see if I’m multitasking and invariably, I am.  This quote has CHANGED my life – I’m evangelical about it.  I’m much more effective, calm and happy these days as a non-multitasker.  And I swear I’m smarter, or at least nicer to be around.

Action Step: For one day, stay focused on whatever you are doing until you finish it, and then switch to the next thing.  NO MULTITASKING.  See if it changes your mood, results and most importantly and what surprised me the most, your feeling of well-being.

5.  BE Happy

Sometimes this is simply a choice.  Sometimes it means checking in that I am doing what I love every day (other than my business :) ).  Sometimes it means being kind to myself and reminding myself that “I am enough.”   It always means keeping my life balanced, grounded, truthful and authentic.

Being responsible for my own happiness and doing things that keep my vibration high, makes my whole life work better – my business, my relationships…and me.  Vibration High = Life Works.

Action Plan:  What is one thing you can do right now to be happy?  Pet your cat (or get a cat – Luna, I miss you!), cuddle your man, dance wildly in your living room, tell the truth, start the thing you’ve been wanting to do for years, tell a friend something you adore about them, get outside into nature and for goodness sake, make sure you are doing what you love EVERYDAY, including your work.

Words are powerful.  What we tell ourselves throughout the day is probably one of the more important things we can consciously choose to do.

Choose what you say to yourself.  Choose what you whisper into your own ear.  Choose how you empower, self-coach and LOVE yourself up.

Do you resonate with any of these mantras?  Do you want to use, or even change slightly for them to resonate with you?  What is your personal favorite mantra that helps you in your life?  Share below the blog…I would love to hear yours!

Be Happy…Be Vibrant…


Carmen xo


A true entrepreneur, lifestyle master and international wellness coach who walks her talk, Carmen is the founder of Create Your Amazing Life™ , the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge, a 30- day online Nutrition Program and Live Well International, a business and lifestyle training company.  Carmen also works in partnership with the Handel Group LIfe Coaching supporting the self-employed design limitless lives, she writes for Glam Fit Magazine as their Business and Lifestyle Expert, and of course The Daily Love!

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  • Vickigebhart

    One thing I do when I find myself in a bad mood is ask myself, “What are you really mad about?” And then I try to change my attitude. (Sometimes I have to ask God to help me with that) And then I try again….

  • Uncle : D

    Totally loved your blog. 

  • Lindagraykelley

    Money comes easily and frequently.
    I am happy, healthy, and equipped.
    People want the gifts I share.

    Thought this would be lame.  thx for making me a believer.

    •  You are so welcome Linda 🙂  Thank you for “playing” and sharing your mantras…it helps everyone to hear yours 🙂  Carmen

  • Kerrymcd

    I loved all of these, but “Multitasking makes you stupid” is really speaking to me right now.  Last week, I watched “Super Soul Sunday” with Mastin, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Marie Forleo. What spoke to me then was “be present.” I realized that the reason I don’t always love what I do (I am a teacher) is that I am CONSTANTLY multi-tasking. More poor little 3rd graders have a tornado for a teacher. So, not only am I exhausted and miserable, I am pretty ineffective. I have really been working this week to be present and pleasant for my kiddos.

    I also have a sixteen year old son, who still loves his mama and is willing to share his thoughts with me. I am making a conscious effort to give him my complete attention when he talks to me.

    AND another thing, I’m making a huge effort to stay off my phone…I have been out to dinner and EVERY person at the table is texting or checking facebook…

    Thank you for the list!

  • Kim

    Loved your blog! Mine are:
    1. choose your hard (everything is hard in some respect. You need to choose the hard that feels most “true” to who you are.)
    2. the dots will connect (variation on universe has your back)
    3. Laugh often (cuz too often we get so caught up in ourselves, that we lose the fun in it)

    •  Love these Kim – thanks for sharing your mantras!  Carmen 🙂

  • Great post Carmen! I love that quote “Choose what you whisper in your own ear.” Beautiful.

  • Heidi

    Great writing! I love how Carment sumed up a great amount of wisdom with such simplicity.

  • Erika

    Carmen, love you at SWEET Retreat and Convention but this was right on time! Thank you!

  • Here’s one for you – “My already-perfect Divine template is easily unfolding in my life.”  And,”What I want, wants me and we are being brought together on the checkerboard of life even now.”  Great article 🙂

    •  “…being brought together on the checkerboard of life….” – what a beautiful visual analagy Julie!  Carmen xo

  • Elinmarie

    I loved this post.  Something that I tell myself when I need a pick-up: “One Life.”  That’s all I need to say sometimes. One life.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself that there is no time to waste…this my my life and I am in charge of how I live it.

    •  So powerful to remember that we are the authors and the co-creators…great mantras ElinMarie 🙂  Carmen xo

  • This is so good! Seriously. And just what I needed. It’s amazing how things like this can change everything. Thank you. God & the UNI-verse bless you.

    •  It’s always the little things, yes?  You are so welcome…thank you for commenting!

  • Tahlia

    Wonderful blog….I think I met you once in Australia at an Usana event….you totally radiated a beautiful energy, thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Thanks Tahlia!  Yes – about 1.5 years ago when I was on the “Women In Business” Australian tour…LOVED that speaking event 🙂  I’ll be back in Australia in 2013 I think… 🙂  Carmen xo

  • Johamendez

    I loved this! Thank you, it was literally just what I needed, when I needed it. I particularly loved your phrase “Choose what you whisper in your own ear”. How true :o)

  • love it xo

  • Mindykittay

    Hi Carmen,
    I once heard you speak here in Colorado and I am happy to know that I can now hear your thoughts and ideas on the daily love. One of my favorite mantras is, ” I choose to be happy now”.
    And then of course I think about a happy moment in my life. I use this when my internal dialog is negative or stressful.

    •  GREAT mantra to have as your favorite.. choosing to be happy now. Carmen 🙂 🙂

  • Thank you so much for these! It reminded me of some simple truths I already knew, and informed me of others I had to read to believe they exist. I certainly will implement these in my daily life too!

    •  Hi Jana!  You are so welcome!  Would love to hear what you’re implementing…I know it will help others too 🙂  Carmen xo

  • So proud of our amazing Business & Lifestyle
    Expert Carmen Marshall for being featured on The Daily Love! If you loved her article, make sure you check out her column in Glam Fit Magazine this month! Carmen shares more of her “words of wisdom” and definitely inspires us all to live an engaging life! Go Carmen! 🙂

  •  Hi Kerry!  I love how specific you are on HOW you are being more present every day – with your son, staying off your phone and being right there with your 3rd graders.  Clarity and specificity is so important when making changes…so awesome to read what you’re doing!  Carmen xo

  • bluefairy

    Thanks so much for your blog, for the mantras – will adopt them for sure! and also for the wonderful blogs you showed in your blog! My own mantras these days have been:
    “I grow and flow in love effortlessly, naturally and abundantly”
    “Wherever I am in life right now is where I need and am meant to be”.
    Much love and thanks

  • Chaks

    Amazing!!! Those are guidelines to lead a sustainable life. ‘Everything has a solution’ is pretty close to my heart – which, I used to say to myself when I am struck-up in a mess.

  • Speedcomputer

    awesome!but for me i still love my lifestyle . .but if one thing i will surely try to change my life style i will surely gone follow this tips. .