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Great things have small beginnings!

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There’s a new study that just came out from Harvard and Stanford that is pretty awesome.

It basically shows that small, incremental steps towards a goal are far more powerful at creating sustainable happiness than huge lofty goals. This breaks down into a simple idea that I first learned from Tony Robbins, which is that PROGRESS = HAPPINESS.

Simple progress.

Not huge lofty goals.

But progress.

That means, daily progress. It doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be grand, just simple daily progress.

I love this – because I believe in simple small acts of progress AND I believe in huge lofty goals. For a long time in my life, I was only SO focused on the huge lofty goals that I didn’t make small steps. And then there was also a time when I was SO focused on small steps that I had forgotten the huge lofty dream. And I believe we need both. A BIG dream and small achievable goals.

AND – I know I say this A LOT, but it still needs to be said… the goal and the dream if you want the power of The Uni-verse to support it, must be OF SERVICE and SOLVE OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS.

This is the key. But, you see – it’s very hard to solve “world peace” and much more manageable to think a peaceful thought. And guess what… world peace begins in your mind. It’s the accumulation of many small steps that create movements, epic outcomes and grand ideas to come into manifestation.

So, put your lofty dreams on your vision board… but then think – what is a SMALL STEP I can take in that direction? Instead of losing 100 pounds… can I lose 2? Instead of making 100,000 dollars, can I make $1000 more than I am now? Or $500? Because you need to pass $500 on the way to $1000 and $1000 on the way to $100,000. If you want to make peace in the world, can you start with your own mind and then your friends, family and community?

My daily lover, please – always – dream lofty dreams. But let us GROUND those dreams, those goals and those desires in SERVICE to others and with one small step at a time.

What small step can you take today?

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