Happy New Year! Let’s make sure you rock 2016!

It’s a new day, a new month and a new year. The canvas is clean, and you can paint anything you want on it this year.

While I had some down time, I thought of a fun idea. I wanted to set you up to win big this year and make 2016 your best year yet.

So, I decided to put together seven coaching videos for you. No opt in. No sales. No offer. Just free training. And they are short videos. Not too long. Just to the point.

I’m going to cover seven topics that my clients always ask me about and that are most important to focus on if you really want to get serious about living your dream life.

Since today is the first day of the year, we are going to start with how to stop overwhelm in your life and find the time to really live your dreams.

You see, time is the container in which you create your dreams. Time is your most valuable asset. So, if you care about how much money you have and want more, if you care about how much love you have and want more, if you care about how much connection, joy and freedom you have or don’t have and want more, the first thing you’ve got to master is your time.

I’ve put together a quick, but powerful coaching video about how you can setup your time to make 2016 totally rock.

Here’s your next steps:

1. Have a sip of water (last night may have been a big one).
2. Watch my coaching video.
3. In the comments below, declare how you are going to take your time back.
4. Share this video with anyone you think could use some more time for their dreams.
5. Then implement what I’ve taught you.

I’m so excited for what’s ahead in 2016. It’s a year of total possibility.

There will be hardship, there will be Grace, there will be lessons, and there will be big wins. Enjoy it all! And let’s make 2016 an epic year!

I’ll see you in your inbox again tomorrow with my next coaching video.

Until then, take back your time now.

So much love & Happy New Year!!


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  • I plan to schedule in non-negotiable blocks of time each day to work on my goals and personal development! Thank you for this high value tip.

    • You’re welcome, @eatwelleathappy! This sounds like a really great plan! ~Team Mastin

  • Denise Geiger

    Love it and agree. When I plan it in writing I find it happens. Scheduling works so well for me. Plus now I Love looking for just the perfect for me Day Planner. Thanks for sharing !! Much Love

  • This video was awesome! Where are the rest of seven mentioned in the artlce?

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