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Get Behind Your Worth!

I was at Soul Cycle this morning and the instructor kept saying “get behind your worth.”

Now, if any of you are regulars at Soul Cycle – or any other motivating spin class – you know that these types of mantras are thrown out around class almost as much as the sweat-soaked towels are. And, to be honest, I usually let them go in one ear (to do their subliminal magic, of course) and out the other. But this one stuck with me.

I’ve recently been in a bit of a rut. (It’s why you haven’t seen my contributions here in the last couple of weeks.) I’ve been dealing with family drama, some familial health scares and just feeling a bit “stuck” professionally and personally. And, while I’m not normally one to get so personal about my present (somehow talking about ruts of the past seems infinitely less defeating than talking about a current rut), getting back to the spin class terminology, I realized that I have been letting the wheels spin underneath me. My legs, firmly planted in the pedals, have been struggling to keep up. I was letting the bike ride me instead of pushing through to ride the bike.

Today, though, when Ellen (at the Soul Cycle on West 77th St, in case you were wondering!) repeated, “get behind your worth” (possibly for the 25th time in the 45 minutes class, although this was the first time I heard – and I mean really heard ­– it), though, I got it. I finally understood that I was letting my worth fall behind, no longer able to keep up. I was going through the motions, speeding ahead mindlessly. But today I slowed down, allowed myself to begin to stop, let my worth catch up and then start pedaling on again, with my worth firmly in tow.

Whether it’s your worth or your goals or anything else that’s being left behind, I hope this helps you get behind it all, too. Think of it a your pre-New Year’s Resolution… because who really wants to wait until January to be your best self anyway?

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Alexis Wolfer is a real beauty ambassador and the founder of The Beauty Bean, an online magazine that promotes self-confidence through beauty, fashion, fitness, nutrition and more. She is also the creator of the international and viral Makeup Free Mondays movement and can be found tweeting about all things real and realistic beauty at @AlexisWolfer.