Here is why you MUST NOT settle!

One of the top things that will block you from success is lack of focus.

This is what I’m reminded of this week as I (finally) read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I’m probably the last person on Earth to read this book, but I still received massive value from it.

Coelho ‘s story is about a young shepherd who is called on a journey in search of treasure and realizing his own “Personal Legend”. A Personal Legend is something that only you are called to explore and give to this world. In TDL-speak, I would say that a Personal Legend is your own unique gift that the Uni-verse created you to give to this world.

Now, if you were living under a rock like me and haven’t read the book, I am warning you that this blog has spoilers!

Our hero, a simple shepherd who loved to travel, went on a wonderful journey where he left his familiar world by following omens, met mentors, was placed in situations he never imagined for long periods of time and was finally brought to his true love (which he had to leave in order to realize his Personal Legend). One of my favorite lines from this book is “When you REALLY want something The Uni-verse will conspire to bring it to you.”

On the surface though, it seems in this story though, that it isn’t true.

What the author does so well is point out what we really want. As our hero falls in love, he thinks that is what he truly wants, but that isn’t so. He wants the self-respect and knowing that he accomplished his Personal Legend and that he gave his unique gift to the world. To do this he had to leave the woman he loved and face the possibility of death. Our hero gets the girl in the end, but as a fulfilled man, rather than one still yearning to realize his Personal Legend. Loving from a place of fulfillment is what true love is all about!

I love this message; it speaks to me in so many ways. I am a lover. I’m such a lover that I created The Daily LOVE (lol). All I truly want is to love and be loved, but I believe that my Personal Legend is much broader than that. I don’t want this for just myself; I want this for every person in the world. I desire strongly for everyone on this planet to realize that they have a unique gift to give to this world and they have the tools to give that gift. I want everyone to be strong enough and to love themselves enough to love and be loved in return. I believe if more people were in a state of loving most of the time that many of the world’s apparent “problems” would fix themselves and our man made world would come back into alignment with the Perfection of the Uni-verse.

Time and time again I have had to put off that Love I want so much with another person for my Personal Legend. And sometimes, The Uni-verse keeps it at a distance from me, too. The message of The Alchemist is clear: you have a Personal Legend that the Uni-verse WILL support you to fulfill; all the resources you need to achieve your Personal Legend are within you right NOW; and don’t settle for someone else to fill you up – fill YOURSELF UP by achieving and becoming the embodiment of your Personal Legend.

Are you settling in life? Is there something greater calling you? Heeds it’s call. There is a great adventure waiting for you if you just say YES with your thoughts, actions and desires. You WILL be supported. You WILL be challenged and you WILL face the death of your own ego. BUT – on the other side of this adventure is self-respect, a Light and a Love about which ALL the epic stories are written. This kind of life is possible for you! Are you going to answer the call of YOUR Personal Legend?

On behalf of The World, I say to you, “We hope so!”



  • aoki

    as always. i love your blogs mastin. but why are you single? the girls around you must be

    • Keep in mind Aoki, it’s not the women around him that are blind, it’s his universe that is keeping him from sharing love with any one right now, regardless of the thousands of women around him. At least thats what I’m interpreting from his blog.

  • O

    This book was AMAZING, and it helped to inspire and motivate me to follow my dreams. Often times we get discouraged by our setbacks or we become complacent. This book helped me understand that we all need to take risks and step out of our comfort zones no matter what your family, friends, or your greatest foe, your EGO says.

  • Nikki

    I really like this. It makes a lot of sense. Kind of something I have already in some way learned but could not solely put into words. It’s like our own soul journey, once satisfied, creates a peace within and the Universe seems to always still give you what your heart desires along the way.

  • One of my biggest inspirations was this book. Your blog is soooooo timely and spot on. What you write here are things I tell myself….and yet damn it feels good to hear it from someone else. Tells me I’m not crazy afterall, and I can trust in my heart.

    No, I’m not willing to settle. thanks 🙂

  • I’m definitely not the first to say this but this book changed my life (along with The Four Agreements & Eat Pray Love). It came alive in my life as soon as I read it and the universe continues to provide affirmation daily. I too want this for everyone I know. I noticed that you mentioned you (finally!) read this book. I am finally getting to The Prophet now. All I can say is that there are reasons why we read the stories when we read them. I’ve noticed that my heart’s just not in it when it’s not the right time. But the universe knows more about when & why we are finally get to things. I love that you have been touched by the same words that have touched me and I THANK YOU for continuing to pop up in my universe at just the right times…well, daily 🙂 Infinite love & gratitude!!!

  • Marília Rollo

    I must say your words are as inspiring as Paulo Coelho’s books, Mastin!! I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho.. and it’s been some time now that I’m a big fan of TDL – and of you too! lol My best wishes! Marília

  • Wow. I am going through the exact same thing: I have been called to open a health and wellness center, help save and extend lives, and I am being given all the resources I need. However, I am lacking one thing that is tearing my heart apart and that is LOVE. I am doing this alone and I know for certain that this is my calling. I recently found LOVE but just this week I had to give it up. He is that LOVE that I have to give up in order to fullfill this “legend”. I’m so sad about it. But, after reading your blog, I have now ordered the Alchemist. I only wish I had it tonight along with a glass of wine. This will be my first Friday night without my LOVE. So, a great book, some wine, and the evening moon light would be the perfect alternative to tears. I only wish that I had the love and the legend. But, your blog is helping me cope. LOVE you for writing and sharing your insightful thoughts. You and Deepak Chopra help me survive!

  • Courtney

    The Alchemist was an amazing read. very valuable in the search for yourself.

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