Here Is The KEY To A Woman’s Heart!

I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone on the planet has been hurt in a past relationship. If you haven’t yet, then you will at some point. Heart-break happens. It will either be a personal relationship, or a business partnership or a friendship. It’s not always in the love and relationship category, but many times it is.

Today I want to talk about trusting even after you’ve been hurt.

As a man, I believe that it is important to show up and to be consistent – to be THERE for your woman. This is one of my primary commitments to Jenna.

I think that one of the most valuable things in the whole world is the heart of the woman you love (Jenna, I love you baby!). And I believe that it is a man’s duty as part of loving his woman to protect her heart and never let it break.

Ladies, how many of you have been hurt in the past? My guess is, most of, if not all of you. Because of this, it’s vital that we guys understand that you are protecting your heart.

I’ve learned that women really want a man who is consistent, who shows up for her and who doesn’t waiver. It’s a man’s grounded, single-pointed focus on following his purpose, plus showing up for his woman that proves to her that she can open to him. A woman just can’t open herself and give herself fully to a man she doesn’t trust. (Editor’s note: This article is written about “men” and “women” but applies to all relationships; if you are in a gay relationship, substitute “man” and “woman” for “masculine” and “feminine” energy. Each person occupies one of those energies, even in a gay relationship.)

Given that many women have been hurt in the past, many of them have closed down to protect themselves. This doesn’t mean they don’t want love. Au contraire. All women truly want is to be loved, to be seen, to be felt and to be INTIMATE. But none of those things are possible without first establishing trust.

This is why I think it’s important to develop a solid friendship and base before diving deep into sex. I’ve seen that a woman who has been hurt in the past will sometimes rush to bed or have a fling with a guy that she doesn’t have feelings for. BUT – when there are feelings, when there’s chemistry, many times that is scary and she closes up even more. But really, deep down, I believe that she is waiting for the right man to see her, let her test him and to remain solid.

There is a fine line between what I just described and her not being into you. So know the difference.

But many times, amazing love could blossom on the other side of having patience and just showing up for her. When a woman gives her heart, it is her everything. It is so strong and capable of such love, but at the same time it is so fragile and can be hurt very easily.

So, today, don’t give up on her. Give into love. Get to know her. Don’t rush. Remember, when it comes to Love, sometimes the patient path is the fastest way. You can have amazing intimacy without sex. And when you build a friendship and intimacy up and let the energy build, you are preparing yourself to be in the most fulfilling, wonderful and sexually exciting relationship you could imagine. Sex without love is fun, but sex WITH love is Divine and the highest form of union between two people.

Call her bluff. See her hesitancy not as rejection, but as a test to see if you are going to leave or stay. She will open up and give herself to the steadfast man whom she trusts. Be that man. Sometimes you have to fight for love. And sometimes you just have to show up, be present and let it emerge.



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • EvolutionofJaeLanice

    Mastin, immaculate timing as per usual:-) and eloquently put! I found myself advising my close male friend of 4 1/2 years some of these exact words. In relation, to him showing up for me and the key you mentioned was the consistency. Out of all things, outsiders have mentioned that they love our foundation and the base of our friendship. We really have been patient toward one another and at times it has been frustrating, because he has let me down quite a few times. The intimacy you touched on is quite blissful! We are celibate and I feel like we are soulmates and bestfriends. Here, lately it feels as though there’s some disconnect and I can’t put my finger on it. Part of me wants to send him this article that you’ve written and say this is what I’ve been saying to you! I’m trying not to give up. I’ve prayed on it many times and it has not yet been answered, but I am having faith and trust in the most high at this point. Thank you Mastin for your Daily Love!


  • Beautiful Mastin, thank you for all the LOVE you share with the world. 

  • i like your tdl mastin epecially the second last pharagrahp

    sex without love  is fun… but sex with love is divine and the highest form of union between two people

  • Mamia Lakhani

    seriously truly tell me …r u having a fight with your gf when you wrote this …haha just kidding…you are really a sweet heart mastin…a very lovely human being with endless amount of love…x

  • PattieSue

    you NAILED it. wow.  it’s funny how God sends you messages through others to get His point across. thank you for this. i needed it today. 

  • N. Wallace

    I can appreciate that, if this is where you stand with relationships then your best day in love has just about arrived. When you understand that you need to supply more than just your attraction to the intimacy of a relationship you’ve begun adding to the ingriedients needed to make a great foundation. N.Wallace…[email protected] Culchore

  • Anastasia

    This was  a lovely piece, and as a woman, kind of going through this right now, I appreciate it. But how about the keys to a man’s heart? I mean, obviously there’s food and such, but how does a woman truly grab a man’s heart?

    • Joe

      If I may make a suggestion, Anastasia, read “Wild at Heart” by John Elderedge. This book will break men down in a very deep spiritual way (because all things really are spiritual) and reveal the mysteries of the masculine heart in a way men can’t really explain. This book has helped me with myself, I just may have to read it again. For men, “Captivating” by John and Stasi Elderedge is the female version. Everything Mastin has said here about women goes very well with Captivating. 

    • Calvin

      respect, receptivity, and radiance

  • Bubba

    Ok. Good article Mastin. Point taken. But when does being consistent turn into being the creeper who doesn’t know when to stop?

    I know you said there is a difference, but when or what is that difference?

    • Anonymouse

      The difference is that a non-creeper who truly cares for you will consistently show up and be there in a *non-threatening, non-demanding, friendship capacity, without awaiting or expecting more*. The first time I fell in love, it was with a man who I had never thought I could see as more than a friend – and whom I had expressed this to. And yet he continued to be there for me, as a friend, giving and never asking for or taking more than friendship. It allowed complete trust to develop, and a genuine, fulfilling friendship, and eventually it was me who showed him that I was ready for more! And then he didn’t falter 🙂

      • Anna

        This is beautiful but it doesn’t always turn out this way. The key here is that he was honest with you and you with him. He could let go because you told him you weren’t romantically interested in him. This took the pressure and anxiety out of the situation and allowed you both to be free to express yourselves in an honest and genuine way. No threat. No demands. No expectations.

    • a.

      Do what you feel comfortable doing. Be honest about your feelings. Don’t stick around waiting for his/her mind to change especially if the message was clear they do not wish to have a romantic relationship with you. Even if they tell you a friendship is still welcomed, be mindful of opposing actions on their part. Some people have a hard time speaking their truth maybe afraid they might hurt your feelings. If you find that their actions aren’t matching their words, gracefully step away. If you feel as if you’re insisting yourself into this person’s life then that might be the time to step away. If its meant to be you won’t have to wonder.

  • Wahoo… this just touched me to the core.  You helped me see my current situation just that more clearly.   Thank you for the honesty in your writing, I will now go and digg around your site for some more gold!

  • Crissi

    This was JUST what I needed in my life right and absolute perfection.  I’m not sure I could’ve said it better.  I read The Daily Love every day but this is by far my favorite and one of the best.  Well done.

  • Clara

    I think the points of this article hold universal truth. I truly believe though, that these truthful thoughts can be  better articulated through non-exclusive language. Giving of one’s self is the most important factor to any romantic relationship, whether it comes from a man or a woman, and regardless of if it is given to a man or a woman. I think that phrases like “it’s a man’s duty” cause a lot of harm in this world in the form of gender performance expectations.

  • Jose

    Amazing… Such an enlightening read!

  • brooke

    Now, make a picture book of this concept with very simple illustrations and send it to every bar in America w/a free beer advertisement so men everywhere can learn this. 🙂 

  • JTL

    very lovely words mate….how meaningful…..

  • crabillac

    I think that it is ironic, and hilarious that an article about “love” has so many hateful replies. I am of the opinion that if it happens;it happens; if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen. I do care, and sometimes wonder if an ex has put a curse on me or something. I haven’t given up, but I don’t get my hopes up too high any more either,

  • Shuktisindhu Mondal

    in past i was a real asshole to a girl…….. but i recently found out that it was only because i liked her and i still couldn’t get her out of my mind………. bt now i really want her in my life is there any way…….. she reads in y college in the same class………. if there is any way please help!!!