Gratitude Mood!

A great way to stay balanced and to practice “gratitude mood” is to be grateful for what we already have. The more that we are grateful for what we have in life (this also means things other than material goods like health, friendship, laughter etc.), the more we seem to receive and become in tune with the Divine.

This is a great time to write or rewrite a gratitude list. After you have done your gratitude list of the things you are grateful for, put it up on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror. No matter what is going on in your life, by writing and reading what you are grateful for will shift your focus to think and act with your intuition.

To keep us in “gratitude mood” why not say “I am grateful for you” instead of saying “thank you” to someone. It usually brings a smile to a person’s face and makes them think about what you had just said.

It always feels good to spread joy in other people’s lives, so I encourage you all to say “I am grateful for you” instead of “thank you”. You will inspire each person you say this to this week by switching it up and it will also make you smile as well!

Life is blissful my friends!

I am grateful for all of YOU and lots of love,


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Tara Taylor is an international intuitive counselor & published author of Through Indigo’s Eyes.!/TaraTaylorIntuitive

  • Anila

    Amen! Sister! you are right on the spot. I AM GRATEFUL for your compassion and kindness.LOVE

    • Tara Taylor

      I am grateful for you Anila:)

  • Thora williams

    Thank you for changing my focus with instead of thank you with i am grateful for you it is directly focused on a person or thing Love

    • Tara Taylor

      I am grateful for you Thora Williams:)

  • GlamourmommyK

    I so needed to hear this!! I couldn’t be more thankful to have read this. On my to do list this week is Make Gratitude List & hang it on the fridge 🙂

    • Tara Taylor

      I am grateful to hear you are going to create your gratitude list:) I am grateful you are inspired to bring gratitide to your day and put your list on your fridge:)