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Help Lead The Health Revolution!

I wonder how many of you get your uplift, spiritual practice or recalibration at a gym class, yoga class or other fitness event. In an era in which religions are struggling to modernize, communities and classes with rigor, guidance, music and movement are filling a void.

I am not thinking just kirtan (call and response chanting) here folks, I am talking about at the gym. My vision for the world includes every yoga instructor and fitness professional being trained to not only work a person’s body, but also their mind and spirit. Sound like too much to ask? If you are a student of fitness, or soon to be, (I hope) wouldn’t you want this? We’re busy; we need to get our mental and spiritual recalibration during our workout, so we can be on time to work and still have time to write that book we’ve been meaning to write, clean out the garage (oh, so fun!), rear our kids gracefully, land that elusive partner or satisfy the current one and assemble a yummy dinner!

If you are a fitness professional, please listen up. I am recruiting YOU!

The world needs you. People are becoming frustrated and have nowhere else to turn. More and more, in the wee hours of the morning, at the ends of busy days and on weekends, they are looking to you for spiritual guidance and uplift. That’s quite a weight on your shoulders. Are you up for it? Don’t worry, there are others who’ve already blazed a trail.

I’ve been marveling at Patricia Moreno, founder of SatiLife, a revolutionary heart-mind-body concept. Why am I marveling? She has a ball teaching what she loves, her classes are packed at 9am on a workday, she is present and available, she talks “to” her students, not “at” them and she is both our equal and our leader. Also, and so importantly, I marvel at her because she vulnerably shares her journey of facing her fears with us and, in so doing, invites us to push beyond where we’d normally stop. I am so grateful that Patricia is pushing the boundaries of what is possible at the gym!

I am on a mission to get all fitness professionals up to speed on what they could provide for their students and the world, so I am teaching them the principles of life coaching, Handel style. I am also bringing in experts whom we’ve coached, to share how they have succeeded (and powerfully failed) in building their fitness/health-related businesses.

Here is the summary of what we’re figuring out, though I hope you’ll join our 4-week teleseminar series, “Life Coaching for the Fitness Professional.”

The three elements that make a top fitness professional successful are:

CONNECTION– All the greats clearly care about their students. They are spurred on by a personal mission. If you don’t have one or if you are not in touch with yours, that can be remedied! Something big has to be at stake for you to risk being rejected enough to be great in front of people. You must find your inspiration and then share it. When students/clients feel connected personally, they keep coming back for more and then they see real change. Plus, it is so much more fun for you!

VULNERABILITY– Major kudos to people like Patricia Moreno and Elena Brower, who have gracefully shared so many legs of their personal development journeys with their students. Students don’t want or trust a perfect guru. They want to be able to relate and follow a path they can see working. Fitness professionals who attempt to be “perfect” or untouchable, ultimately fail to inspire the masses though they may temporarily impress or create jealousy. This should be a relief; being yourself is the ultimate key to your success in connecting with students.

DEVELOPMENT– If you are not growing and learning, the students can tell and they will get bored. (So will you, of course!) If you are growing and learning and talking about it through your class, your students will always come back to see what’s next and be inspired to follow in your footsteps. Please come learn and grow with us.

I’m just getting rolling, folks. I have so much to say and teach on this subject that I am offering a teleseminar just for fitness and health professionals and it’s half price (only $10) for y’all. Please be an active part of the health revolution!

Love, Laurie

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Laurie Gerber is President of Handel Group® Life Coaching, an international coaching company, which specializes in teaching individuals to take focused and powerful action in every area of their lives. You can connect with Laurie on Facebook at HG Life Coaching.