Guided Meditation: Who I Am?

AlysssaNobriga Portrait 112412I recently went on a silent retreat and in that experience was able to see the mind with more clarity and witness how it organizes itself.  Having had no distractions, plenty of time and a deep intention, a lot was revealed that I’d love to share here and see what may resonate for you in your own investigation.

I realized most thoughts have a common detonator; they seem to point back to a “me” that is having them.  The mind creates this character called “me” and then more thoughts are believed about who this person is or isn’t.  Whether that’s a good me or a bad me, we seemingly imprison ourselves by buying into these beliefs about who we think we are; which are ultimately limiting and not entirely true.

There was a realization that this sense of a “me” or “ego” maintains the illusion of itself by believing stories based off the past or future.  It needs the mind to sustain itself; it also needs time, which is only in the mind. It can be quite powerful to notice what is actually here when you’re not referencing a past or projecting a future…to deeply and intimately discover this moment.

I was able to see that every story the mind tells is only appearing now. Even if the story is about the future like, “This is going to take forever!” it’s just one thought appearing now.  In this same way, any story about who I think I am is also just one story appearing now.  All it takes is seeing through the thought appearing in this moment to wake up from this sense of a separate self.

As soon as we identify as a separate character, there is this sense of incompleteness or lack that will always look to to fill itself: to be, do or have more by searching somewhere other than here.  This search will never end for the separate character because in identifying with a limited version of ourselves we mask our innate completeness.  In a way this search is a deeper calling back home to our true Selves.

When we stop to truly investigate what’s here in this moment, you may notice something more magical and ordinary than you ever thought.

What if it was never about more in the future: our careers, ourselves, our relationships?  What if this whole search was what actually maintained this sense of separation and kept us away from the realization of a deeper truth?

Instead of using more words and thoughts to point to a deeper experience, I have created a guided meditation to slow this process down so you can inquire and find out for yourself.  When you have a few minutes of uninterrupted time, I invite you to sit in silence, watch this video and discover what is true now.

Many blessings,



Alyssa Nobriga specializes in working with couples through a mind-body-soul approach.  She also leads yearly Wellness Retreats to Bali, supporting people in living more open, authentic, loving, and fulfilling lives. To watch Alyssa working with clients, check out her website, or to find out about specials, see her Facebook page.

  • Tasha

    This meditation was profound for me, thank you Alyssa. I found myself sobbing at the end. Don’t know what this means, but trying to sit with it an figure it out. Thank you so much for this.

    • Alyssa Nobriga

      You are so welcome Tasha. It sounds like something deep within you was touched; you can trust that… you don’t need to know what it means. I encourage you to allow yourself to feel the resonance instead. Blessings

    • Chuck S

      Your cleansing, releasing your past and being in the present moment. Just let it go and enjoy the liberation of just being. Blessings to you…

  • danielle

    very clever! Thanks.

    • Alyssa Nobriga


  • Love this! It can sometimes take a while for someone new to meditation or who has been away from meditation for a little while to get back into the right “state.” So many find that the mind chatters with past, present, and future thoughts. This is such a great approach to letting go and just being. Thank you!

    • Alyssa Nobriga

      Absolutely sometimes the guided meditations can help see things clearer but there is also a way to bring mindfulness to the chatter, since it’s happening in the present.
      More importantly notice what’s beyond any “state”, what’s always here and needs no maintenance at all 🙂 That’s true freedom… Much love

  • Andrea

    “It can be quite powerful to notice what is here when not referencing a past or projecting a future”…the power of “now”!!…beautiful article and later when my 5 year old goes to bed I will come back and watch the video! Thank you!

    • Alyssa Nobriga

      Such a pleasure…enjoy it! And there are fun creative games to invite the exploration with your kids too or to welcome kids to remind us 🙂

  • Andrea

    I’ve experienced a Jesuit silent retreat and I know the feeling of freedom and fearlessness that you experience after it. I discovered a lot of things those days! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Evelyn

    This was an amazing meditation, very different than anything I have done in the past.
    The whole question aspect and not going to memory really brought me to a deep aliveness in the present moment. Thank you so much for sharing this.