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Friends not being supportive of your dreams?

Going for what you want is not easy. There are all kinds of barriers to get there – both inner and outer. And while at the end of the day, going after your dreams is an inner game – there are some people in your life that can either really aid you in your pursuit of happiness or deter you.

That group of people is your friends.

This is your support system. The people that are there for you. Those that you go to for advice and to lift you up when you are down.

But what are you to do if they don’t support your dreams? Or perhaps you’ve been friends with them for a while, but now you’ve changed what’s important to you.

Maybe you are on the spiritual path now and that’s something they aren’t interested in.

Or maybe they don’t support some of the new choices you are making in your life.

Or perhaps, you’ve formed friendships based on talking smack about other people and now you aren’t interested in that conversation.

Whatever it is, the change in your dynamic with your friends is a normal part of the spiritual journey.

The reality is that in every relationship (friends and romance) you either grow together or grow apart.

The key is to not become a spiritual egoist. That is to say – once you become more aware, don’t start judging others, including your friends as “less spiritual”.

Nothing is more annoying or further away from embodying the spiritual lessons you are learning.

At the end of the day, what your friends need is Love. As do you.

And the person who needs your Love first is you.

It can be hard to Love your friends when you start to go on a new journey. But the reality is, sometimes you can Love from a far. You can also accept that some of your friends are just surface friends.

Not every relationship has to be super deep and intimate. I have some friends I see once a year and some I talk to every day. And I’m a different level with each of them.

I have friends that I’ve grown apart from ever since I started my spiritual path.

And the reality is, that’s okay.

And, when you create this space, what’s cool is that you can form new friendships. What’s awesome about forming new friendships is that new friends don’t see you as your older self.

The see you as who you are now. And that can be so powerful.

When you are trying to transform your life, many times old friends can say things like “Oh, you’re all spiritual now” or “There’s no way you can change”.
That’s because you have history. Which can be awesome, but it can also hold you back.

New friends can allow you to show up new. Which can be a powerful conduit for transformation.

At the end of the day, as you start to go on your journey – your life will change. Instead of meeting this change with fear, meet it with faith. Be open to new ideas, new friendships and new possibilities.

Love your friends as they are. Create healthy space if you need to. And know that no one is more or less spiritual – just on different paths. Love your path and celebrate theirs.

In the comments on the below, let me know your thoughts. Do you have friends that you need to create healthy space with? If so, how could you do that starting today?

Lots of LOVE from Santorini,


P.S. Take what resonates and leave the rest.