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Here’s How To Find Your Purpose! You Might Wanna Read This!

If you think about it, there is a common structure to living our dreams, to expanding beyond what’s comfortable and to living on purpose. It’s actually pretty simple and when we start to recognize this pattern, it makes it SUPER simple (and still not that easy) to begin to live on purpose and to live your bliss.

This is what I’ve figured out over the last ten years of trying to find the answers to what makes us/me happy and how to get on track and in alignment with my gift or purpose.

First, think back about all your happy memories. Think back to your childhood and your teenage years; remember the first time you felt romantic love and remember the first time something BIG happened. Finally, think back and find your most recent happy memory.

Look for the common thread in these memories. Who was there? Why were you happy? What emotions were you feeling? Did you feel a sense of connection, joy, happiness, belonging, freedom or peace? Try to see the common emotions that span all of your happy memories. There is information in there that is vital to finding your purpose.

For me, once I looked back over my happy memories, I saw that having a sense of belonging was HUGE for me. When I feel like I BELONG and when I feel SEEN, I light up like a Christmas tree. I used this as information and saw that I am the happiest, most alive and thriving when I feel like I belong and when I feel seen.

Since living on purpose and giving your gift is not about just you being happy, but also sharing your gifts, I’ve honed my purpose over time to be: My purpose is to create circumstances, environments, businesses and communities where I am fully expressing my creative gifts with the intention to inspire other people to feel like they belong – first to themselves and then to a group that shares their common interest.

When I read that and when I see those words, my heart sings. That is the clue to know that it’s real for me.

So, what are the common threads in your past happy memories that you can tie together to find your purpose? Seek that.

Now here comes the hard part.

I’m going to break down the “Live your life on purpose” pattern that I’ve found:

1.      Find your purpose by excavating and tying together the common threads of your happy memories by focusing on the emotions you felt. Construct a sentence or two that allows you to give your gifts to yourself and  others. Remember – purpose is shared with others.

2.      Begin to take action on your new purpose, one step at a time.

3.      Know that all the limiting beliefs from your family, your friends, your fears and the world will begin to come up once you start to take action. Move through them. This part of the process is where we begin to grow as individuals into who we were meant to be by challenging all of these limiting beliefs and fears.

4.      Step into giving. Purpose is about cultivating something within YOU and then GIVING it away to other people. We don’t live abundant and happy lives in isolation or by being takers. So by giving away your purpose to others, you will find that others want to GIVE to you, too.

5.      Live by faith, not by sight. Living your purpose will require a HUGE amount of faith, courage, tenacity and perseverance. I had to couch surf for almost two years and go on very little money to get TDL started. But I was always taken care of. Trust that The Uni-verse knows your bills, knows you need to eat and knows your heart much better than even you do, so keep facing your fears and limiting beliefs daily.

6.      Hang with people who support and uplift you. I’ve always said it’s important to take advice from people who have what you want because otherwise, people are just guessing. Who you hang with is who you become, so start hanging with people who support and uplift you.

7.      Prepare for the haters and the doubters. One way to know you are REALLY on track is when people begin to doubt or “hate” on what you are doing. It’s a natural part of the process. Don’t see haters as a reason to give up; instead see them as a sign that you are starting to become successful.

8.      Repeat these steps. Your purpose will constantly get refined. Your limiting beliefs and fears will always come up. Repeat and dive deeper. This will allow you to stay on track. Living on purpose is a lifestyle, a way of being and a lifelong spiritual practice that will refine your Soul. This isn’t a 10-day or 30-day plan. This is a lifelong adventure!

This pattern that I have laid out came from my own life experiences and also through helping others discover and live their purpose. I hope that it can help give you some guidance as to where to go next. It’s not a perfect process, but it’s one that works for me. My great hope is that it works for you, too!

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