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Get Out Of Your Mind! Quick!

Kathleen ChelquistHow in the heck do I get out of my intellectual mind and listen to my heart mind? How do I know the difference? Or, even if there is a difference? How? How? HOW?!?!? UGH!!!

I so remember the days I confused myself into a tizzy, “trying” to figure out how to make a decision. And the excruciating, needy pain of asking a parent, friend, co-worker, etc., “WHAT SHOULD I DO?” Usually, receiving an answer with which I only created more confusion. (So much for looking for answers outside myself.)

Back and forth I went until…I had suffered enough.

One of the many reasons I was unwilling to pull up my courage and listen to my heart was because I was swimming in the swamps of the icky, sticky: “GOOP!” Yep, for most of my life, I had been stuck in the debilitating, “Good Opinion Of People!” I wanted my decision to please everyone-including myself.

My answer? I walked right into a therapist’s office in San Diego and desperately demanded…PILLS! Anything to take the pain away from the anxiety I was creating from the dreaded four words of: I am NOT enough. The psychologist said, “Not now,” and we began weekly therapy sessions; where I learned that I was a servant of my mind AND other people’s.

In order for me to create peace, I must NOT serve TWO masters.

A portal to the divine opened for me that day, and I realized (subconsciously) that if I am serving any other master (including my own ego/mind)…I will create suffering.

And thus, my journey back to my heart began. Leading me to other teachers.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

-Gautama Buddha

By being willing to receive the guidance from my main teacher, I learned how to actually do it. YIPPEEE! There is a way! And I am so excited to share just FOUR spiritual tools that WORK! Are you ready?

1. “When in doubt…DON’T!”

How may times do you have that inner nudge and just when you are going to turn right, your mind says, “But, but…what if it’s left?” You then play the tug-of-war-game and exhaust yourself with the flames of indecision. The intellectual mind is the architect of doubt. The heart mind trusts the decision it takes NO MATTER WHAT! My suggestion to you is this: when you are in ANY doubt…breathe, relax and let go. Be patient with your process, and then…

2. “Get your ‘But,’ out of the way.” (And some of us have bigger “buts” than others.)

“I love my partner, BUT he is not meeting MY models. I need food, BUT I ‘feel’ too lazy to go the grocery store. I want to go to the party, BUT I don’t have anything to wear.” “But, But, But”…is an excuse. And excuses come from the mind.

3. “Doubt Your Doubt!”

Once I stopped making decisions when my doubt showed up and got my “but” out of the way, I realized…”Why not just ‘Doubt My Doubt’ and go with my FIRST initial gut whisper?” After all, this is the voice of divinity gently calling my name; giving me my answer. And so, I have begun to trust my instinct. So far…it has worked out REALLY well. And the more I practice, the easier it gets.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice.

It ONLY works if you are WILLING to work it!


“Truth is within. It is not hidden. It is planted deep in the center of your heart. It you haven’t uncovered it yet, dig deeper.”

-Cinnamon Lofton

My hope for  all of us is that we are simply…WILLING. Willing to do our life differently and make responsible decisions. Please join me in listening to the first beat of our hearts, as we drum together through the gift of life.

With all my heart,



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