Here’s A RAD Tip On How To Live Your Dreams!(ReDux)

I’m writing this blog in the middle of living the most amazing version of my dream that I could imagine. I’m in San Jose, CA – about to head with Jenna to the Hay House Ignite Conference.

This conference is Hay House’s blend of old and new. They have amazing speakers lined up like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. But they are also featuring NEW up and coming folks like Gabby Bernstein (TDL blogger), Kris Carr, Danielle LaPorte, Nick Ortner and many others.

It’s an exciting event and the reason I am here is because Louise Hay invited me herself to come up and check it out because she has invited me to speak with the above crew in November in NYC.

On top of that, I’m writing this blog on a brand new MacBook Air that I just got with the intention of using it only for writing. I went for YEARS without a Mac, because I could never afford one, and I used to dream of having a MacBook just for writing for years! And now it’s here, no social media, work, files on the desktop, etc – writing only. And in just about a week and a half I’ll be going on the road with Oprah, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and many others.

It’s unbelievable. I am seriously pinching myself; it’s like I’ve stepped over into some kind of dream land that I used to only think was available for a certain few, or for people not like me. But, here it is and I just cannot believe that this is how life is turning out. My Soul knows this is what’s supposed to be happening, but my human personality is still in awe and shock that this is my life.

I wrote about this stuff about a month ago and I had mentioned a vision board. And a bunch of people had emailed me and said, “Mastin I’m making a vision board, too”. And I thought to myself, well, it’s not just about the vision board.

The real key to success, prosperity and abundance is service. Jenna and I were having dinner with Louise on Thursday night and she was talking to us about how she created Hay House and one of the coolest things she said was, “I never focused on the money, I just wanted to help people – and when you help enough people you just can’t stop the money”.

It was such an amazing thing to hear, live and in person from Louise. She has been such a force for good in my life and a mentor from a far for a long time. But to hear those words from her up close and to really feel from her that service is what life is all about, continues to remind me that this is the key to getting what we want.

Giving away and BEING the Love, the joy, the abundance and the happiness we want in the world. We seek to take things FROM the world because we have forgotten that we are perfect and divine children of The Uni-verse. So we take from the outside, trying to fill something inside, instead of allowing the perfect of who we really are to come forward just as it perfectly is.

I’m writing this blog as I am literally living my dream. A dream that was intended years ago and acted on daily and persistently for many years – through service.

How can you serve? And how can you show up every day and give to the world what you want from it? Tap into that inner resource you have to be the perfect expression of The Uni-verse and know you will be held and supported the whole way.



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • Tiffanyhendra

    WOW- this is so inspiring and builds my faith! Thank you Mastin! It’s not unbelievable see where you are and who you are Divinely connected with on this platform is a testament to EXACTLY the message of this post!  You are living a life of service and God is placing you where you belong to continue toughing even MORE lives! Revel in this moment friend. Thank you for sharing what Louis said as well.  I have always said the same thing- it’s NOT about the money, but biz mentors have made me feel naive about this way of thinking.  I needed the affirmation today. Love, Tiff

  • What an inspiring post! Currently I am going through a rather difficult time but somehow, just like you, I feel deep inside in my soul that every road I’ve taken has brought me here and even though I don’t know the outcome I am working a way of living my dream even before it has happened (just like Wayne Dyer says).
    Thank you for your daily inspirations and think of us who read your daily posts when you are surrounded with such amazing people. Thank you and God bless!

  • Mastin…you nailed it. BE LOVE. GIVE LOVE. SHARE LOVE. I think the act of sharing and being love IS service.
    And to be authentic means your service to the world is also authentic. (the world being a big or small as you want). Have you worked (coached) any artists? (musicians, actors, etc)?