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One pattern that I keep seeing over and over again is that many of us do not have the skill set to be able to feel our feelings without judging ourselves or making our feelings mean something utterly dramatic.

Feeling our feelings IS the portal out of suffering, out of being trapped, out of bondage, out of solitary confinement, out of an unrealized life. Feeling our feelings is what will make us human.

On The Path, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This is not new information. But I feel like we tend to focus on the spiritual part and ignore the human part. And in doing so, we forget that the whole point of this is not to just make us more spiritual, but to make us more human, too.

Our feelings, when felt and inspected, are signposts that show us the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. When we feel our feelings instead of making other people wrong, becoming violent, blaming others or acting out, we take a GIANT step towards becoming both more spiritual and more human.

And what does becoming more spiritual mean, anyways? To me, being more spiritual simply means being more LOVING. The most spiritual people who have walked the Earth – from Jesus to Buddha to Mohammed to Moses – all have LOVE in common as their bottom line. Being spiritual means being LOVING. And not just Loving to people who are like you, but Loving to ALL living beings, ESPECIALLY those who are not like you, who irritate you and who think differently than you.

The Uni-verse is a diverse place and when we celebrate this diversity instead of condemning it – we become more spiritual, that is to say, more Loving. And we begin to hate others less when we hate ourselves less for feeling what we feel. The other way to say it is that we Love others MORE when we begin to Love ourselves and our feelings more.

Feeling your feelings and not judging yourself or others – this is a place of spiritual mastery. Can you do it? What feelings are you avoiding feeling? And why?

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  • I’ve only just learnt to ‘feel my feelings’ – only realised over the last couple of months that doing just that will bring me inner peace & calm, help me start living my truth, being honest with myself, bring inner stability and also kill the rage I have been carrying round.

    Once we start feeling our feelings – listening to them, believing them and understanding/accepting them, then we can express them, clearly and simply, and no longer feel misunderstood, an outsider or a step apart from other people – in actuality and spiritually.

    I love that you wrote this Mastin, gave me more understand of how feeling my feelings is helping me love more! (although as yet it is not saving my marriage! LOL)

  • Accepting that all my feelings are valid can be tough sometimes but true. We have to walk thru them to get to the other side. Acceptance is the key for me and something I continue to work on daily. ACCEPTANCE=Actually Changing Completely Embracing Principles Truly Activates New Choices Everyday.

    • lizilynx

      LOVE your ACCEPTANCE meaning! Thank you for sharing this with us! :o)

    • yes! We are learning a new way of BEING! an then allowing others to do the same!

  • lizilynx

    Learning to “feel” my feelings, instead of stuffing them as part of my old story, is THE major step that shifted me into transformation. Learning to Love all of myself is another major shift. Loving all others is yet another shift on my spiritual Path – essential for a truly generative life, as opposed to victimized. As to celebrating diversity: IDIC forever! Love your post, Mastin! :o)

  • Dawnsmailbox

    You may want to add a FaceBook Share button to your blog. For, I am not able to share this wonderful inspiration.

  • disqus_zlP08wFTqL

    Reading this has put me in such a dilemma. How do i bring myself to reach this place you talk of? How will feeling my feelings help me to love more? To not feel misunderstood and wronged? How do I do it? What if my feelings are not valid? How am I going to do this?