Gentle Forever Reminders Of Love!

The other day I was unloading a box of things from the garage.  I ran into a note my Dad wrote to me before he passed.  It is the only thing that I believe he ever wrote to me.  Seeing his writing made me feel like a piece of him just popped into my life that day to remind me that his love is with me.  There was something truly beautiful about seeing my Dad’s writing- as if a piece of him was frozen in time. Words cannot describe how grateful I was to run into the note that day.

That evening, as I was listening to my daughters playing downstairs together, I took a few moments to write a list of things to each of them.  Things I would forever want my girls to have as a gentle reminder.  Things I feel important that each of my daughters be reminded of as they move forward in their exciting and dynamic lives.

I’d like to share with you what I wrote.  I hope you enjoy the reminders!

Life is magical for those who believe it to be so.

Inside of your Heart lies the blueprint for the life that you are here to create.

The people you choose to surround yourself with either help build you up or break you down.  Choose wisely.

Every little thing you do truly does make a difference.  (You just may just not see it right away.)

It’s not what happens to you in life that creates your peace of mind, it is how you react and respond to things that does.

When something doesn’t feel right inside of you, have the courage to trust and follow that feeling.  That feeling is a knowing.  Life around you may not validate the feeling, but trust it to be so.

You are wise beyond your years.

When someone is angry and arguing with you, step back and find your center.  Do your best not to defend.

When you are tired, drink water, give yourself a break and ask what is making you tired.  Don’t just push through.

Know how beautiful you are — exactly like you are today.

When you notice someone having a hard time, make time for them.  Hold them, listen to them and remind them that everything will be okay.

You are never alone.

You can either be right or you can be happy.

Every moment and every person in your life can be a curse or a blessing.  You get to choose how you will see them.

Spend time every week or month doing selfless service. You have been given so much.  Share your time and resources with those less fortunate.

Seek to find the blessings.

Take time, everyday, to find YOUR truth.  Remember that there is not ONE truth to live by.  The silence of your Heart will always tell the truth.

Focus on gratitude every evening.  There will always be things you find missing in your days.  Focus on that which is there.

Your smile is a window to your Heart and is the key to others.

Everything has a cycle in life.  Do your best to not take things too seriously.

Live simply that you may be able to say that time is on your side.

Forgive those that hurt you so that you may find peace in your heart and mind.

If you cannot be kind, be quiet until you can be kind.  Words can never be taken away.

Some people are angry and like to find things to argue about.  Their anger and discontent has nothing to do with you.  Choose to breathe and remember that the true fight that they are having is within themselves.

Be gentle with yourself.  Everyday you are doing your absolute best.

When you say “no” to another, insist that be honored.  NO is NO.

If you decide to marry, trust that there is a man in this world that makes every cell of your being sing.  Don’t settle for less.  Expect that there is more.  You will know when you find that match for your soul.

Take good care of your body.  You have been given one to last you for your entire journey.

If you are feeling down or blue, try singing and dancing to help lift the spirit.

Act in ways throughout the day that allow you to lay your head down at night with peace of mind.

What you dream of exists.  It is yours to have.

Slow down and enjoy the little things.  Do your best to not take things for granted.

Always make time for those you call your friends.

If you were making a list like this one above, what three things would you want to make a priority to write down and share with those you love?

Have a fabulous week everyone!
In love,
Robin Lee

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  • emabaksa

    This is so beautiful. Your daughters are so blessed to have you as their mom. Thank you so much for sharing what you wrote for them. There was peace and serenity flowing through my whole body while I was reading this. Much blessings.

    • jule

      I completely agree with you, emabaksa. I felt the same. Thank you, Robin. May you and your daughters be blessed.

      • Robin Lee

        Thank you Jule. xo

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Emabaksa We are so truly blessed to have these angels to raise. xo

  • Good morning Robin and thank you for the beautiful thoughts 🙂

    • Robin Lee

      Good Morning Sandra! So blessed to be able to share !

  • Liz

    Wow, this list is absolutely beautiful and since I lost my mom to Cancer 4 years ago, I am going to read your list asthough she wrote it to me:)

    • Robin Lee

      Liz, that is such a beautiful idea and I am so sorry for your loss.Please remember to hold yourself gently.

  • jojo

    Love it! Thank you.

    • Robin Lee

      JoJo! Awesome. you are very welcome.

  • Lovely.  I have some cards that my Mom hand-made, and they are my most precious treasures.  You’re right, Dads often write us notes, but I treasure the box of tools Dad hand picked for me one Christmas (they were his tools, passed on to me) and will always remember the time when I was working my first job my Dad slipped me $20 as my parents were heading home after a visit.  The little things are remembrances that last forever!

    • Robin Lee

      Betty, That is so beautiful. The memories my heart holds are priceless. xoxo We are truly blessed.

  • megred

    Thank you so much for this blog.  I’ve been struggling with personal issues and with myself the past few days and this was exactly what I needed to hear.  And as I lost my mother to breast cancer years ago, it’s nice to enjoy some motherly love. 🙂

    • Robin Lee

      Hi megred! xoxo I am sorry for your loss. Be kind to yourself…So very gentle. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to say hi!

  • Samantha Murphy

    This is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing. 

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Samantha! I am glad you enjoyed it ! 🙂

  • Ejacks18

    I loved it!  So sentimental.  I really did enjoy this post 🙂

    • Robin Lee

      I am so happy you enjoyed

  • Amy7becker

    Beautiful. So happy I came across this 🙂

    • Robin Lee


  • Claire

    This is magical!  A friend of mine who sadly died a few years ago wrote the following to his daughters before he passed:

    1  Always be lovely, but only for the right people – you will soon find out who they are.

    2  Do things that are a little bit frightening from time to time, but always be aware of the possible consequences.  Have an escape plan and be in control.

    3  Enjoy the universe as much as I did…Perhaps you will understand it a bit better.  But above all enjoy yourselves.

    Simon was one of the kindest people I have ever been blessed to meet and although he has physically gone, his generosity of spirit and calmness of nature live on in all of us who were lucky to have known him.

    Peace and blessings to the uni-verse


    • Robin Lee

      Those things are so beautiful! What a lovely soul!

  • I liked this so much that I’m going to read this again. Thank you.

    • Robin Lee

      You are so very welcome !

  • Rosemary Alexander

    This is rich and full. Feels straight from the heart. I am going to share this list with my family. It should be printed and in sight all the time. It’s so easy to forget what is truly important – and these ideas are that.

    • Robin Lee

      Enjoy  Rosemary ! xo

  • margnorth

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful list of “gentle reminders” to your daughters.  I just forwarded it to my daughter!

    • Robin Lee

      Margnorth you are so very very welcome! enjoy!

  • Claire

    Robin, I know I’ve already posted, but on a re-read, I appreciate this even more…it’s a blue-print for happiness – totally amazing!!!

  • Freya

    This made me cry and cry. Today is the first day of an incredible, huge journey for me and all of your words fit my heart perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • leeann

    thank you SO much. i needed this today =)

  • This is such a beautiful image of how even an old writing can have such an effect on a persons life. I quoted and linked to this with my blog so that others can find these inspiring words.