Happy Thanks Giving!

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Well, the day is here in the U.S.! Thanksgiving!

A day where we gather around our family’s tables to be together, eat together, play together and remember that no matter how “spiritual” we are, our families may indeed show us how much more growing we have left to do! (hehe)

In this stage of my life, I find the name of this holiday pretty amazing. I know that I’ve talked a lot about gratitude this week, and today is all about gratitude and giving thanks.

But this year I am clued in on another part of the word, and that is “giving”. I’ve become totally obsessed with the idea of “being of service”.

I cannot drill this point home enough here at The Daily Love. Being of service is what the game of life is all about.

Let me BOLD that and underline it.

Being of service is what the game of life is all about.

Nothing significant was ever built or sustained that did not impact other people. No person put a dent in the Uni-verse without impacting others. No great thinker, philosopher, inventor, artist or musician is remembered who did not touch the lives of others. There is no great love story without being profoundly served in Love by someone and serving someone else WITH Love.

This is the name of the game. Give, give, give. If you want to be happy, as Tony Robbins says, “give & grow!” That’s it.

Every truly fulfilled person has mastered being of service. And every truly rich person has mastered providing a service for others that they want, and usually in a way that is better than others.

And what’s so cool is that you don’t have to look far at all for what you can give. It’s right there within you. Right below your nose. Inside your heart. Right there is all you have to give. Perhaps there is Love in here. Or a story in there. Or a business that meets the needs of others in there. Or a blog post. Or a kind word. Or a TV show.  Or a movie. Or a whole TV network. Whatever is in your heart – this is what you have been sent to this planet to give.

When you connect to and give from this place, you are connected to all other people in that moment because every other person has a heart (even though sometimes it may not seem like it). There are plenty of people who will support you, uplift you and even be grateful for you for giving from your heart.

It is what we are meant to do in this life. And it’s not something that we have to search “out there” for. It’s all within. Waiting to be listened to. Trusted and given.

So, as we step into Thanksgiving today, can you take a moment to be still and tap in? What does your heart want to give today?

Enjoy the day, my friend!

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  • Great Post, Mastin. Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for all that you give. I’ve spent the last few weeks working with people to help them understand their ability to give and it has been rewarding. I am also giving of myself and recognizing my own talents. It’s wonderful to find your place in the world and I believe that is what every person is looking for. Thank you for continuing to guide the way! You are a beacon of light. 

  • Jilldavis Mb

    Thank you, Mastin. Did you know that in India, a “mast” is a divinely intoxicated human being? Have just discovered your blog and Daily Love Extravaganza. What appeals most so far is bringing spirituality down to earth — like your funny comment about family showing us how much more growing we have to do. – Jill

  • Thank-you reaching and including me in your circle of love.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  • I recently saw you on Soul Sunday on OWN. I have been visiting you blog every since. I have found that your comments has reconnected my thoughts away from me me me and toward how I can change my selfishness and help others. I have misplaced my thoughtfulness along the way, but I am determined to get it back. By searching and looking for someone that I can serve. God Bless you and Happy Thanskgiving!

  • Happy Thanskgiving and thank you for your blog today on being service to others not ourselves!

  • Cleccesse

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Martin and to all!!  This is my first time on this site after watching my “Super Soul Sunday.  So much good information, sharing and giving to the rest of us seeking to be better more conscious beings.  Thank you for sharing your story and some of your spirtual guides such as Joseph Campbell and the book that was mentioned “Return to Love,” by Marianne Williamson, I am looking forward to this new information and adding to my experience have a wonderful day!!!

  • Caitlin Fernandez

    Loved this post. True in every way. 

  • Kim

    I am grateful for so much and one of those things is you Mastin. Thank you for giving and sharing with us. You inspire me each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  • Kmmactaggart

    I am new to The Daily Love and am so, so grateful for it. Thank you so much for your daily
    thoughts. I can truly feel the love every morning. Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving
    and don’t ever stop this wonderful, meaningful mission. It makes the world a better place.
    Thank you!


  • Dirish Shaktidas

    Thanks for the blog post! Reading your Blog gave me CHILLS!!!! In the BEST way! I live in London, UK and we don;t have it here.. so I been spreading that light today… Took a great yga class with the focus on gratitude! A friend suggested we tie it in with the UK holidays by announcing it to the Queen herself! What else is possible! GIVE LOVE, GIVE LOVE AWAY! Bless u Brotha! X Dirish 😉

  • Thank you Mastin for the reminder to be of service today. Today, is the Anniversary of a death. The death of my relationship with my in-laws. Last Thanksgiving, was a complete disaster which I now look as… a gift. My husband’s parents made themselves VERY uncomfortable because we were not having a traditional, conservative Thanksgiving. We invited people who did not meet their models (a lesbian couple, Cinnamon Lofton, and some friends with tattoos). They told my husband  that we needed to get back into church, and then maybe our son would be properly influenced. They refused to honor the differences between religion and spirituality. They refused to see oneness. God knows I tried. Although, I took complete responsibility with my words a month prior when we went to therapy with them-my energy did not coincide. My gun remained  loaded. We have hardly spoken since last Thanksgiving, except for a few words and letters. They wanted to continue to  “go along to get along,” for their grandson’s sake, and have us over for the following Christmas.  I declined. My husband backed me up. Sometimes, we need to leave in love. But did I? I know, it was what needed to be done. We had been inauthentic for 10 years; long before  following my heart’s whisper. Although, my gun is no longer loaded with the venom bullets I used to shoot…  it has been on the ground ready (just in case). I will call it a, “Truce.” This is NOT love. Today, I am throwing the gun away in humility. Today, I serve myself and them. Today, I  FORGIVE them. Today, I energetically love them as my fellow spirit. They are welcome; an empty seat awaits. For they were here to teach me that I AM ENOUGH, regardless of how they treated me. I now remember WHO THEY REALLY ARE.  I will GIVE them LOVE. Because I have it to give. “We Can Only Give What We’ve Got.” Cinnamon Lofton  I hope all of you are willing to throw away your gun today and everyday! Happy Thanksgiving! The Daily Commenter, Kathleen are-you-there-kathleen-its-me-god.blogspot.com/

  • Hey Mastin, 
    happy Thanks Giving to you too! Here in Holland we don’t celebrate it unfortunately but that’s no reason not to be thankful today 🙂 Thanks for your words. 
    Greets, Stephanie

  • Tiffany

    I am thankful for the Daily Love! Xo

  • Julie Alexander Nixon

    Today is my first day reading The Daily Love. I heard about Mastin on Oprah’s Network and loved the show he was on. Mastin, thank you for your words today and you are truly a giver. You have inspired me and as I take my journey, so thankful that I have found another place to grow with like minded people. Blessings to you and everyone else who is part of this “movement”. Julie

  • Tinawrh

    first i need to get through the hehe moments and i want to love all over my family today happy thanksgiving everyone i hope your day is blessed

  • Kathleen

    Mastin, I am very thankful for your Blog.  Happy Thanksgiving…Sending Blessings of LOVE

  • Barbara

    TheDailyLove is so brilliant that I expect everyone reads it…but I keep finding people who’ve not even heard of TDL. So my gift to them is a link . Thank you <3

  • Rlotzien

    Hi Mastin!  Saw you on O too and bookmark ya, but just checking in for the first time today 🙂 Hello from Canada!  best wishes to all you American’s sttin down with your families 🙂  Family is also a connection we create.  We can grow the love with whomever is around us, and that’s just as valid a connection <3  my two cents 🙂

    Giving to the world!!  This is BIG!  What you said, Mastin, made me think you are tapping in to a universal Law, about our life purpose and how that's directly connected to love! (Maybe everyone's life purpose has this common action of 'giving love' through (fill in the blank))

      How do we give love to the world outside ourselves?  What are we passionate about?  compassionate about?  How do we want to participate.. for me it was  going into social work, social justice & fairness & political stuff… but my mechanic takes care of me and supports me and that's just as loving as the families I support on the down low; standing between them and this oppressive governmental system.  Such a simple truth! Moving through the day with a heart for loving & supporting people we meet.

    One I started a few years back when I moved to the big city.  I got a bit down seeing all the  homeless people or just people struggling, say sitting on a bench in the cold..whatever.  I started just sending them a possitive thought, a blessing, like may you find a connection to community and joy today!  they say prayer is scientifically proven, manifesting our lives works, who knows.  But I'll tell you this, it's opened me up and brought a deeper awareness of the importance of love into my life.  I've started making love a priority for me and my love life is healing, bit by bit, just since I moved here!

    You send love out, you get love back, it's simple 🙂 and amazing!

  • I Absolutely Love the Daily Love and am so grateful for this amazing community! I had a thought yesterday and I would like to share it with you. I live in a LDS community and there is SO much abundance and wealth in the particular area where I live (we live 0n the working class street)  and yet we had 3 junior’s commit suicide  last year ( My daughter was a junior at the time so she knew ALL 3 of them) and the school made NO mention, NO tribute to them in the yearbook. They acted like nothing had happened and” if you don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen” mentality which drives me absolutely crazy because the students and teachers were so grief stricken. My point being that we have communities in our country where people live in these amazing, gorgeous homes and the moms’ and kids are killing themselves! A mom recently tried to commit suicide in my tiny city. Her kids found her on the bathroom floor when they got home from school with her wrists slit a couple of weeks ago. Even with ALL the messages of hope, love, and you are enough – out there, we still have so many people in pain. I am so grateful and blessed for the work that I do (I am an emotional release therapist and breakthrough facilitator), but so many people don’t know all of the help and support  that is available to them.  They feel like they are alone which is one of the biggest lies, but they have cut off the light in their sadness and being so lost in self hate. I LOVE your message and just wish more knew about it. 

  • Claire

    I am so grateful I came across the Daily Love and allowed it to change the direction of my life! Love and blessings to all of you!

  • Adaferrell

    I feel truly blessed to being a healer/massage therapist. I feel my calling is to show others the beauty that is within ourselves. But what does that look like? This is where I get stuck. Any help or guidance?

  • Dazz

    I too came across Mastin on Super Soul Sunday on OWN.  TDL has now become part of my daily spiritual nourishment. Thank you, Mastin, for providing such a wonderful, loving place to visit and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    I live in Australia, where we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (although, I wish we did!), but regardless, today I will affirm my ‘Thanks’ for all the wonderful blessings in my life and go forth with the focus of ‘Giving’ to others.

  • Muffs53

    Dear Mastin  
    I saw you on Soul Sunday and wanted to thank all three of you for a major epiphany and shift.    I am a post war baby boomer who has been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember.    But recently as I am reaching the end of my career I find that I sometimes resent young people because I feel like they do not value my experience and fail to recognize that I am the same as they are underneath this aging form.    The appearance on Soul Sunday, made me realize that this perception was a reflection of my own prejudices and opened me to realize that the young people in my life have something to learn from me, but more importantly I have something to learn from them.    Just think what a powerful force for good we could be if we combine our efforts and recognize and value the contributions that we are able to make in evolving our planet.  As  your own generation’s representatives of this awakening you could play a tremendous role in increasing this power by connecting all generations.     By expanding your audience the sky is the limit and together we can change the world!        

  • No1

    Thanks mastin! It is truly what life is all about. To be of service with another.