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Forgive Yourself Right Now

This week marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year where the emphasis is on wiping your slate clean, starting anew and forgiveness. No matter your religion, though, I encourage you to focus on forgiving… yourself.

Whether you push yourself too hard to “do it all,” spread yourself too thin in an attempt to be “perfect,” or demand too much of your body and mind – we could all use some self-forgiveness.

The last few weeks I’ve been noticing the comments people make around food and their bodies. The incredible amount of mental energy we spend keeping track of calories, fat grams and carbs. The overwhelming amount of time we spend thinking and talking about our bodies, weight and waist size. The inordinate amount of energy we spend trying to fit a certain mold. So many of us eat and either feel deprived or guilty. We rarely feel satisfied. We are either mentally content with our “restraint” as our bodies growl in protest or physically satisfied and mentally disappointed in our lack of “control.” But what if we could feel mentally and physically satisfied? What if we could be kind to our bodies by feeding them well and kind to our minds by forgiving, even enjoying, our indulgences without a trace amount of regret afterward.

Sounds good, right?!

Sure, honoring your body with mostly healthy choices is a part of this, but before you focus on what you perhaps now see as deprivation, start with a small act of forgiveness. Start by committing to these 3 things:

1. Don’t talk about food while you’re eating. Sure, you can savor the flavor and discuss the taste, but don’t delve into conversation about calories, ingredients or fat (either about the food you’re currently eating or anything other food) while you’re eating. Take this time to talk about anything else. If, as a collective group (among family, friends, etc.), you can commit to this, you will instantly reduce the “weight” of “weight” and take the guilt out of eating – an act that should be fulfilling, energizing and satisfying, nothing else.

2. Enjoy it. Slow down, chew thoroughly and enjoy it. Don’t obsess over your portion sizes or the health (or lack thereof) of your food choice. Savor it. Enjoy it. And release the feelings of guilt.

3.  Forgive yourself. If you’ve had more than you planned or had something you didn’t plan on (or think of as “bad”) forgive yourself and move on. You wouldn’t put up with a friend who kept on harping on past digression, so don’t put up with it in yourself. We all stray…. So enjoy the digression! Release the guilt. Move on.

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Alexis Wolfer is a real beauty ambassador and the founder of The Beauty Bean, an online magazine that promotes self-confidence through beauty, fashion, fitness, nutrition and more. She is also the creator of the international and viral Makeup Free Mondays movement and can be found tweeting about all things real and realistic beauty at @AlexisWolfer.