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Free And True Love

tlm icon-1By Joe Demerson

San Quentin State Prison



What do you think when someone asks you: “Are you Free?”

To be free has nothing to do with my physical condition. To be free is a state of mind, a level of consciousness that separates me from the physical restraints of my condition.

Thinking back to years ago when I was physically free, I realize that mentally and spiritually I wasn’t Free. I was locked in a state of confusion, a world of deceit, misconceptions and without any direction.  In reality, I was a slave to my principles and misguided conceptions. Intoxicated by the lure and temptations of the world, foolishly thinking I was in control of my life. Somehow I had allowed my life to spiral out of control.

I had forgotten what it meant to be “Free”.

“Free” means never to be enslaved by your own passions, desires or selfishness. To be responsible and accountable, believing, trusting and having faith in others. “Free” is to be positive, motivating, comforting, forgiving and loving. When you are free, your life is filled with joy and happiness and full of satisfaction. I’m Free because I’ve been emancipated from the bondage of ignorance and from the web of sinful seduction. Free to live a life of peace, reconciliation and humility.

I am Free because my mind, body and spirit have been cleansed from hypocrisy.


True Love

Laying inside this cold cell at San Quentin Prison I wondered, did I still understand the meaning of Love? I grabbed my pen to write down what I believed true love is. Growing up, my mother Ida Mae Demerson and my father Edward Demerson taught me something very valuable… Love is what binds people together through difficult times no matter the situation or circumstance.

Love is what initiates, motivates, and inspires people to do the right thing. Love is why we forgive because we know everyone of us has the potential to do something great. Our innate nature compels us to bring out the best in each other. Neither color, race, gender, nationality or location matters to Love. Our potential is endless when we are guided by Love.

There is no better feeling than to experience the power of True Love.

Love has no motive or reason.

Love just wants to be free from blame, judgment, and shame.

It is the essence of happiness, peace, and joy.


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