Gossip Is A Waste Of Time…Give It Up!


Gossip robs you of energy and is a cheap way to feel good about yourself.

It is pointless entertainment.

Whenever you gossip about someone else you lower your own vibration.

Whenever you gossip you waste your time, and your own life.

Whenever you gossip you give the person you gossip about your energy and power for that moment.

It serves nothing to gossip or speak negatively about another. Gossip is an empty calorie communication, like eating cheap fast food that leaves you dissatisfied.

Ask yourself if the person was there with you whether you would speak in the same manner about them.

Ask yourself if you would feel good about other people speaking the same way about you.

Ask yourself if what you are saying about the other person is loving.

Your words are powerful. They are energy and vibration.

When you speak, you impact yourself and you also impact those around you.

When you gossip about another, you are impacting their world and how others perceive that person.

What impact do you want to have in life?

Know that everything you put out will come back to you. It’s the law of karma. The energy with which you speak about another will come back to you. So be very aware and conscious of what you say.

It’s easy to gossip about those that are successful and going for their dreams. But realize it takes humility to let yourself be inspired by their success and use it as inspiration to live your highest.

It’s easy to gossip about those that are negative and “failing” in life. But it takes courage to hold them with compassion, amidst their pain, and send them love instead.

Commit to speaking about others in a manner that enhances more love. This doesn’t mean you won’t be honest or certain communications won’t be challenging. Rather, it’s an invitation to be clear in your intention.

So, what is the intent for your communication?

If your commitment is to love, then what would you say and how would you speak?

Speak only love.

Or don’t speak at all.




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Kute Blackson is a speaker and life coach. Check out his website here.

  • Marisa

    Thank you! This includes celebrity gossip – which is a guilty pleasure for many. It used to be mine…until I realized how negative it was, especially towards women. It encourages us to cut each other down, so I stopped reading. Now people look at me like I’m crazy when I refuse to join in about how ‘annoying’ a celebrity is, or celebrate another celeb’s divorce. I don’t understand the point of continuing the negativity, it doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help them.

  • Kelly Pietrangeli

    I’ve never liked gossip. Back in school it kind of set me apart from the other girls as they seemed to thrive on it and when you only listen, but never contribute to gossip, you become an easy target yourself! Even now I am amazed at how grown women love to gossip about their peers. As soon as I hear someone gossiping about a mutual friend it sends alarm bells ringing….. If they are willing to gossip about them than for sure they will do it about me as soon as my back is turned! I’m happy I’m mostly able to surround myself with positive people now who lift each other up, not bring each other down. 🙂

  • Deseree

    Thank you i love the post. I have to check my self when i here things about people and tell my self that’s not my business.

  • Cathy

    I’m so fortunate to have been introduced to Katie and The Work. Most of the time I can stop gossip before it attaches to my thinking with just one question…Is that true? If I’m already attached I can get to question 2…Are you sure it is true?
    At that point it’s pretty easy for me to realize that it’s time to change the subject in my own thought process. Much appreciation for all the tools everyone shares to keep us on track moving toward joyous vibration.

  • Stacey Taylor

    Awesome post Kute. As you said, living in this world isn’t easy and we are all human. Particularly when we are feeling annoyed with life or ourselves or someone else, it is easy to fall into the trap of gossiping or speaking about people negatively with others. A great reminder for us in that moment when we are about to lower our vibration by engaging in this behaviour, to catch ourselves and choose the path of love and compassion for others and ultimately ourselves as well.

    Love your always present passion, enthusiasm and authenticity. It’s contagious!